Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Steve bought a new camera in readiness for when their baby arrives.... so he's been practising taking all sorts of photos.

His camera can do black & white photos which also HIGHLIGHTS certain colours.. it's quite an awesome feature!  

Now I want a camera like that too!  But it probably won't happen... got to pay off new beds first!

Anyway, here's a couple of photos he took last night:

ABOVE:  taken using the option of only showing the blue colour!  Amazing eh? 

I've got a fairly busy day today... this morning it's sewing/housework, then after lunch I pick Lacy up and take her to meet the 'alternative' midwife, in case her primary midwife (Debs),  is unavailable when she's ready to have Miss Muppet.

Then I take Lacy back to my home so she can babysit Brylee and Griffin while I go to Hamilton in time for an appointment at 6.30pm.
I shall be taking Bex back to Hamilton as well, as she has work tomorrow.


This morning I am making a 'back up' blog over at wordpress... so if my blog is deleted again you can still find me somewhere!
That blog address will be on my sidebar once it's finished importing everything from here.

ANON:  this is their camera.  It's very cute.  And small... it fits in Bex's handbag easily.


  1. They are great photos! I love the ring. :)

  2. I just backed up my blog as well.... camera is cool with that color thing, have a safe drive to Hamilton :)

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  4. Love the photos - they look amazing!
    Good luck with wordpress and backing up the blog

  5. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Wow that's a cool feature...what is the Brand/model of camera? I have been meaning to buy a new one for a while, that looks cool!


  6. My Nikon Coolpix does that colour thing too :)

  7. Awesome photos ... I want one of those cameras now (I can just hear my husband sighing! lol). What is the full code on the camera please - I think your fingers is covering the first few letters. Thanks :)

  8. Oh I do LOVE that camera too! Would love to know the full model name/number too please. I want one too!

  9. What a cool feature of the camera nice ring too BTW hope your not too cold in Hamilton its freezing here.

  10. I've had a lot of those Canons, they're pretty good.
    At first I thought you got another new camera, I remember you just got one a few months ago.

  11. That ring is GORG!!!!!!!!!!! And...you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR EYES!!!!!

  12. How did your blog importing to wordpress go? I've heard of bloggers doing that. I only have a backup of my blog in xml on my hard drive. I have no idea how to restore it tho'!

    I'm just noticing your son, Steve has really lovely eyes. Or is it the camera?

    I wonder if my camera does the colour trick too. It should. It's so expensive.

    About your blog disappearing, I've heard of blogger deleting blogs if it has malicious virus e.g. Malware
    If your blog links to a blog with Malware content, your blog may get deleted as well.

    It's so stressful maintaining a blog. I'll look into getting a back up blog once I figure it out.


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