Friday, June 22, 2012


Right... today I've got a few jobs to do this morning... then after lunch Lacy and I are visiting a blogger friend of mine who has a wee baby girl.

And we are going to get to cluck over her baby... I'm super clucky... and so is Lacy!

ABOVE:  Lyn and her husband Craig... they were blessed with a their GORGEOUS baby girl almost three months ago...  they never knew they could have a baby at all!

ABOVE:  Ysabella at 2 weeks old.  I can't wait to see how much she has changed in the last few weeks.

The other nice thing about today?  It's FRIDAY! I love Friday's ... it means Stew will be home for two days.  And I get off having to get up and make school lunches.  Gotta love that.
I can't wait until they can make their own lunches.  Maybe I should start training them now!
What am I saying?  Shit I still make Steve's lunch!  DOH!


Ya... I did the blood test... will have the results on Monday I think.  I also got my other little jobs done... and my car now has it's new Warrant of Fitness.  That feels so good.  Legal for another year.

Now... time to do some housework before I head out to visit Lyn and Ysabella.  (silent 'Y', so you say "Isabella")

Well Lacy and I had a really lovely hour visiting with Lyn and Ysabella... I got a hold of baby, who proceeded to coo and talk to me, and I'm sure she laughed too!  She is such a cute wee bubba:
ABOVE:  Lyn and her little miracle baby!  

ABOVE:  everyone go "awwww" about now!  LOL   But really, she's a real little doll.  Ya just can't help but love every little person when they are this cute !

On our way home we popped into the supermarket to grab a few things.... going to try making chicken parcels tonight for dinner.
*drooling * just thinking about it!  

End of Day: and my chicken parcels were really delicious!  We had them with a salad on the side.... so worth the 3 hours it took to make them!
nite nite.


  1. Lyn looks so happy. I am so pleased for her & Craig, baby looks gorgeous.

    My 2 have been making their own school lunches for ages now, easy to stick some spread of some description on a piece of bread, chuck some fruit & a muesli bar in the box & good to go. As they have gotten older they have become more adventurous.

    I think they started at least doing part of it pretty much when they started school - also tends to be less waste if they make it themselves.

  2. Anonymous1:09 PM

    What a beautiful bubs. An unusual name how does one pronounce that like is the Y silent?
    Mary H

  3. Hope you had a great time!! :)

  4. Oh so cute!!!!
    Gald you have had a great day

  5. I think I should STOP reading your blog WHY cause theres babies popping up everywhere think your blog ENCOURAGES babies to come into this world!!!! or in the very least be produced!!!!! have a lovely weekend.

  6. You are so HAPPY! I love babies too, I love to hold them, smell them, kiss them, and hand them back to their mamas!! Pure joy and no work! It's the life.

  7. What a lovely surprise for your friends. Such a sweet little baby. Sounds like you had a very fun day.

  8. What a sweet little baby! I love when they are tiny and just hatched :)

  9. Beautiful wee one ,
    You fooled me for a minute , I thought Miss Muppet

  10. Awww... I have a friend that never was supposed to have a baby and 17 years later she finally did. :)


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