Friday, June 08, 2012


No one home but me.
Nowhere I have to be.
No one to pick up, drop off, or visit.
How awesome is that going to be?

I might go back to bed once the kids are off to school!

I could make a wall hanging .... copying this little bugger:

ABOVE: how gorgeous is he then???   I wonder if I can do justice to him and get a good likeness in fabric?
I suppose I won't know until I try ...

Though in all seriousness, I SHOULD be doing some more work on the one's I've already got on the 'go'!
But this one is nagging at me!

Friday... love this day.  Stew's gunna be home for the weekend... I love the weekends.
We have plans for tomorrow... that involve shopping... can't wait!  lol

Last night I asked Steve to peel and chop up some onions for the beef stew I was making... not a problem.  Except his eyes started to sting and water and Miss Brylee declared she NEVER gets sore eyes with onions... so we put her to the test... made her chop up some... and the little bugger didn't get sore eyes ....

ABOVE:  she thought she was the bee's knees!!! So... we made her do some more... and FINALLY she started watering up!  SUCCESS!!!!  lol
There was NO WAY she was not gunna get sore eyes ... eventually!

It sure stopped her strutting around crowing about her amazing ability to do onions without crying... the little tart.


Well... as it's a stunning day I decided to go and check out the new Pak N Save in Takanini.  Nice... but half the size of the one we go to in Sylvia Park... so we shall stick to our regular one.
Got the makings of Ambrosia again... going to make it up for tomorrow night.  

AMBROSIA:  it's a concoction of ..
Whipped Cream
Your favourite yoghurt (equal quantity with the cream)
Fruit Salad (optional)

Put all the above in a bowl, stir it around to mix up a bit, top with crushed flakes or meringues ... chill for a few hours... serve.  Tis very yum.

I'm going to make a start on copying that wee frog now...

Best laid plans.... why do I even bother trying to make them?  Still ain't got that frog started.
I just made Brylee and Griffin help me clean the inside of me car.  Probably could have got it done quicker and better on me own, but I felt they should help.  They are the ones who make it so grubby afterall!
It was driving me nuts how piggy my car was looking.  Done now... yaaaa.

End of Day:  usual evening... dinner... Coronation Street, more mindless TV... bed.
The guys are watching freakin sports, so time for me to bugger off to bed.
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous8:52 AM

    That "little bugger" is adorable!! I would think steve needs to wear some swimming goggles while dicing the onions next time - knowing Steve he would be more than happy to put on some goggles or diving mask while doing the vegie prep :-)

  2. Do you not know the secret to onions and watering eyes???? Keep them in the fridge!! Cold onions do not sting your eyes, try it! I've never had crying eyes since I did this. If you don't have room for all your onions in the fridge, just keep a few to use before cooking.

  3. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Cool kermit
    I tried that dessert Was yum. Only trouble was trying to let it cool in the fridge for 2 hours before eating.

  4. Anonymous1:18 PM

    My eyes always tear up. Sometimes I'll get an onion that is ok, but usually not! Bless her heart!! ...debbie

  5. Stop eating crap food!!!

  6. Have a look at your weight watchers weight loss article and think of how happy you were then. Ambrosia and KFC pies were not in your diet. You frustrate the hell out of me! God thing I love you!!

  7. Yes, thank God it is Friday... I feel the same way this week. Have fun shopping tomorrow, as always I look forward to seeing your purchases! :)

    Oh that dessert sounds to die for, I am sure I could polish off a big bowl of that for dessert!

  8. Hey youre a poet.your opening sentences rhyme!!!!! Love ambrosia!! Have a great weekend :)

  9. Days where you have nothing that you HAVE to do are the BEST!

  10. Since you have nothing to do today, can you give me a ride around to do some errands?

  11. Too funny on the onions. Everyone is always complaining when I do onions.

    My mom makes an ambrosia salad. I think she uses cool whip and puts some walnuts in there too. (no yogurt)

  12. I would love to have the house all to myself for a few hours. I think I would do absolutely nothing.

    I can't believe you made her chop onions until she cried. Isn't that a form of torture? She'll never brag again.


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