Monday, June 27, 2011


Steve got that job he did a trail for yesterday!

Now he has to decide if he wants it, how he's going to get there... bla bla bla....IF HE TAKES IT!

He has another job interview at 12 midday today in the city... he would prefer the job in the city ... so we wait and see... maybe he will come home with a choice of two jobs!  Wouldn't that be awesome.

Today:  usual start of week for me... which involves lots of housework.  Tidying up after the weekend.  Oh joy.

I might even go into the city with Steve too...

I started thinking ... what might I already have in the house that could serve as a towel rail or holder... and came up with two possibilities:

ABOVE: the hat stand I use to hang all my bags on in my room.... OR:...

ABOVE: the little 'hall table' that is usually at the front door? 
WHAT DO YOU THINK???  Should I use one of them and which one, or still try to find a towel rail???


Why do I want a towel rail or similar in the lounge???
-We don't want to leave our towels outside while we are in the pool as it's bloody cold outside and the towels will end up freezing our butts off... and if it's raining they would get wet as there is no cover out there... YET.
-We don't want to put holes in the plaster of our home adding hooks or whatever to hang said towels on ... outside.
-We come and go to the spa via the lounge, being the closest outside door.
-I want to be able to leave the towels in the lounge, by the door so when we come in all wet we can stand on the pretty blue/white bathmat and dry off before traipsing through the house to get dressed.
- Of course we could just leave the towels in a heap by the door... but I just don't like the LOOK of that!
- I'm fussy like that ya see.

I hope that explains it clearly enough?

I have decided to drive Steve in for this job interview.... that way I can check out a few shops in Remuera on the way home. 
This afternoon I am making a special Thank You card for a friend... I'm quite looking forward to that.  It's ages since I made a pretty card.

Back from town.. what a SHIT of a place to try and find a park!  I ended up down at the waterfront waiting for Steve.  He thinks he's in with a good chance at this job... so shall say 'No' to the job on the North Shore.  It's just too far away from here... and he has no car or way of getting there easily.  Train into the city, then a bus over to the North Shore is just too time consuming AND expensive.  *sigh*
So, we just have to cross our fingers and hope like hell he gets the inner city one.

We stopped at Greenlane for lunch, had hoped to catch up with Stew, but he was busy.

I'm inclined to think a Coat Stand is going to work best in the lounge, so will keep my eyes open for one.  There isn't exactly a hurry on it.

I just finished the card I wanted to get done.... it's glued bits are drying now. 

End of Day:  Kids in bed.... almost time for Stew and I to have a spa and head off to bed. 
nite nite.


  1. I love that hall table , too good to cover with towels .

    How far in time are you in front of England ?. It's 8.15 Sunday evening here , and it's been a scorcher of a day

    Best wishes on the job front

  2. First you need to explain why you need a towel rack in the lounge????? I can't figure that one out. I understand you take towels to the pool but why a rack in the lounge beats me. Is it a place to "collect" them when you get out? If so a nice set of hooks by the pool would be great.

  3. My honest opinion is that that spa is perfect for that nook. You could find some hooks that are beautifully crafted and put them on the side of the house right there by the spa. This way they will still look pretty when the spa is not in use.

  4. He could always flat over at the North Shore, if he takes the job........ jobs are hard to come by, and I would not turn one down if I got offered one, and good luck for the interview today.

  5. I think you need to find a towel rail. Neither of those look quit right for the job if that's the place you're going to keep the towels. Of course that's just my opinion!

  6. the hat rack is cool... the table too nice.... i got a folding drying rack at walmart here... but to be sure they have them somewhere in some shop for a reasonable price... mine was 9 dollars...
    will take a pic of it for you to see

  7. i like the hall table of the 2 options but wat about a hat/coat stand

  8. I don't think either look right for what you want, but maybe a coat stand could also been an option?

  9. OK so how about a coat stand type thingy, heavy enough to be outside, and hang the towels on that while in the pool?

  10. I think the hat/coat stand, then the towels can be hung on it, if you use the table, unless the towels are always folded will look messy. Also, in the summer, the stand could be moved outside.

    Good luck to Steve for the job, I hope he does get both so he has the option, it would be much easier to get into the city than all the way to the shore each day.

  11. Prob the table for now LaaLaa, less ugly looking in the lounge, cant you use the door opening to the family room with one of those clothes airers you have in the garage, that way it wont be in the lounge? Or what about instead of hooks in the plaster of the house, put hooks into the wooden part of the cover above the outside table, mind you, your a short ass and wouldnt be able to reach them... moving on, the back of the outside chairs?? They only stay there for the lenght of your spa session, so wouuldnt be too intrusive on the look. See you Thursday :-)

  12. Good luck to Steve for the city interview. It's nice to have a choice! I've gone thru' period when I was looking for a job and nothing, nothing and suddenly everyone wants to hire me!

  13. I like the hall table my friend has a wrought iron double towel rail I will ask her where she bought it from I think it was mitre 10..

  14. If I were Steve I wouldn't say no to the northern job till he finds out if he gets the city one. Otherwise he may find himself without any.

    Funny how you liked the hat rack. I liked the table (neater). Why not look around for one of those freestanding proper towel racks? Or treat yourself to a "heated" one? Good luck! Hope you find what you need :-)

  15. The rack I think. The towels can just be biffed onto it and will fine. I am jealous of your spa. I want one..

  16. Sue from Cyprus12:18 AM

    Me prefer the lovely table! Also useful for someone sitting on the couch next to the table.... where will they put their coffee mug?

    Decisions, decisions!!

    Hugs, Sue from sunny Cyprus.... it's boiling here.... could do with a spa meself!!


  17. Hope Steve get the job closer to home. Looks like you've had a very busy couple of days. Always lots of things happening in your home. Have a good night.

  18. I hope the Perfect job presents itself to Steve. He is so talented and versatile that he will make a valuable employee .

    For your towels maybe a pretty slender cabinet that could stand right beside your door . The door could close for privacy yet the cabinet could be "soft on the Eyes"!


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