Tuesday, June 05, 2012


Today I finally get to do something for me!
I'm going to the hairdressers and getting me colours done again... I have the MOST AMAZING re-growth going on.

Ain't had me colours done since early December... there's always been some sort of reason why I haven't gotten around to it.

I might show ya the 'new do' when I get home.

ABOVE:  too cute.

In case anyone has noticed... I no longer have a Facebook Account.  You want to keep in touch, leave me a comment here!  Or ring me even!  Or write... do we remember how to do that???  lol

Steve has the day off work ... so I think he's going to visit Lacy today.... while I'm at the hairdressers.
Hmmm... I wonder if he'd get the hint if I left my vacuum cleaner out?

WE.  SHALL.  SEE....

Good luck to my niece Maxine ... she goes into hospital today for an operation.  I am going to pick her up after she is discharged so she can spend a week here recuperating before she goes home to her husband and kids.... well that is the plan so far as I know.


I was at the hairdressers for 3 and a half hours. With their front door open blasting me with freezing cold air.  I was freezing, and when they were 'finished' with me I left... with half wet hair... into the most awful wet and cold weather you can imagine.
But the colour is lovely, and I will post a photo once it's dry and I've given myself a few curls!

Totally stressed out and grumpy too... eating marshmallows by the handful... just can't stop!

SO FUCKEN ANGRY TODAY.  I am at fault for stirring family shit up. And I'm so angry at myself... but equally ANGRY at how people reacted yesterday.  In particular a man who had NO FUCKEN RIGHT to go where he went.  I would have been fine if he's kept his vile tirade focused on ME only, instead he had a go at several other family members on a public forum like Facebook... unforgivable. 

And I can say this HERE, because it is MY BLOG and no one tells me what to put on here. NO ONE.  And NO ONE can put filthy, defamatory comments here either.  Ya thank god for that. 

ABOVE:  there ya go... freshly coloured and Bex very kindly curled it for me... I love it like this.  NO smiles, not really in a smiley mood today.

ABOVE:  the back.  Not the best photo, took it via the mirror!  lol

Now, it's time to prepare dinner....



  1. Anonymous7:08 AM

    Jesus Chris. how could anybody be Angry at you! Taking in your neice like that is so thoughtful!
    Need to get my blonde through again!! Can't wait to see your hair! x

  2. What??? I hadn't noticed yet. Doggone it but when you make a new one friend me and I'll try not to cause too much drama ok??

    GL to Maxine!! I hope all goes well and look forward to seeing the new 'do. :)

  3. Enjoy the pampering at the hairdressers.

  4. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Nothing like a trip to the hairdressers, hope you feel like a million bucks this afternoon. Cheers Glenys

  5. Blimey....whayt a full on weekend you have had. We just back from Wellington with no internet so have just caught up on everything.
    Wow...you have all done a great job getting Lacy's house looking so good. You should be proud of yourselves. :)
    Great tto that today you can take some time for YOU. Being pampered at the hairdressers is priceless :)
    Hope your neices op goes well and she recovers quickly. What a caring Aunt she has to look after her. :)
    Take care of yourself too.
    Hugs from me.

  6. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Waste of time facebook & not to sure on some privacy issues either so just haven't gone there
    Mary h

  7. Sorry you had trouble on Facebook-family or not,you should have told him to go f!ck himself! Cant wait to see your hair! Enjoy the rest of your day!

  8. Your blog, your rules, no?

    I'm looking forward to seeing your hair (you have gorgeous hair! I'm envious, as mine's been silver since I was a teenager!)

    I meant to post the other day...but I love how you've fixed Lacy's new place up -you have such a good eye for colour. The location sounds great -close enough to you, but not actually in your house!

    Mrs F

  9. Whoaaa. Hadn't noticed the drama on fb. You unfriended/deactivated that account then mighty quick, Missy.

    DO post that pretty hair of yours when you get a chance! It was over 90 here today so very HOT. :)

  10. Bloody Hell Chris, some people need to realise that all you do is give and help your family, a lot of the green eyed monster is behind all the attacks on you. Just be yourself and start to look after you, Stew must be fed up as well.


  11. Love your hair, can't wait till I go blonde again......

  12. I love the curls! Gorgeous! I have been thinking about dleting my FB account as well...no good come of it and too many people with bad opinions and can bully and stalk you...but that's a whole other story! May blog myself about that one some day! Be true to yourself and if anyone disagrees then "unfriend" them...not just on facebook but in real life too! I have gone through the proces of ridding myself of toxic people and that includes family! You look fantastic :)

  13. Love the hair chris lookin great!!!

  14. That colour those curls lovely just lovely, I see on the side bar that Steve and Bex are expecting on Januray 1st how cute!!!

  15. Love love love the hair.

    Sorry to hear there has been more drama.

  16. Anonymous11:16 PM

    Like your hair. Looks nice. Glad Lacy is in her house. You did a nice job Chris. ...debbie

  17. You always look nice blonde because of your eyes. You have such lovely eyes but I'm sure you know that already! I have regular deep brown eyes like all Chinese and my hair stylist will never make me a blonde. Also, if you're Chinese and blonde, people think you have inferiority complex. Hubs went by my hair stylist shop recently and saw the shutters were down. I need to get my hair done this week and if my dear Cindy did close shop, I will have a complete breakdown. And facebook can be evil. I use it only for my shop purpose.


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