Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I sometimes wonder if I complain too much/quickly about things?  We got our new lounge suite 9 months ago... and this is what I am concerned about:

ABOVE: these weird round patches that are on one of the seats, which look like faults to me...

ABOVE: these little speckles of dark colour coming up all over the suite where we predominantly sit.  It's almost as if the colour from our clothes is transferring onto the leather... and it won't come off, even with the Heavy Duty Leather Cleaner that came with the suite.

ABOVE:  This is the lazy boy Stew sits in the most... it has a huge sagging bit on the back.  This is after only 9 months?   I hate to think how it will look in 5 years? 

I decided to ring Harvey Norman (YES THAT shop again!) to ask them to send someone out to have a look at the suite... cos really, I'm not happy with it at all.  It cost a small fortune and it should not be like this after just 9 months surely?

On a brighter note...our SPA arrives today at 10am.   After thinking yesterday that we might not get it afterall, I am very excited now.  I wanna take lots of photos!  lol  Let's hope it's not raining too much.  Stew is going to be here to help position it once the crane has hoisted it over the fence. 

Spa arriving, step by step:

ABOVE:  crane setting up in the street. This took about 15 minutes.

 ABOVE:  the spa arrived on the back of a ute... getting attatched to the crane...

ABOVE: up she goes!...  

ABOVE: at this point I was getting mildly concerned about my pig weather vane!...

ABOVE:  Steve,  and Dave from Hotsprings  doing what we have boys for...  (*Smiles*)

ABOVE: filling it up... 

ABOVE: full, chemicals in, lid on, heating up!  The whole process took almost 2 hours.  Not bad!  Apparently it should be warm enough for us to get in and try it by late tonight!

JAXX:  sadly yes, we do seem to have a lot of problems with 'stuff'... drives me nuts. 

Just spent an hour de-knotting the dogs ears/faces/tails... Steve has kindly bathed them for me.  I'm friggin knackered now.... hope that spa IS ready tonight cos it will be lovely to just relax and chill out in it after a bothersome day.

Got a phone call from the TV Repair people, the tv screen is stuffed completely.... and it's not worth repairing it!  So now we wait to see if Panasonic come to the party and give us a new TV?  Knowing my luck it will be another battle.
That big TV cost us nearly $3,000 and it's only 2.75 years old.

I'm not going to say 'Why me?'... what would be the point eh?

Just got a phone call from the Garage Door people, all going well we will have a brand new  door on Friday!   Yaaaaa.

End of Day:  looks unlikely the spa will be warm enough for us to use it tonight afterall.  Oh well.... tomorrow will be soon enough. 
nite nite.


  1. SPA!! yeah. Pics soon I hope!

  2. Leigh8:14 AM

    I have a leather suite too and the sagging is just what happens, so it will be back to fabric next time I buy a suite. I wonder if the round marks are from buttons and rivets on jeans? On the wooden dinning room chairs I was wondering where all the dents came from and them realised that the kids jeans were doing it. The spots are probably rub off like you are thinking. I can't see any on mine but my suite is dark blue. It'd never get cream as it shows all the imperfections. It will be interesting what Harveys say. Goodluck

  3. Yes I partly agree with Leigh, marks and imperfections are bound to happen, but after 9 months? A suite for what you paid, the quality should last a s#8! load longer than that. Dont think your gona get a glimmer of sunshine outta them LaaLaa.

  4. Hmmm hope the spa is ok, you don't seem to have much luck with things do you lol.

  5. It doesnt hurt to ask and have someone look then it is DOCUMENTED as what happened for when things need verifying. TODAY I stepperd out the door needed NEW BATTERY NEW TYRE NEW ANTIVIRUS all up $390 later I feel faint and need food!!!!!!!!

  6. Enjoy your new spa.

  7. Could that spa fit any better? PERFECT under window, PERFECT side to side and PERFECT look with little tree in back. You rock!!

  8. O I have to agree with Happy Elf Mom- it looks Perfect ! Now to see if you guys can enjoy it and if you can tell if it also Helps your joints ?

    I have to agree with you -that your pretty white suite looks terrible for its age. What is it with these companies these days???? I am keeping my fingers crossed that somebody does "man-up" and make it right for you.

  9. Stuffed completely?? As in no picture now? That would be there fault, the TV would have left you with just that line, they will have to give you a new TV now, any further damage whilst with them they have to fix!
    If you dont get a new TV now, Id do as you do best and kick up a huge stink.

  10. I'm like you...if I have to pay good money for something I'd expect it to last a lot longer than 9 months! Our old lounge is 30 years old and it is only in the past couple of years that it is starting to sag so 9 months is not long at all! *Sigh* love the spa you lucky thing!!!

  11. My couch that isn't even a year old has some issues too :( Paid a lot of money for it and I know it's not going to last very long.

    How cool with the crane/spa! Bet you are the talk of the neighborhood :)

  12. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Has the couch got a warranty? The spa does fit perfectly in that spot. So are we gonna see some raunchy hot tub photos? WOMBAT

  13. IF the lounge suite is genuine leather it should last for many many years, the problem is that there are suites made from inferior materials which are often sold as genuine leather. A bit of googling I am sure you will be able to get enough information & ammunition to make sure Harvey Normans treat you fairly.

    The TV should be replaced at no cost to you, the fact that it was out of warranty is irrelevant, it should last significantly more than a couple of years.

    If any of the issues become too much of a battle let me know & I will dredge up the relevant legislation that usually encourages these places to play nice (Consumer Guarantees & Sale of Goods).

    I hope the spa is all ready for tonight :-)

  14. Oh you got a hotsprings,, they are GREAT. If it comes with the ozone option you will really love being able to use it without the amount of chlorine normally needed.

    Mine is a six seater and i have ist set on 38 degrees in winter and it takes 24 hours to heat up from cold. (I know it depends on the capacity of the heating system and mine isnt as fast as the $20,000 pools that have the built in surround sound system. (** drool, would have loved that but out of my price range so its a cassette player on the side of the deck if I want some music). lol

    You will LOVE it.

  15. call the company re your lounge, should not be doing that! we've had ours 7-8 years, two recliner/lazy boys, 3.5 seater, i have two kids and a dog and it's in immaculate just got off the truck condition!

    love the spa Chris, am so jealous! hee hee hee


  16. Regarding the couch and the telly, as Tracy mentioned Consumer Guarantees Act and also Fair Trading Act as a product must be 'fit for purpose' and a broke telly within 3 years certainly doesn't meet that definition.

    I'm sure it will all work out to your advantage, it just may take some time.

    Glad to see the weather pig survived!

  17. The sofa and Laz E Boy look like leather. Leather is not perfect, any marks on the cows skin may show up on the leather. Also it stretches. Call them and see what they say, but they probably won't do anything.

    Congrats on the spa!

  18. those markings are the kind of thing that i could care less about, but my wife would make us return the whole couch set for...

  19. I'm so glad to see that the spa got delivered and is almost ready. You will relax and enjoy it so much Chris, you'll feel your troubles melt away, even if only temporarily. Enjoy!!

  20. That is one big crane. So that's how that move something heavy like that into the backyard.


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