Monday, June 20, 2011


ABOVE:  And here is our wee Emily doing 'the plank'.... she has it down pat.  Such a clever wee girl!  lmao

TODAY: hopfully Stew will talk to the Hot Spring Spa man and get our discount sorted out .... as the Spa arrives tomorrow!  OOO we can't wait.
It will take 24 hours to heat up before we can christen it apparently.

That's OK, what's a couple more days? 


I have a beef curry in the crock pot for dinner tonight, all I want to say about that is:

AUSTRALIAN COWS MUST BE HUGE!!!  I used two of these monster steaks for my curry.  It is the most beautiful beef I've ever cooked. Soft and so flavoursome.

I think Iain at Hot Spring Spas is dicking us around!  We have not heard from him at all... and so I have rung the Headquarters of Hotspring to sort out the discount BEFORE the spa arrives tomorrow!  If they can't guarantee the discount in writing we shall be cancelling our order at 4pm.
*sigh*...  much as I want the Spa, I am not paying $2,000 more when if I'd waited a mere 6 days it would have automatically been $2,000 less!  Grrrrr.... feeling cross about it now.

After much to'ing and fro'ing between phone lines .... our Order for the Spa Pool is going to proceed.  We have been given fair recompense... and are happy.  I am so relieved as I really do want the spa pool.

I'm finally cold.  Been cold all day.  Am sitting in the lounge with a blankie on up to me chin.  Shame I have to get up now and check dinner...  and rotate some washing through the dryer...  oh the joys of HOUSEWIFERY.  NOT.

End of Day: and my curry was nice... but not enough curry me thinks.  It was so mild it was hardly a curry at all.  Oh well... it was still nice.
Got the cutest wee video of our newest granddaughter Sienna tonight... will put it on the blog on Wednesday as I think there will be quite enough on it tomorrow!  lol
nite nite.


  1. This babe sure is a strong un . Beautiful , I look forward to seeing pics,. of you in the hot tub

  2. She's such a cutie! I had 3 days to catch up on. I'm glad you had fun at your party and you are getting some money back on the spa!

  3. So great for her to be free! We had a Hot Spring Hot tub for almost 20 years can not speak more highly of an appliance. You will love it!

  4. That piece of meat looks yummy!!!!

  5. We sure do breed 'em big here in Aussie Land, Chris! Bahahah!

    Lovely pictures of Emily. She's got such a huge smile.

    Also glad you had a good night. It's important to keep getting out in the world. Don't let your body image get in the way of living. It's just not worth it! Life's too short. Your true friends don't give a flying fig what size you are, so why should you? xxxx

  6. Hope the spa people come through, any news on the tv yet......

  7. Anonymous2:37 PM

    That is awesome photo of Emily planking Very strong little bub. Enter her in a baby contest she melt hearts for sure.
    Mary H

  8. Whoa! I'd cancel the order over $2000 too-- That's crazy. I hope it works out and the HQ folks get a grip and do right by you.

    Love the plank photo. That's just getting big in the US. I've seen lots of graduation photos lately with plankets :-)

    Good luck with the spa, xo jj

  9. Anonymous4:02 PM

    Hope the Hot Tub gets sorted. Emily has an awesome hairstyle!! She's sooooooo gorgeous.


  10. Awww everyone loves Emily :D
    Whats happening with the Spa? Have you cancelled the order yet??

  11. Anonymous6:40 PM

    Had a steak like that for tea last night, with asian salad. Shame your new zealand lamb ain't that big! How much do you pay for meat like that in NZ? Emily sure has good balance. A guy where I live got fined $500 for planking on a police car and people have been sacked around Australia for planking at work (like planking on the top shelves at woolies). Man you get stuffed around by people - spa, tv, garage door, furniture. Be persistant to the point you piss THEM off! WOMBAT

  12. The cutest plant pic i have ever seen :)

  13. Wee Wee is fantastic!
    Australian Cow + Curry = my mouth is salivating....

  14. Planking is a bad word with us - a local lad attempted a plank after a big night out on the balustrade of a flat 7 floors up - fell to the ground and was fatally injured. A very well liked lovely guy (20 years old) - boyfriend of the daughter of one of my work colleagues - just the saddest thing. Glad to hear you've got everything sorted out with the spa mob. Can't wait to see the pics. Zxx

  15. Emily's plank is the bomb, that steak is HUGE....... fingers crossed for a safe delivery of spa...

  16. I don't really understand the planking thing.
    Hope you get the deal on the spa. It makes me angry that Ian hasn't called you back. I hate when that happens, and it happens all the time here.
    Nice looking steak!

  17. She's certainly a cutie! Looks like you have a very fun and busy weekend. Keep warm.


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