Thursday, June 23, 2011


So what do ya do when you want to play chess but don't have a chess set?
You improvise of course!

And our kids are fairly good at that:

ABOVE: we have a Lego Chess Set and a chess board made from a random piece of chipboard marked out with black marker pen!

Brylee and Griffin have never played before, but Steve is doing a good job of teaching them... and they seem to be enjoying it.

But...I might just get them a 'proper' chess set.. that would be nice eh?  Maybe I will even try to learn how to play myself! 
Another way to spend time with the kids in a fun way.

TODAY: taking Griffin to his Speld lesson.  I plan on reading magazines while I wait for him today...I got a whole bunch of mags from the Hospice shop yesterday... so I've got plenty to occupy me.
I WOULD go for a walk, but there's a few dogs out there that scare the hell outta me!


THE SPA: OMG... it was delighful last night!  Not too cold, not too hot, just perfect.  Stew and I love it.  WE had a lovely evening.... from start to 'finish' ... *smiles*

It's pissing down with rain today and freaking cold!  I don't mind though as I'm sure the weather has a lot to do with my lack of hot flushes during the day!  Awesome eh?

Steve and I had a really good look around Pukekohe this morning for a Chess Set to no avail.  BUT, we did find an AMAZING shop that I just have to go back to on Saturday to show Stew!  There is a little 'something' on HOLD waiting for me to show Stew! lol

I am now trying to upload a video of Emily, taken today as they are visiting again until Saturday.  No luck with the video, I think it's too big for the upload.  Oh well... will work on it.

JAXX:  I realise I could buy a chess set from the Big Red Shed but yes, I do want a really nice one.  Not necessarily EXPENSIVE, just nice.
I am quite fussy about some things... and as the Chess Set is going to be out in the lounge all the time, I want it to look nice.

EMILY AND AMANDA'S first spa :

Sorry the pictures are a bit dark.. I forgot to edit them. 
Everyone had a lovely time ... Emily screamed holy blue murder when she was passed out to me for dressing!  I do believe she wanted to stay in longer... *smiles*

Looking forward to 6.30 when Stew gets home as we are going out, just the two of us.  Having dinner at Botany Town centre, and might catch a movie too.  Will be nice.

End of Day:  well Stew and I did some kid free shopping but did not buy the chess set Steve and I saw and liked as it was damaged.  Sad.  Waiting for them to get a new one in.  We bought the kids some really lovely long, warm dressing gowns and underwear from Stew, then went to a really lovely Chinese Restaurant in Botany for dinner.  Oh Yum!  Stopped eating before I felt full, which I was happy about.
Going to have a spa soon then head off to bed.
nite nite.


  1. Ha! I'm up too. Wish I was still sleeping. I'll probably fall asleep through the middle of the morning.

    re your last comment. I'm ready to move to Mum's but the timing isn't quite right yet. John wants his own home but that could be changing soon.

    Enjoy your magazines.


  2. My boys love chess! We need to buy a new one too. I think I'm gonna look for a wooden set.

  3. Agreed 100% re the dogs!! I wouldn't go or a walk where there were roaming dogs. Scares me enough here in the city if I see a dog. Yes, get a chess set (or two) you can get them really cheap these days.

  4. I don't know how to play chess but I can beat just about anyone in checkers :)

  5. have you been in the spa yet?

  6. Glad you are enjoying yourself!!!!!!! xxxx
    PS: have ya bloody luck!

  7. Very clever, but then you have to be clever to play chess. I haven't played for years.

  8. How nice for you and Stew to enjoy spa time. It is raining here too.

  9. I think your young people are Very neat! They are not afraid to take on a challenge.

    My youngest son learned to play chess while he was in a church school and another young man taught him. I thought that it took a lot of using your brain to have a strategy to defeat your opponent.

    I think you Should learn too , while you have to opportunity ! That should help keep your brain all wired up ! LOL

    I am So happy that you and your "beloved" enjoy the spay! Keep up the good work!

  10. What no chess sets at all, the red shed sells them and heaps of places unless you want something special and expensive.

  11. OMG Chris... I saw "Bridesmaids" at a mums and bubs session at the movies today and it was HIGH-larious.

    You guy's should try to catch it tonight!

  12. This is a great idea with the lego. I want so many times to plat chess but i don`t my pieces with me. Next time i will use my son lego. Thanks for that good tip.

  13. Penny, NZ7:17 PM

    Very innovative kids of yours! The spa looks fantastic and I'm glad you and Stew are getting time to yourselves, as well as everyone enjoying it so much.

  14. Awh little emily is adorable.

    Enjoy your night out with Stew x

  15. Anonymous8:42 PM

    you might come across a chess set in the hospice shop one day. I've got one of those Chess/checker sets. A glass board and the pieces are little shot glasses so when you get your opponents pieces you can drink it! WOMBAT

  16. Very impressed with the home-made chess board - very innovative! Just jealous of the spa!!!

  17. Looks like your wee Grandaughter is a real water baby.

    The "right" chess set turn up I am sure. I love the way the kids improvised a chess board. Just goes to show kids don't need fancy things to have fun. My lot plus the neighbours kids got months of fun out of an old dishwasher and plastic sheets and cardboard boxes down the back yard which is on a slope.

  18. Chess is the best game in the world

  19. Seems as though everyone is enjoying the spa. Lovely photos of the family. Enjoy your weekend with your visitors.

  20. We have what are called "tournament" chess sets. They have letters and numbers on them so if you get really into the game, you can take notation and play the game over. The tournament sets are (surprise) what you play in tournaments. Though they do not look fancy at all.

    GL on your new door and YAY! on the tv. PS, your spa is bigger than I thought now that there are people in it. :)


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