Monday, June 11, 2012


First off today, I'm picking up Lacy and taking her to her midwife appointment.
Today is the day she sits down and documents her 'Birth Plan'.

Originally she was totally opposed to having baby at Middlemore Hospital due to a couple of 'horror stories' she had heard about births going wrong there, so she had opted for the Botany Birth Centre for her delivery.

Now... she has started to worry about going to the Birth Centre instead of the hospital... worrying about all the "What if's".... and how it would be safer for her to deliver Miss Muppet at the hospital.

I can't say I'm unhappy with her decision at all... Miss Muppet may arrive and need some assistance, so hospital is the best option.

After the midwife appointment I want to go to Botany ... there is a rug shop there that I want to check out.  I'm on the hunt for a new rug for our lounge.  Much as I love and adore the pure wool cream rug we already have .... it is STILL shedding fluff every day and it's just driving me MENTAL.  
So it's gone back up into the attic.  And it can stay there as far as I'm concerned!

ABOVE:  a cute little video of Coco after her bath this weekend.... she's so funny!


ABOVE: Taken last night... it's so bloody cute. 

All went well at the Midwife's appointment:

ABOVE: all feels good...

ABOVE:  and all sounds good!  Getting there, only 4 weeks till due day.... even if Lacy wants her to come RIGHT NOW!

After that appointment we went to Botany Hub to a rug shop, where I found MY rug in seconds!  It was hanging in the window!   I have put my name on it, and it will be mine in 3 weeks or so... gotta pay it off cos it's like... expensive!

ABOVE: my new lounge rug.  I love it!  And I know it will last my lifetime cos we already have a smaller one like this that used to belong to Stew's parents, and it's decades old and still fine! 

ABOVE: this is my old rug... see how good it still looks!  It looks longer than the new one, but it ain't.  It's not as wide either.  OMG I can't wait till I get my new one though.

JACKIE: there was one other rug like the one I'm getting, in blue/cream tones.  I loved it too... but the green one is going to suit our lounge much better, so I got it instead.   Sorry, no purple ones!  Lacy loves purple too, you two would get on just fine!

End of Day:  I ended up going to the movies to see 'What to Expect When Your'e Expecting'... it was lovely.
nite nite.


  1. You could also go to a carpet shop and big one of their stock carpets and they can make rugs. I know there are a couple of varieties at work that I like. Happy hunting!

  2. awww aren't they just so cute!

  3. It's nice seeing Lacy looking excited (and to see her belly looking bigger than it has looked in photos before). She looks healthy and ready, if that makes sense?

    Nice rug, I can see those colours working in with the candles etc in the living room.

    Hope your afternoon goes well!

    Penny xo

  4. Steve looks zonked out so does puppy, that is a classic photo might have noses out of joint when baby arrives me thinks!! Liking the old rug and the new rug!

  5. Your choice of rug is lovely. How great was that to be able to find one so quickly. :)
    Great that Lacy's appt went well. Can't believe it's only 4 weeks to due date.
    Me :)

  6. Love the rug, shame it is not purple or blue :)

  7. I am glad Lacy's appointment went well. Not long now.

  8. Good to hear all is going well with the baby. Hope the delivery goes smooth. Nice carpets. Looks like a busy weekend for you. Enjoy your purchases.

  9. The rug is gorgeous!! Glad Lacy is doing so well, hard to believe it is the same pregnancy that was so close to not working out!! :)


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