Friday, June 15, 2012


ABOVE:  So ... this is the bed that's getting delivered today.  Griffin is going to be in seventh heaven tonight!
I reckon he's got a better mattress than us!
I'm hoping that by the end of the year I can afford to get us a new bed too.
Our's has done us for about 15 years now!

Stew gets a new lawnmower today too... just what every bloke wants... lol !

Because I'm an impatient tart ... I shall probably try and put the bed together today... before Stew gets home.

BUT.... I don't think I'll give the lawnmower a go.... there is no way I want to mow lawns.  


ABOVE:  first up for the day... some new sheets for Griffin's bed and Steve's bed.

TRACY:  ha ha!   Men eh?  I'm pretty sure I can put the bed together.... I've done a few in me day.  Here's hoping it's simple! 

ABOVE:  They said 9.30am... and they arrived bang on 9.30am!!!  First time EVER I've had a company arrive with a delivery on time.  
IN PAIN now though... cos I stubbed me big toe on that friggin lawn mower!  NO blood, just a nasty throbbing pain.

Nevermind though... I'm gunna put that bed together really easily, and I got the blokes to put the mattress down in the bedroom for me... so that's one big job already done.

I'm expecting Kelly and Rena to arrive any minute too... we are babysitting Rena for the weekend.

Well... Just for now... that bed has gotten the better of me and Kelly!  Maybe I will wait till the men get home!  It just does not want to fit together and I got all hot and sweaty trying to get it together.  Not a good look!


ABOVE:  and well..... it's done now!  lol

Kelly and Rena have gone to have lunch with Lacy... So it's nice an quiet for the moment.

Last weekend when we saw Rena last her hair needed a trim... and I was going to do it this weekend while she was here.  
BUT someone beat me to it:

 ABOVE: she's got cold sores.  I hope they are not too contagious?  Cos if they are she can't stay this weekend.

ABOVE:   the MULLET... thought it was long dead.

ABOVE: Poor bloody kid.  Apparently SHE wanted her hair cut like this????

Now I feel very guilty... cos I thought about it and told Kelly Rena could not stay after all.  We are visiting a friend on Sunday who has a young baby... and I doubt she would thank us for visiting with a kid who has cold sores.  It's just a bit risky I think.
So... Kelly baked a cake and then left.  

She's got a party at her home tomorrow night and didn't want Rena under foot... so hopefully she finds a babysitter.

ANON:  fair enough.  But how do you know who does and does not have the virus?  I was not prepared to risk taking her to my friend's house where there is a very young baby.  Rena has her  fingers in her mouth all the time (she sucks her thumb), then her fingers are on the bench, on the doors, the toys... bla bla bla.  Not hard to transfer virus's me thinks.

Clearly an adult knows how to keep from spreading the virus.   Bit of a worry about the thought of kids at school with active cold sores.
But then kids get all sorts of things at school eh?

Obviously my only concern was for the young baby we will be visiting.  

Thanks Penny.... I didn't come down in the last shower eh?  lol.... I do know a thing or two  ***smiles***

SHELLEY: according to Kelly, YES ... a hairdresser did THAT. 

CHRIS & SHELLEY: you two crack me up!

Dinner was salmon quiche... and it was lovely.  Griffin had a right spak and said he HATED salmon... but ended up liking me quiche!  Just as well... or I would have tipped it over his head.  I've been known to do that on odd occasions!  lol   YEP, I have!

End of Day: time to have a tipple or two I think.  
nite nite.


  1. Don't let the feminine side down by mowing the lawn Chris ,It's man task

  2. Love the bed!!! We need a new bed too.... one day *sigh*

  3. Lucky Griffin. Our bed is probably as old as yours. Good luck with the assembly, my brain just goes into shut down mode when confronted with stuff that needs assembly and the BBQ assembly nearly ended in divorce because Someone wouldn't read the instructions properly then got shitty with me, damn near ended up hurling the largest bit at him :-)

  4. love the new bed lucky griffin :)
    Ahhh leave it to the men chris they can get stressed over it bloody flat pack furniture lol
    And stubbing your toe proves you have to keep clear of the lawnmower its stu's toy lol enjoy your weekend fix...

  5. How nice! Good reward for him being a good sport about moving rooms around lol

  6. Anonymous11:50 AM

    The mower looks assembled to me. I brought one from Mitre 10 mega and they brought it in a pack for me to assemble Please note the catcher is still in pieces & the mower barely survived the putting together routine.L ike I am not a bloody octopus holding bits & reading instructions God give me strength Thanj god it started 1st pop.

  7. Looks great, Chris.

    Hope the toe's stopped throbbing. Lawn mowers are evil things. Definitely men's toys.

  8. The new bed looks great!! Lucky Griffin but he deserves it after being "bedless" for a little while :)

  9. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Its the slats under the mattress that drive me mad when I put a bed together! Very tricky trying to get them to stay put! WOMBAT

  10. Does Kelly not like her daughter? That has got to be the worst haircut ever! She's such a cute kid! Why would someone do that to her? The hairdresser should be shot!!!

  11. Rena is a cutie, but way too young to make haircut decisions. She'd look super adorable (ie: more adorable than she already is) with a pixie cut:)

  12. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Sorry got to be anonymous... who the FUCK gets a beautiful girl's hair cut like this? A Mullet? Poor grandma - I know you would not have done this.

  13. Wooo hooo ur a women with many talents :)

  14. Anonymous2:15 PM

    My 4 year old granddaughter cut her hair into almost the same hair cut this past week!~ LOL ♥♥♥

  15. What a load of BS! Poor Rena... Maybe Grandma will take pity on her and get her hair fixed?

    BTW, cold sores are contagious.

    Nice to hear that Kelly was catching up with her sister.

  16. Don't feel guilty, you made the decision you were comfortable with at the time. I remember we found out I had the measles after i had come into contact with my cousin's baby and we were worried but luckily he was fine. It isn't worth the risk. They are awful to have as an adult - I wouldn't wish them on a baby or young child. Poor Rena - hope they get better soon.

  17. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Cold sores are only contagious via fluid contact ie kissing, sharing drink containers. From what I understand you can only get a coldsore if you have the virus. You wouldnt keep a child home from school, or an adult home from work because they had a cold sore. xxx

  18. Anonymous2:58 PM

    You are a legend, the way you tackle things head on and get results! Bedroom looks great and is that adorable Teddy who supervised. Take care and have an awesome weekend. Cheers Glenys

  19. Anonymous makes a good point, but actually I think you are right in Rena's case and with a young baby. If she is like any young girl I have ever met, she will want to touch the baby, and if she already puts her fingers in her mouth then she could easily spread it. While you get the virus and either do or don't get them, how did those of us get it in the first place? Because someone spread it to us. Just because you haven't got it yet doesn't mean you can't catch it.

  20. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Please tell me a hairdresser did not do that?? They need their scissors confiscated if they did!! Kiwi Chris in Vic .... At least when I cut your hair (back when we were both kids) it didnt look as bad as that!! lol Shelley

  21. The bed looks great! I think you made the right decision-I would be worried for my new baby as well.
    better to be safe than sorry.
    have an awesome weekend!

  22. It just occurred to me - every time Rena has had her haircut they said it was at the hairdressers! I'm thinking either there are terrible hairdressers in Hamilton or they are taking her to a barber? Maybe a hairdresser who went blind? Maybe a hairdresser who has to work from home because he/she was banned from the workplace? I suppose it is not so bad now at her age but imagine as she gets older and has to have the same sorts of cuts.

  23. Sarah4:56 PM

    New at this comment thing, sorry if it came across poorly. Totally 100% your decision :-) I am unluckily enough to get cold sores (get them when run down etc) I have 3 kids under 4 and touch wood none have had them yet. I was thinking about it and had never really seen a young one with a cold sore, although have seen with school sores which are highly contagious and I guess present like cold sores. Anyways decision has been made no need for guilt. You are a thoughtful friend x I love our blog first one I read everyday and have been reading it for years. Sarah

  24. Hey what Shelley fails to say in her comment is my hair went from halfway down my back, to shorter than Renas. And an extra cut to my ear!! What a great sister! Haaa! Thanks Shells xxx

  25. Anonymous6:51 PM

    kiwi chris in vic .... Just be thankful I didnt give you a mullet !! lol Shells

  26. Thank you sis, thank you!! Aunty you must be pissing yourself, considering we are both over in Melbs, but communicating through your blog! Diet Coke Rocks!!!

  27. Would someone else please take Rena to a PROPER hairdresser, and DID Griffin like the bed? Have a nice weekend...

  28. Hi Chris,
    What what I know about cold sores they are contagious if the fluid from them comes in contact with an open cut or (such as cracked lips) on another child. I've never actually seen a child as young as Rena with them as they would have been passed on to her via contact with someone who had the virus and unfortunately its a virus that is with you for life. They flare up mainly if a person is run down, stressed or ill so hopefully as she gets older she won't have too many outbreaks of them. I've had kids in my class with them before but thankfully never caught them at all (heaven only knows how I've avoided them as I seem to have had everything else including nits and school sores (scabies) where were both just a nightmare.

  29. Anonymous10:28 PM

    THAT'S how deadly coldsores can be for babies!

    The haircut? There are NO WORDS.


  30. Anonymous12:59 AM

    Love the bed, but poor little Rena! Who did that hair cut? Gee whiz. They must have had their eyes closed. One good thing is that it will grow. Thank Heavens!! ...debbie

  31. Have a fun weekend. They need to find a new hairdresser!


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