Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Not for us! ...For Coco... she shall need Puppy dog food while she's pregnant... as it's got more fat, protein and calcium in it.
So Steve and I are going out today to do that.

Also stopping by the barber's... Steve looks like a sheep again.
All my boys have amazingly thick hair... and it grows so fast!

ABOVE:  a couple more photos of our darling granddaughter Sienna.... I knicked them off her Mum's Facebook page!  hee hee.

Going to be really boring today... I've not got much to yabber on about right now!

Weird, but true.

I'll be back later.... in the meantime, what are YOU FULLA'S DOING???

I has me a plan for today:
- Drop in and visit Stew for morning tea
- Go to Sylvia Park mall and walk up and down it's length at least 3 times
- Get dog food and Steve's haircut
- Come home and do some washing
- Relax.

Three of my girlfriends down in Palmerston North and I are on a mission together.  It's called 'Stop Being Telly Tubbies' and drop some kilos before June next year... when we will all go away on a 'Girly Weekend' together!   Sounds good to me!  I am goal driven... so this is a good one.

I'm also adding some incentives to myself :
Lose 10 kilos =  go back to blonde
Lose 20 kilos =  Weekend away with Stew

That's a good start!


Yaaa... did the walk... did four lengths of the mall... got Steve's haircut... then bought the dog food... came home and had a really healthy lunch of chicken, bacon, onion on a bed of par cooked cabbage.  It was really yum.

Feel good for getting motivated... wonder how my 'partners' are doing today?

WOMBAT:  I totally agree... the plan is to renew our wedding vows, have a party then me and my 3 girlfriends will go on HONEYMOON!  lol
Hmmm... wonder how Stewy will feel about that?
Maybe I better go on Honeymoon with him as we never got one first time around!

End of Day:  Healthy dinner - DONE.
Quiet evening ahead... watching Greys Anatomy and being a lazy tart.
nite nite.


  1. Hi Chris,
    Your grand daughter is as beautiful as you are . I have been painting a bit, taking walks with Joe, and reading....nothing exciting!
    Enjoy your week!

  2. Look at your gawjus Sienna .... what a little doll she is :o).
    I'm planning to do plenty of sewing today ... let's just see if it all goes to plan though lol.
    Joy :o)

  3. Penny, NZ9:13 AM

    For me, last two days of freedom before the last assessment comes in! Then marking marking marking... Have a good day Chris and Steve!

  4. Incentives sound good.

  5. Good on you for getting into your "mission"... I'm on one too. PS: am I the only one that thinks Sienna totally resembles you????

  6. that little darlin is just adorable... i say set a trip to see her at say... 30 kilos :)

  7. O Chris!
    That is two of the cutest baby pictures !!!!!!!!!!! Boy, they really knock at your heart!

    Congrats on accomplishing your walk. I got mine in tonight also! I thought the day was going to defeat me - but I "snuck" it in anyway! : )

    Sometimes you just "gotta be sneaky" -because life sure gets sneaky back at times, maybe a lot of the times! : )

  8. I enjoy you so much Chris! I know I don't comment often enough but I was catching up today and the post about your finances kind of pissed me off. IT IS NONE OF ANYONE'S BUSINESS WHAT YOU DO WITH YOUR MONEY. People need to shut the eff up. YEAH. I said it! Thank you for bringing me joy and making me smile with all your stories. I heart you!

  9. What beautiful babies:-)

    This partner is doing ok but of for dinner now at the UCOL cafe (the trainee chefs) wish me luck that I can make healthier choices!

  10. Sienna looks absolutely beautiful, good on you for walking aim for 5 lengths.

  11. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Your other big incentive in June next year can be your 25th wedding anniversary and sizzle in a hot silver dress! (25 years is silver isn't it?) WOMBAT

  12. Hi this is PO (leader Telly tubby) lol walk done, good food choices done, motivation right up there. Glad your've had a great day :-)
    PS I named you LaaLaa, Anne your Dipsy and Chris D your Tinky winky haha. It pays to get in first lo

  13. Nice pics of your Granddaughter.
    Soon you will be a puppy Grandmother.

  14. LOL - How come I'm called Dipsy - are you trying to tell me something Sandra??

  15. awww, those pics are so cute!

    i loves me some cute baby pics :)

    you must be a very proud grandma! :)

  16. Sounds like a great plan!


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