Thursday, June 09, 2011


Firstly:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our son Russell, and Karen in Wellington!  Hope you both have a lovely day.

Today:  Taking Griffin to his speld lesson, and while he's there Steve and I are going for a walk in the countryside.

ABOVE:  this is a little lake we will pass on our walk... and we are going to walk rain, hail or shine! 

I have to mitigate the damage done from last night's dinner out... curly fries are EVIL is all I'm going to say.

At least I didn't have any dessert...STEVE wouldn't let me!  I have told him he can slap me one if I try to have anything bad for me!

I do believe he will too!  The little shit.


ABOVE:  some cute cows we saw on our walk...

 ABOVE: and some darn cute alpaca's...  yeah we saw some idiot horses too... who ran around and kicked up their legs.... was quite funny.  ON our way home we saw this on the road:

ABOVE: a bike like I'd never seen before!  The bloke inside was holding up all the traffic too... *shaking me head*!

Home now and cooking me lunch... veges and a cheese sauce.  Yum!

Had a visit from me Aunty up the road... which was nice.  Don't see much of her which I feel bad about... but I like being at home! 

End of Day:  whoops!  Been busy doing bugger all but clucking over Emily.  She's changed so much in just two weeks!  Much more aware of her surroundings.  Delightful wee bubba.
nite nite.


  1. those are rough times for a child... you give them permission to ... but in the end you are still mom and there could be bad repercussions... i agree curly fries are evil LOL

  2. Glad to see that you did listen when I gave my story at WW I got people to slap me to HaHa. Keep up the good work I'm going for a walk this morning with Twinky Winky and the boys :-). I got big news I will share with you on sat.
    Love Po.

  3. Good Morning LaaLaa.... ha gona get bored of that in a hurry :D
    High Five Steve! ..... we could both sit on her bro, make her try and get up, that would cause some sweat :D

  4. Steve is a brave boy, but it sounds like he is doing his job.

  5. Good on you and down here we were at kapa haka all morning !!!! it is freezing down here I should have walked to keep warm.

  6. I've never seen cows which look like the ones you took pic of. The ones I've seen are broader and have brown patches. Okay, I've only seen 2 real cows in my life - 1 belonging to my neighbour when I was little and 1 which lived in the zoo!

  7. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Think he may have got pissed off getting wet going to work on his bike!!
    Hope he wasn't dropping kids off at school You would never live it down.

  8. I have to say, I do believe Steve would slap you too! :-)

  9. I TOTALLY adore all the sights you got to see! Of course I LOVE the little critters! The sight of the water is perfect and that little vehicle on the road is down dead cute!

    Ut O! Sounds like dangerous idea to let your son get in on keeping you "toeing the line"! You better remind him that if he goes too far - you have pictures to blackmail him with! LOL

  10. LOL Kids love the opportunity to slap mom around!

    That bike reminds me of all the golf carts people drive out here. It really annoys me when people don't want to move over and let me go around!

  11. Steve6:12 PM

    I will keep her in line, but I wont take it too far, I know the limits mum can be pushed to, I've tested it many a time :D

    I like your thinking webbsway, but unfortunatly all the photos mum has couldn't possibly be used against me, its nothing the public hasn't seen before lol, what can I say, I lost my shame years ago, and I have a nack for using my lack of embarrassment well


  12. Lol @ steve.

    How long before you know if Coco is up the duff?

  13. Hi LaaLaa - hope you hada good day! I'm finding it a bit eaiser knowing we can support one another:-)

  14. Looks like a rather interesting walk. Good luck with Steve. Keep well.

  15. Happy birthday tp Russell and Karen!


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