Saturday, June 18, 2011


One of Stew's very best friends is celebrating his 50th Birthday tonight in Hamilton.. and we are going and staying the night too.
Yaaaa.... the kids and Steve are spending the night at Amanda and Andrew's  so we can really make the most of our night out!

Must straighten my hair at some point before we go but that is about all I need to do... got 'the face', the clothes and the PURPLE boots!  lol

As we are not leaving until late in the afternoon I suppose we will go to the mall for lunch?  Not sure.

I've been so busy lately... I've missed reading a lot of blog posts!  Will make that my mission when we get back on Sunday! 

ABOVE:  this is what Stew and Steve also need to do this weekend...make us some Spa Pool Steps!  How hard can it be???

We went to the spa pool shop to check out their steps.. cos it was right beside Mitre 10 where we were going for wood.  While talking to the man in there (a temp) he said how well their spas were going at Mystery Creek Field days... and that our one was going for $8,000!!!  I literally got right on the phone and text'd the guy who sold us our's for $10,000 and kinda spat the dummy!

Told him we were not happy about the price we were paying for exactly the same spa he was now selling for $2,000 LESS... and he got back to me right away and said we would be getting a $2,000 refund OR products of equal value... up to us!  VERY HAPPY NOW... *smiles*.
Sometimes it pays to get stroppy.

End of Day:  yep a very early finish for today as we are heading off to Hamilton soon ... won't be back till tomorrow morning sometime.
nite nite.


  1. Wait. If you're out, what difference does it make who's home? Oh, nevermind. Have a great night in your purple boots! They're so cute!

  2. Where are the puppies staying??? and is your spa going to be undercover??

  3. You dork LaaLaa, they are at the field days! You will more than likely gona get really good prices that are not "in store", they have always done that! Bit off tho for him not to disclose that bit of info and giving you the option of waiting for the field days, which happen to to have been in the last couple of days.

  4. Great saving on the pool ENJOY yourself tonight....

  5. Maybe that's a good way to get some free steps, yes?

  6. Party at your house!!!
    Did you read about that girl on Facebook who posted a party at her house on FB Events, and because she had the settings wrong, thousands of people turned up! Maybe you'll have a party like that!


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