Saturday, June 09, 2012


NOWDAYS when we want to communicate with someone, the methods are almost endless!

Skype Chat.
Facebook Chat.

WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO FACE TO FACE?   I bet over half the stuff that is said via text, email etc would NEVER be said to one's face.

It is too easy to fire off a 'communication' without thinking of how it will be read/heard/interpreted... which is sad.
And no one is exempt from doing it.

I think we all have to think:  "would I say that to your face?" before we do anything.


TODAY: We are going to Hamilton.
Two things on the agenda.
1/  Buy a new spare bed, and maybe a lawnmower.
2/ Visit my niece in hospital... cos she isn't coming home with us after all now.  
She's homesick, so once she's discharged, she's going home.  

I hope she doesn't overdo it once she's home!  

I'm sure we will also catch up with some family too.  Not sure of our plans specifically, but I'm sure the day will be nice.

AND... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR SON RUSSELL! 29 today.  Getting close to that 30 number!  God where does the time go?  I can remember him as a teeny tiny baby so clearly.  He was the most loved wee baby... after 3 daughters it wasn't surprising!  


KIWI CHRIS:  hell NO!!!! Never.

Our trip to Hamilton was excellent.  We managed to get all I wanted from the one store and it will be delivered next Friday all going well. We got a new queen sized bed for Griffin's room (he thinks he's gunna be living like a King now!), also a new lawnmower, line trimmer and some linen.  

Had lunch with Kelly, Rena and Bex,  then we visited my niece in Waikato Hospital...

ABOVE: Maxine eyeing up the Burger King burger we brought her... the food they serve in the hospital is atrocious!  Lunch today was :

ABOVE: spaghetti on toast, some weak soup and super runny custard.  Nice.  NOT.  When we arrived Maxine had been looking at that lunch for two hours!  Looking being the operative word.

After visiting Maxine we wanted to visit Amanda, but they were not home.

Home now... and getting dinner sorted...


  1. F#*% you!

    HA HA HA! Okayy, you know I love you!! And you're very right about the nature of communication today. People get entirely too unmindful that there is a REAL person at the other end of the conversation.

    I sure wisht we lived closer because I would LOVE to have a face to face chat with you my sweet NZ tart! :)

  2. I agree re the communication thing. I always hope that what I write is interpreted the way I mean......and it's always something I would say face to face. Mind you I can put both feet in it sometimes no matter if it is face to face or on paper LOL. I'm not perfect!! In fact I am yet to meet to the perfect person!! LOL :)
    Hope you have a lovely can only be fun even if it is for things you need.
    Enjoy :)

  3. Ah, what happened? It wasn't even me this time !!!! hehe..

  4. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Yes, I'm afraid verbal communication skills are lacking in these high tech times. Most folks won't answer the phone but if you text them, you'll get an answer right away....very sad...debbie

  5. Are your blog comments directed at me today? Funny if they are:)

  6. Hope you had a lovely day out :)

  7. I know what you mean. I spent some time on the Trade Me forum and quickly realised that no matter what you say, someone is going to come along and be a shithead to you. I've also had customers get really insulting by email (one guy swore (literally) that we had sent him the wrong order and was really rude about it). So I phoned him! Haha, what a change in demeanour! With a bit of investigation it turned out that his wife had opened the package before he got up and had taken half the stuff to work with her.
    Because.. when you see an OPEN AND HALF EMPTY courier package on the kitchen table, the first thing you do is fire off an expletive-laden email to the company you bought it off, blaming them for messing up the order (and presumably, managing to get it there without sealing the satchel?).

    I have found the best response to aggression is a phone call or, preferably, a visit. Bullies always back down.

  8. Anonymous8:24 PM

    That hospital food looks so unappetizing. I guess it is one way to make the patients want to go home quick pronto and not stick around. But I doubt it was ever edible... toast does not stay warm for long and by the time it gets to you it would be all soggy from the spaghetti. Plus it is carb overload... where is the protein? They say the hospital meals are designed by dietitians but I don't that one was!

  9. Yup like everyone else have to agree about the communication thing! Sometimes things get lost in the translation and also with text some things can be miscontrued one way when you actually mean something completely different simply because we don't see facial expressions!

    Ooooh yummy hospital food! Not! Always looks positviely awful...sometimes I think they use it as an incentive to get us out of hospital quicker lol...

  10. Ick that stuff looks so gross!

    I remember my dad bringing me an almond joy candy bar when I had Melissa. That was the best gift I got lol


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