Friday, June 03, 2011


Personal shit:
Our finances have sucked BIG TIME for a while now... had three smallish debts that were costing HEAPS in interest... so we decided to consolidate them all into one and pay just ONE debt with one lot of interest.

So we did.
And as a consequence our circumstances are going to be much better. 

It's amazing how financial 'tightness' can slowly drag you down...

So... now that we have sorted out the finances things should pick up...  AND we can get the Spa Pool that we have wanted forever!  (the cost was rolled into the re-financing)... As I suffer from painful knees and backache the pool will be wonderful... and in summer we can run it much cooler and the kids can play in it.  Score!

Today Steve and I are heading into Greenlane to have lunch with Stew...  and I might even pop into Patchwork Passion in Onehunga to drool over some fabric!  NOT buying any though... I have my Dresden Plate quilt to finish before I buy any more fabric!

OH!  I'm getting super excited about TOMORROW TOO!  Coco's BLIND DATE is coming over tomorrow!  Let's keep our fingers crossed she likes him and they get 'happy' together!


LYNDA: point taken, but as we want a spa pool NOW and not in the years it would take to save up for it...we are getting it!  And the interest rate on our new financials is VERY LOW... much,  much lower than anywhere else.

YIKES!  Maybe I need to change my passwords as Steve knows them!  Looks like he got a bit hot under the collar today? *smiles*... he loves his Mum.

LYNDA:  it will cost $30 a MONTH extra in power.

Just got home from having lunch with Stew... we had... MC DONALDS!  It was semi OK... not something I would want to eat on a regular basis though.
And I did not got to Patchework Passion afterall.. I am not good at 'window shopping' and would have bought something for sure!

Sad.. but true.

ANONYMOUS:  I did not ask for anyone's support when I wrote my post this morning... I was simply stating why I was in a better frame of mind.  If someone felt the need to impart their opinion on my financial be it.  I cannot be 'blamed' for other people deciding to have their say.... be it 'IN SUPPORT' of me or NOT.  As you say, this is a PUBLIC BLOG... and NO POINT did I ask anyone to NOT READ my blog!  Thanks for your input.

End of Day:  I'm sorry today's post has upset some people... it was NOT meant to!  I have put a comment on this post too... and with that I shall say:
nite nite.


  1. Patchwork Passion! I love that shop! Happy drooling. Blind Date... how exciting.. :-)

  2. I think it is great you have consolidated your debts but adding more to it? Call me old fashiond but I've always saved and then paid for something. Why not just borrow enough to pay your existing debts - then save to buy something with no interest.

    I'm super funny like this - and with my kids too, Jo has zero debt, never has and nor do we. It seriuosly makes life easier. Just my opinion - not trying to critisize. You never know what is around the corner and whether you will have the income at a later date to pay back debt.

    Good luck with the dogs :)

  3. OK, enjoy the pool but remember there will be more expensive power bills!! And don't buy anything else until you have paid off this stuff :)

    (This free financial advice has been given by a busy body with your interest at heart) :)

  4. Steve9:30 AM

    Well I must say your a lot more perky and happy today, means I can exit my room earlier today, without fear of any morning rage haha :D

    It will be interesting to see some of the comments you get today, it will be nice to see how all your friends support you and Super Stewie's financial decisions, and how many self-proclaimed financial advisors there are in your blogging community.

    I do hope when you were deciding to purchase an electronic device you took into consideration the extra $30 you will get on your power pill, I mean only a complete idiot wouldn't look into the extra power costs before purchasing something like a spa pool.

    Lots of Love,


  5. Yay for the consolidating AND for the spa pool!!! That would be wonderful to have!

  6. We are about to look at refinancing our mortgage & getting rid of credit card debt etc, if it all goes to plan I will be able to sleep better not stressing about the $$$$$. To be fair it is our own stupid faults we are in the state we are in but we are learning from our mistakes.

    Exciting news about your other son moving up here.

  7. You could always increase Steves board to pay for the additional power the spa will use :-)

  8. My hubby wants a spa. But it's out of our reach. What happened to Steve's cubby house? Haha. Never mind. Really, at the end of the day it's your business what you do with your money, no one else's, yes?

    Have a lot of fun with that xx

    PS any word on the garage door yet?? you don't want to upset your arthritis by having to work down in the garage without proper protection! :-)

    and speaking of protection, or lack there of, hope things work out with Coco and her man! Woohoo!

  9. Mmmm... a bit of piss take from Steve there aimed at me? Oh well, you get that.

    Seriously, would it be $30 more a week in power? Yikes.

    I would always support someone consolidating a debt, great thing to do. Oh and I am a bit of a financial advisor (re Steve's comment). I have learned a lot about money management over the years.

  10. Ahahaha, yes high five Steve! ... But then all us kids stick up for the mama, that how (on a good day) we were raised :D yes financial advice is prob something I can look into soon, deposits on houses take AGES...
    Hmm hurry up with the spa pool already! Me and Em are keen as to use it, and yes thats ALL Im coming up for OH and to raid your pantry.... But youll prob be FAR too busy cooing over EM to even notice me in the house :D
    Much Love!

  11. I have 1 big debt which is my housing loan from the govt and it's slowly sucking the money out of our retirement fund. But that's how "public housing" works in Singapore. Technically if I sell my flat now I would make a profit. But then I would make a larger loss because it would cost much much more to buy another home even if it's a smaller home. What a stupid country I live in!

    Great job on consolidating your debt. I don't know if you can do that in S'pore. I'm so unaware of financial practices. The one thing me hubs and I avoid is credit card debts. In S'pore, the interest is horrendous and often hidden till it happens to you. I forget the exact amount but it's easily over 20%. More like a loan-shark, don't you think?

    I would love a spa pool but I live in a flat. We have a foot-spa tho'. It's just a tiny basin with motor which churns the water while you soak your feet.

  12. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Interesting I'm with Lynda but it's your debt You seem to provide interesting subjects for people to comment on sometimes
    Good luck to Coca and the Spunk That's it sell the puppies to pay for the Spa pool. Sorted
    Mary H

  13. Hi Chris,

    Its none of my business what debt you decide to take on but I will comment in regards to the spa pool as I've had four in my life time.

    The one I purchased for my property here is a hot springs six seater. It cost an arm and a leg ($14,999) but the spec's suppliede were far better then the rest and had superior insulation to keep the heating costs down. (they are manufactured in Canada so have approx 50 percent better insulation then the nz made ones to cope with the freezing cold temps over there. At the time of purchase I was told it costs $8 a week to run which sounded great to me as the others were saying about $13 a week. What I soon disovered was that is just to keep it at the set temp but does not take into account how often the lid is taken off and it has to kick into operation to reheat back up to the 38 degrees i have it set at.

    Needless to say I soon discovered that taking the lid off for approx an 1 hour (3 times a week) was making the heater work a lot more then the $8 a week advertised. To be honest I have to say that I have ready to use all the time and it easily adds $80 a month to the power bill. My power is approx $ 160 a month if its off, and around $ 240 if I have it on and use it 3 times a week.

    The lid is a key factor, mine is 85mm thick and marine grade vinyl so apprantely keeps in more heat then the regular pools that are approx 50mm thick with standard industralial vinyl so I lose less then 2 percent of heat when the lid is on, compared to approx 10 percent for other pools.

    I am still pleased I got my pool as I absolutely LOVE it but the costs can get up there, The filters alone cost $350 to replace as they are just over $100 each (there are three of them).

    I have the ozone option on mine which i would totally recommend as it reduces chemical costs and the pool doesn't reek of chlorine so well worth the extra $$ in the purchase price to get this feature. (in my opinion anyway as I hate the way chlorine damages my hair etc.

    So thats my over all review on them, I wouldn't be without one but I do think the advertising isn't entirely honest as the pool companies conveniently tell you how much it costs to heat up, but never seem to mention that cost is if the lid is always on, ( sneaking, cunning marketing that I think is misleading).

    would be interesting to know how others have found the maintainance costs involved with having one.

    Take care

  14. I have to say, nice for some to have zero debt, now back to the real world where there are children and grandchildren and life getting in the way of that zero debt goal.

    And another thing, you need the spa for your health, should I tell my husband who needs to take insulin for his type 1 diabetes that sorry, we have to save for your medicine this month as the car brakes needed doing and what with your heart attack a few years ago I used all our savings to move us somewhere you could have a stress free life and not die at 36!!!

    Sorry, I'm with Steve on this, can't help but feel that those of us with debt are being judged...

    No offence intended of course!!

    Enjoy your spa!!!

  15. oh and Lynda, it was 30 per month... not per week


  16. Considering that I have just condensed and consolidated an entire HOUSE into another and selling all my possessions FINANCIAL freedom has been mine for 8 weeks now and yes the stress that you get from the burden of it is quite noticeable but only until you on the other side looking back.

  17. Hey Stranger, thought I'd pop in and say Hi. It's been a while ... and as usual when I read your blog you always give me a good chuckle!

  18. Money is tight for us too. It's actually sore point for us. I try to be frugal, but my wife keeps spending. Driving me crazy!

  19. Anonymous6:41 PM

    so if we don't support Chris - then we are nasty people who are out to get her? Come on, that's not the way the world is. If you put your thoughts on a public blog then you will get people disagreeing! And just because they disagree doesn't mean that they shouldn't read.

    I don't know her financial situation so I'm not commenting on that. I have lived long enough that everyone lives their lives different - according to what works for them

  20. Anonymous7:02 PM

    I would say, not nasty people as such but some comments above have been quite condascending in my humble opionion... that's all...

  21. Steve7:15 PM

    At no point in time was anyone called nasty, and ofcourse not everyone is going to be supportive of everyones decisions, but there is a nice way to convey all opinions.


  22. Perhaps this comment box needs to be closed for the day?
    I do not want anyone to feel insulted/condecended/or any other such thing.
    I cannot (obviously) stop people commenting how they want.. nor do I mind in most cases.
    Today's post was NOT supposed to start this sort of 'discussion'.
    NOT. AT. ALL.
    I was just saying how happy I was that we had made a decision WE were happy with.

  23. Friends and family who choose to at any time support, encourage the muma or offer a "pick me up" on a bad day, you are AWESOME!

  24. Anonymous7:26 PM

    I wasn't trying to be nasty - just felt like people who don't agree get criticised on by your kids! It's great that they stick up for you.

    Am pleased you are feeling better financially - it must be a huge weight off your mind, and hopefully it gives you the mindspace now to concentrate on other things.

  25. Bloomin heck guys!! I simply said that I don't agree with borrowing money (unless it is for something necessary). My opinion! I'm not judging anyone for goodness sake. I just personally hate debt, again my opinion.

    And for those who have said "nice for those who don't have debt"... I have been poor nearly all of my life. I have budgeted and been frugal to get ahead. I didn't win lotto! All money that is borrowed, needs to be paid back, it is not free and if circumstances change and someone is over committed with debt I know it can be a disaster. Simply stating a fact but I know Chris and Stew are grown ups and well able to decide what they can afford.

    I can't see the point of a comments section if we can't comment - do people always agree with everything? Goodness me everyone, play nicely please.

  26. As far as I am concerned Chris, your blog, your say...but so happy that your're better financially now...keep smiling Chris xx

  27. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Personally, I would have got the sleep-out instead of a spa. Then you could have had fun decorating it with all your handiwork - a quilt, wall hanging, cushions in a beach shack style! WOMBAT

  28. Penny, NZ9:50 PM

    Chris and Stew have decided what to do and are getting their much awaited spa pool. Good on them I say, and I hope they and their family enjoy it. Good for you for finding a more affordable way for dealing with your debt.

    Chris, I hope it helps with your back pain etc. Lots of love and wishes for you and your lovely children (wish one of my lovely parents would get a spa!)

    Best wishes and take care, Penny xo

  29. Penny, NZ9:55 PM

    And, I think it is awesome that Chris has kids that will stand up for her. From all I read on this blog, her children and grandchildren are pretty special, and if they want to defend Chris and Stew I think that is pretty much the best gift a mum / nana / dad / grandfather can have. So big hugs Steve and Amanda!

    Love Penny xo

  30. Anonymous12:15 AM

    losing your excess weight would do more for your backache and sore knees

  31. I am glad you are happy with your financial decision. To me it sounds like a good choice.

  32. You know, I think finances and politics are the two subjects that will always cause a stir! Hahaha. What a wild ride this post was, Chris. Nice one! At the end of the day, who gives a fat harry what you do with your money, as you said - you made a decision YOU were happy with and bugger anything else.

    Now just sit back and enjoy it :-D

  33. What an exciting new adventure for you and your health. My doctor told me how wonderful a spa would be for pain . I certainly hope it helps to improve your health. None of us can "turn back time" -but finding ways to help ourselves is a wonderful idea.

    I do take glucosamine for my knees-when those buggers cause pain and mobility problems you can hardly do anything. Same issue with back problems! The thing that helped my back the most was yoga and some chiropractic adjustments.
    I have been out of my yoga for a while now & it has made a world of Bad differences in my health not to carried on with it. To stick with the battle for my health and the battle of weight are both very difficult for me to maintain a consistent commitment to.

    I will be thrilled to see if you do see an improvement in your health with your new spa! That might tell me IF my doctor knew what she was talking about! : )

  34. bloody hell, i dont read your blog for a week and then it's on for young and old! Always entertaining and most of it to be taken with a grain of salt Chris I'd say.

  35. Apparently that "if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all" doesn't apply to blogs?

  36. Chris, we love our spa, and I know you and Stew will love yours too.



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