Saturday, June 23, 2012


ABOVE:  wondering what she's doing?

ABOVE:  yes, that is a Teddy Bear, NOT Miss Muppet!!!

ABOVE:  Lacy... practising tucking her baby in the bassinett!

ABOVE:  well... Teddy looks snug as a bug... so I'm sure Miss Muppet will be too!  lol
I just hope next time I go over to visit Teddy isn't in a nappy too!  

First up:  Stew has his latest blood test .. the same one I had yesterday in fact!  

Next up:  Grocery shopping.  OH Ya hooo... *sigh*
NO other plans yet... but I think we will be checking out a bed for us... our old one is utter crap!  Just LOOKING right now, deciding on what one would be right for us... and comparing costs.

I'll be back .... later.


So it's much later ... we went and lay on many beds in a couple of places here in Auckland... did some pricing... then rang our favourite store in Hamilton and asked a few questions... and drove down there on the spur of the moment... tried out the bed they said would suit all our requirements... and bought it.  And more sheets, cos we need them.  As the bed has to be ordered in, I'm not sure when we will get it... can't be soon enough for our backs!

We had lunch at The Base, very nice it was too. 
Saw a car's number plate that was perfect for our Griffin:

ABOVE:  considering just how much this kid ate for lunch.. it suits him.

We did a very quick stop in at Amanda's, where I got a quick parting cuddle with Emily then we came home.

It broke my heart that Emily didn't want to come near me.  That's all I'm gunna say on that though.  It's too painful.

As I'm in a bit of a  mood now... I'm gunna try and drown me sorrows with evil wine.  I shall no doubt regret it tomorrow morning!

Did I mention I ended up on the couch last night?  That I got virtually NO SLEEP due to hot flushes and acid reflux?
NO.... don't think I did.  
Last night was the night from HELL!  I ate too much at dinnertime... pastry and me are not a good mix .... live and learn... AGAIN.

So tonight I only had a little dinner... no more big meals in the evening.  It's just not worth the pain... or lack of sleep.

I'm already feeling better for making that decision.  Now I just have to make a few more GOOD decisions in relation to my health and well being.

It's got to be 'back to baby steps'.  Cos I've don't think I've been this unfit and heavy in about 6 years.  Just let emotional eating get so out of hand in the past few years.  Why is life so rocky?
I hope I've learnt something from it all.... the up's and down's of life must be for something eh?

End of Day:  well a mixed day.  Can't wait until our new bed arrives, I'm COUNTING on it helping us both sleep better and not wake up with dreadful backaches all the time.  God I hope that happens.  
nite nite.


  1. Love it! Little Miss is going to be so stylish in that cap and blankie too! :)

  2. Oohhh how cute. You have given me an idea on what to use my bassinete for. I had thought of it mind u but neil said no but now that my bears are finally gettin back to their room hes not sayin how they get to be placed as its his fault they been in storage. Im glad laceys doin so well. You must be so proud.

  3. That is so cute.....:)

  4. That's so sweet. Lacy is certainly looking forward to her baby. She'll make a lovely mother this time around.


  5. The Teddy bear sure is cute, but I'm sure Miss Muppet will be even cuter. Good mom getting that practice.

  6. Ha and look at that a snug in a rug ted!, Beds always an issue I had a lovely bed alas I sold it long ago, Lacy is looking really well and glowy...

  7. A good bed is so important. I now have 1 that I love. I was very lucky as after 2 nights sleep on my new bed I knew I had made a big mistake. I went into the shop and they took it away and exchanged it for the one I have now and love. I hope it will come soon for you.....a good nights sleep gives you so much more energy and makes you less crabby.

  8. Sorry you are feeling so bad. Indigestion (though either food or worrying about family/life) is the pits. Worse when it comes from hurting yourself with emotional eating.

    Just wish you could have a restful life and sleep. Maybe the new bed will help:)

  9. Hope you are feeling better emotionally and physically. I too eat when I'm upset. The swaddled Teddy is cute! I think she's got the system down pretty well. Now all she has to do is wait for Miss Muffet!

  10. Oops... I meant Miss Muppet..

  11. My mom is going through menopause and driving us all CRAZY. She refuses to have her hormone levels checked. I personally thinks she needs something to help control her moods. She is mean to her husband and to us most of the time and it's getting WORSE. She also has hot flushes and acid reflux. Arrrrgh! I'm glad you still visit your kids and grandkids. :)


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