Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Seems my three girlfriends down in Palmerston North have decided we need new names, and as we are calling ourselves the Telly Tubbies (for now)...

ABOVE:   it would appear my name is Laa Laa,  and I'm friggin YELLOW... f*#k I hate yellow!  But... it's a bright, happy colour... YES?

So, I've thought of something fun to do!  I want a new name for our group to use ONCE we get to next June and are better shapes!  I refuse to be Laa Laa any longer than that!!!

I am going to give a prize to the person who comes up with the best 'group' of names for us four girls... you have one week to give it your best shot... and it has to be agreed by all four of us... so it's gunna be DIFFICULT!  lol

Now... back to normal shit.  I'm off to the Hospice shop today... will be getting all the stuff I have put aside today too... so expect a photo or two of me treasures! 

ONWARD... it's going to be a lovely LAA LAA day!  It's raining so maybe not such a nice day..

Yaaa... the sun came out and transformed the day.. it's stunning now.  Was a fairly busy day at the shop... I got me treasures too... will take a photo once I've had lunch...

 ABOVE:  today's treasures... a really lovely pure wool jacket for Griffin...

ABOVE: two brand new hand knitted tops for Sienna...

ABOVE: yummy home made jam, a cute cup and saucer and a glass 'thingee'... it was too pretty to leave there!

ABOVE :  baby toys for our toybox I think...

ABOVE: and finally, a lovely top for Brylee.

ABOVE:  and talking about Brylee... she was playing yesterday and smacked her eye into a dining chair... Ouch!  It was all swollen this morning, but has settled down a bit now.  Wondering if she will end up with a black eye...?

End of Day:  and we decided to go out for dinner.. ended up at a place called "Denny's" in Manukau... it was OK... nothing to rave about.  I didn't totally pig out, but I didn't starve either!  lol
nite nite.


  1. the name, Lala. How about The Real Fab Four?

  2. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Haha, love your new name, Lala! From what I read you all seem like fun ladies with great sense of humours how about the "Fruit Loops" oh and I saw a packet the other day with a BLUE fruitloops!!! Haha!
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. I heard that one with the coathanger on his head is supposed to be gay. Glad you're not that one!

  4. Good Morning LaaLaa... Id rather be Laalaa than Dipsy or Po.... I hate Yellow aswell but it is just only a colour, its not like you have to WEAR it.... The situation does remind me of the four off Sex in the city tho... you are aspiring to be slim sexy beasts or close to the mark and you all have your "own" fashion and style... pity there was never a name made for the group, I think its fitting. But thats just me... moving on. Ha the Fab Four has just sprung to mind :)

  5. O How cute! I love blue and Yellow - like the sun and the sky. Nature colors.

    I see you already have one very cute suggestion- hope you get a bunch to sift through.

  6. I think we all have a bit of La-La in us!!!!
    We have inclement weather today sun wind rain but cool temperatures. Have headache to day had headache yesterday too. Bit over headaches.

  7. Anonymous2:31 PM

    The telly twiggies or the stick insects! WOMBAT

  8. I say you call yourselves the Fit Four with the following individual names: Dynamite, Sexy, Booyah! and Yummilicious.

    Come on! You know that's good.

  9. Anonymous3:49 PM

    So long as you don't have to dress up like that on your night out.
    S Poo is the worry! C H Laa Laa (sounds posh) CD Twinky Winky (sounds gay) A Dipsy (deed pole)
    Mary H

  10. Penny, NZ7:43 PM

    Love the coat you got for Griffin - looks very practical and nice too. Poor Brylie! I do things like that from time to time, not fun.

  11. I totally freak out when I see my kids' injuries and they've had plenty. My girl who wears glasses managed to walk into a classmate who had carried a chair over his head. And you guessed it. One of the legs' hit her smack in the eye. Pretty much like what Brylee had.

  12. Good luck with the walking group Ms LaLa. Looks like life has been busy for you. Poor Brylee ouch for sure. Lucky you still going to the beach! Take care.

  13. Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful!

  14. I used to hate the teletubbies but my kids loved it when they were little, go figure!

    I hope she doesn't get a black eye, that would suck :(

  15. I think the Terrific Tarts would be a fab nickname for you as you are always calling peeps tarts. :)

  16. My toddler watches that show, but I call them Stinky Winky, Fartsy, Pee Pee, and Poop. Hope Brylee's eye get better soon.


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