Monday, June 25, 2012


I am going back on my diet... BUT....



Why I can hear you asking?

-  If I do I will immediately feel like crap

-  If I do I will become obsessed with standing on them ... probably up to 6 times a day (I've done it before let me assure you!)

-  If I do I will be letting a bloody NUMBER dominate my day, my feelings, my reactions, my food choices, my emotions.

SO... no scales!  No weight charts. No stress. 

I am just going to do 'my thing' to the best of my ability and see what the scales say in 6 months!

I will exercise EVERY DAY... even if it's only 10 minutes to begin with.


I know how to do this.

I have done it before with stellar results.

I will not look back at where I was 6 years ago and bemoan how I stuffed up again and landed back HERE.

It is a new day.  And a new me.

AND I know you poor buggers have heard it all before... and seen how I fell off the wagon over and over again.
But this time... my strategy is different.

Cos clearly my past efforts have failed.

So... I'm changing the way... NO SCALES.  No stress about goddam bloody NUMBERS.

AND... If I am feeling down and think of reaching for food to self comfort.... I am going to remember why I am NOT going to do it.
I want to be fit again.
NOT slim.


Cos right now everything I do is an effort... and it sucks.  BIG TIME.

And I will do it on my own.  I am not in Palmy with my friends to support me anymore... and I have to get over that too.

ABOVE: this picture sums it all up rather well.

TODAY:  housework.  
And sewing.
And some form of exercise... maybe I'll get on the treadmill.

And ring the Dr's for my Diabetes blood test results... not holding my breath that it's a negative result.

Steve went down to Hamilton on Saturday night to spend a couple of days with Bex.  They are due back here today.  

Stay tuned cos I think there is some rather exciting news to share too.

ABOVE:  I broke my ENTER.  Fook.   


JENNY:  yes I did a triple batch of the carrot dish last night.  It took way longer than I ever imagined doing so much at once, so today I am pre-cooking the carrots and freezing them, and I will take them out when I want to cook the carrot dish some more.

ANON: I know all that.... but thanks for ramming it home.  

I'm going to morning tea at my neighbours today.  Invitation out of the blue!  She is repaying a morning tea I invited her to about 3 years ago apparently!

SORRY LYNDA.  Took that bit off... I was not in a good head space when I read your comment.  A bit too tired and grumpy.  I should have know better.  Your prerogative re: comments.

- My little old neighbour is bed bound in a rest home, but she's still here and doing well.  She visits her 'home' every now and then.

- Bec's and Lee... when I visit the Dr this week I shall get them to record my weight.  As for my measurements, well I do believe my clothes will tell me how I'm doing.  I'm NOT doing numbers ... either on the scales or the tape measure.

I've been cutting up carrots and cooking them all morning... time to go to my neighbours for a break!


On saturday night this happened...

ABOVE:  pictures tell the story!  We are very happy for them both.  

He thought of the way to propose... so cute.

They are home now, Bex is going back to Hamilton tomorrow night.  I'm taking her as I have an appointment there at dinnertime.  More on that probably tomorrow or the next day.

End of Day:  a nice one!  Feeling really good about 'stuff' today.
Stew's meeting in Tauranga today went well... so he's happy, and I'm sure the 'big bosses' are happy with him too.  He sorted out a rather tricky situation ... he has the gift of the gab does my man.


Nite nite.


  1. Well Chris, as you often tell me, we have the strength inside to do this and I know we both can.

    The scales do not define who we are and I agree, the numbers do not reflect the true successes, like being able to sit on the ground and get up again (for me a big achievement I want to do again), move around easier without getting out of breath, fitting into clothes, small little things that add up to success .. not the scales.. so you go and do this girl.. I'm watching :)


  2. I hope your planned new approach works for you. I am still going to weight watchers but having just been on a little holiday I have put on 4lbs in 4days and I feel shit about it. I ate lots of lovely food and enjoyed every second I was doing it so why do I feel so shit??? Its just pure guilt I feel and that is not a healthy thing to feel.......seems to be catch 22. I will continue to try and lose more weight but I think your no scales=no guilt way might just be the way to go.........good luck to you

  3. I'm in the same boat diet wise . I cannot bear exercise and I sit around sewing a lot
    I'm a lost cause

  4. Enter should just click back in... and good luck with the diet. And are Bex and Steve getting engaged/married or have a place to move into????

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  6. Love the scales picture and all the best for your new journey - sounds like a good plan! - I can't quite get there either - still have to check the numbers at least once a day - slowly but surely we will get there!(at least when life slows done anyway!)

  7. I think you may be on to a very good will for sure be able to tell how you are doing after a while, but you won't have to deal with the emotional ups and downs of those dang numbers.

  8. Anonymous8:48 AM

    Good for you Hun........ But I think you should stand on those scales, close your eyes and have someone write down your start weight. Don't look at it, tell them to hide it & that way in 6 months when you feel amazing you can look to see how far you have come. You can do this!!! Bec

  9. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Good luck and some words of wisdom.....

    Don't eat your emotions - whatever they may be.

    'Wanting it' is not a good reason to eat whatever - and don't eat like a teenager whose parents have gone away (ie with no control).

    Exercise for 10 minutes, if you are still hating it or whatever, do another 5 minutes and THEN decide if you are going to stop.

    Plan your food and exercise - then just follow the plan (no thinking required!)

    Just don't buy trigger foods (choc, biscuits, cakes - whatever). You and your family DO NOT need them in the house. No-one will die from a lack of treat foods (even if kids claim so!)

    Snacks are not treats. A snack is a bit of extra healthy food to help you get through the day. It is not an excuse to eat crap.

    If you really REALLY have a craving - set a timer for 24 hours. If you are still madly craving that item when the timer goes off, then allow yourself a small version of your craving. More times than not, you will have forgotten about it.

    Toughen up and drink water. I would reccomend giving up your diet coke but I am sure you would just throw a fit and then disregard everything else I have said! Drink a glass of water 20min before any meal. Just do it.

    And don't think - thinking allows us to plan to make excuses, to self-sabotage, to allow ourselves to go off the rails. Stop blaming others - people can only make us feel the way we let them feel - so CHOOSE HAPPY AND LOVE.

    Be kind to yourself. The weight took time to come on, it ain't going to disappear overnight (or even completely in 6 months).

    Don't kill yourself with unhealthy food and an inactive lifestyle. Don;t kill your family by doing the same.

    and, finally....

    JUST F***ING DO IT!!!!!!!!

  10. All the very best on your new strategy. Yep the scales can do our heads in :(
    Look forward to hearing some good news from you...I'll keep tuned LOL
    Bugger about the "enter" key. If it doesn't click back in, 'google' is your friend. Jo fixed one on mine by googling after I nearly put it up the vacumm cleaner LOL ** Not a good idea to vacumm your keyboard on high suck power!!!!!
    Enjoy your day:)
    ps......Did you get those carrots done??

  11. You have all of us here cheering you on and supporting you!!!

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  13. Hey kept meaning to ask how is the old lady that broke her hip??

  14. great idea about not weighing yourself as it just messes with ya head - I would do some measurements though, which you can redo in 6 months to see how you have done:)

  15. I read today we can be thin and wrinkly or fat and fluffy. I'm fluffin it. Seriously I hope you do well and the scale can really be our enemy. I need to just start and stop eatting so much. Where is the chocolate?

  16. Did I see you asking for advice on what to feed Griffin? I DIDN'T THINK SO. People need to lay off; last I checked YOU were the parent.

    Anything it takes for you to make this journey easier weight-wise, I am supportive of you. It's hard! I am just now re-starting after that surgery and the blahs that followed.

  17. Anonymous11:15 AM

    My advice:

    Do what feels right for you, and if it no longer feels right, change it. You know what you need to do, and you know you can do it.

    Good luck, and we will all be here reading and cheering for you.


  18. Good luck.You have succeeded can succeed again.It will be hard but you can do it.Im right behind you all the way xx

  19. Anonymous11:44 AM

    My brother was just like Griffin Hollow legs Eat christ it was a sight to see. Forget feeding the masses with some loaves of bread & some fishes because he would have eaten the lot!!
    He looks fine He will be 6ft plus with size 15 feet by the looks of his handsome self
    Mary H

  20. No lectures from Me Chris.... just a bloody good pat on the back for not rarking up too much at some of the comments!
    *Shakes head* un-freaken-beliveable!

  21. So many carrots! I love to eat them any way. Mashed is pretty nice.

    You know that scales mess with my head so I think it is a good idea to step away from them. You know what makes you feel good:)

  22. Bugger... the one day I don't check in early and I miss the "juicy" comments :) LOL
    I quite like your plan of attack Chris - may try that one myself as I am really struggling at the moment (hence the lack of blogging). It's not about numbers at all - it's about clothes fitting, things you can do etc :)
    Am right behind you ALL of the way!

  23. You go can do it :-)

  24. Chris, I put on some weight during the June school holidays. Today school started and I'm back to jogging and keeping fit. I fall off the wagon many times myself. Oh I hate weighing myself too. I watch my food mainly to stay healthy.

  25. A new day a new week and some new news SOON? yay
    i like the idea of someone else writing the start weight and you being blindfolded, and YES our clothes always indicate how we are doing in healthy eating choices.

  26. Congratulations Steve and Bex! You make a lovely couple.

  27. Congratulation to Steve and Bex!!!!! They look like they belong togeather.

  28. Congrats you 2 Long & happy life together
    Another mother of the groom outfit needed YEAH!!!

  29. Congratulations to the very Happy couple. Well done to Steve for his way of proposing. Love the ring :)

  30. Congratulations to them both - LOVE the proposal!

  31. Lots of love and big CONGRATS to the happy couple!

  32. Congratulations to Steve and Bex ... what a lovely piece of news to start the week.

    Re the not weighing thing - you may be on to a winner there - my husband lost over 40kgs - by not getting on the scales - he used how his clothes felt as his sign of success. Maybe I should try the same thing!

  33. Congrats Steve and Bex :)

  34. Congrats....a wedding coming up...yippee.nice wee incentive to get on track....

  35. I tried to comment this morning but my computer said no. Congrats to Steve and Bex. But good on you for starting again... you do it your way to get started again! And yes, lots of wedding incentive right there!! Congrats to a few NICE happenings in the family!

    Kate (Rogers)

  36. First. Congratulations to Steve and Bex. Lovely ring.

    I've done really well losing weight this year. My support group is a few bloggers and a little cheering from the sidelines by my doctor and family hasn't done any harm either.

    Why did I write about me?

    At the beginning of the year I was in big trouble, my health was heading down the tubes. It was urgent to make a decision. My scales were not available so no start weight, two weeks on my weight was shocking enough.

    I do use the scales when we are home but I made a decision to only record my Official weight once a month. It's clearly working.

    I began with one major decision. No wheat.

    As time has gone and I have felt better and learned more I've extended myself.

    You have made a good decision and while you may not have your Palmerston North friends to support you in person you have wonderful on-line support.

    Do any of your supportive friends have Skype? A regular date might be good for you.

    The decision is yours and only you can do this but I'm here cheering for you.


  37. Good for you chris one step and one day at a time and yes just do it...your way.... Congrats steve and bex very cute steve glad theres still romance alive and well in the world :).

  38. Naw congratulations to them!!!!!!!!!! That is awesome news :)

  39. Congratulations Steve & Becs, this is such fantastic news.

  40. Stew needs the gift of the gab doesn't he? living with you :) Must be a Stew/Stu thing, both our men are like that hehe...

  41. Congratulations to Steve and Bex. A growing family is a good thing:)

  42. Further to MargieAnne's comment (agree about the wheat, of course).. who needs skype when I'm available to come and give you a good bitch slapping once a week :) A will too if you need it.

  43. Congratulations and hooray!!! a party whoop whoop...

  44. Cheeky - I do hope people know I'm smiling :)

  45. Congratulations to Bex and Steve .... What wonderful news ......... Oh and I love his romantic proposal :o).
    Joy :o)

  46. Anonymous1:12 AM

    Congratulations to Bex and Steve, a lovely couple, wishing them all the best to the future ,
    What lovely news for you,

    What I say is bugger the diet , I find the more I try to be serious, the more I cannot seem to lose weight., so now I think I will try to eat carefully, and that is all I can do. Otherwise it is too too stressful for me , then my sugar levels go hay wire.
    Hugs to your beautiful little granddaughter , she is a little gem.

    Joan UK

  47. I am so happy for Steve and Bec! I love how happy they look in every picture.


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