Saturday, June 04, 2011


Today is the day she meets her 'boyfriend'... OMG we are very, very excited.  Having never done 'this' before we hope it goes well.  We hope she likes him.

Teddy is going to be confined to our bedroom while 'he' is here... hell I don't even know his name!  How awful is that?  I'm sure the owner did tell me.... but I forgot.

That is the big thing on today!  The kids are going to be allowed to see the boy dog... then they will be keeping Teddy company in my bedroom.  I really don't want them watching the goings on... not cos I'm a prude, but cos I don't think they are ready for the 'Birds N Bees' conversation quite yet.  They are afterall only 9 and 10.  ... and quite immature too.

My decision.
Let's not have a huge comment-fest about that OK?  lol

My blog has been a bit 'controversial' this week so I want to tone it down a bit today!


Well "Mac" arrived, walked through the door and IMMEDIATELY started trying to do the business!  I mean within 10 seconds!  The owners didn't even get to come up the stairs before the dogs were havin a go!
Sadly Mac couldn't do the deed as Coco would not keep still long enough, so they are coming back tomorrow to give it another go.
Only this time we will HOLD Coco.  The owners of Mac said what happened today is fairly common and are sure there will be a successful mating tomorrow.

ABOVE:  Coco and Mac... just getting more acquainted.  We also got to meet the owners girl dog and one of her puppies... oh so cute!

Now that the excitement is over we will just have a quiet day... the weather is abysmal out there, so no point going out and about.

Hee hee....  Stew has taken the kids to a show in town ... "Puss In Boots".. isn't he so lucky!!!   lol
Griffin's Speld Teacher gave us the tickets, how nice was that? 

I really should be getting off me butt and doing something about dinner.... *sigh*

End of Day:  we had bacon cabonara for dinner.. I cooked up half the pasta I would 'normally' and we still had enough!  Score... it's going to be easier than I thought to drop our portion sizes... even Griffin has accepted he's not getting seconds!
nite nite.


  1. How exciting for Coco. I hope it all goes well.

  2. Hi Chris! How exciting...Coco is having her first "date"! I hope she likes the guy! :o) Good luck.

    Just read your post from yesterday and all the! Just want to say that I hope you, Stew and the kids enjoy your spa pool. They are wonderful for your back and knees. And you deserve it!



  3. Coco was just being a lady - can't give it up on the first date!! Good luck for tomorrow.

  4. Your Blog has certainly kicked up a lot of dust.

    For what it's worth I am a debt junky. For some reason I do not function responsibly unless I have some debt to restrict my spendthrift ways. It's stressful but I choose to have certain things and am happy to pay the price.

    I admire those who live debt free. It's certainly the best option.

    Hope things are going well for Coco.


  5. Better luck tomorrow! What will you do with any puppies that arrive after mating? xxx

  6. Holding her! that takes pimping to a whole new level ha ha! Good luck for tomorrow Zxx

  7. Anonymous2:55 PM

    How exciting for Coco a 2nd date

  8. Pimp away Chris, as we then get to see the little puppies grow and do all those cute little puppy things. Hope all goes well with the whole conception, pregnancy and birth:)

  9. hey Chris, hope it all went well with the lovers! ;-)

    i cracked up when i saw how many comments you ended up with on your last post, clearly some passionate peeps out there!!! xxxx

  10. What a little hussy ;)

  11. Been realy cold here aswell.
    Hope it happens successfully tommorrow.

  12. Well he "mac" certainly was on task sheesh how forward!!! lol Weather is abysmal here too.

  13. Dating.......awwwwwww....what cute babies they wil have........sadly not long before our big furry son was put to sleep........we studded him out one more time.......the stud was a dud......and then he was SO STINKIN' DEPRESSED about it........the silly boy...boy I miss him!!!!

  14. This Coco date thing has brought back some "suppressed" childhood memories for me. I used to live in a village and me mom had 1 fat pig which she reared to sell the piglets. Once in a while my brother would ask me tag along with him to trek all the way to another village. A farmer with another pig would follow us back. Soon after piglets would arrive.....Yeah, I was the pig's pimp!

  15. Glad you found out his name!!

  16. Hopefully Mac will mind his manners and take his time on his next visit.

  17. I hope things went well with the pups.


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