Sunday, June 19, 2011


ABOVE:  how cool is my new Big Blue Cuddle Buddy?  Stew bought it for me yesterday ... I've wanted one for ages!  I know I have STEW to cuddle in bed...BUT... he's so HOT I can't lie too near him for long before breaking out in a sweat!  So now I have a new 'cuddle buddy' ...  lol!

We are still in Hamilton, heading home soon-ish I expect, once we have picked up Steve and the kids from Amanda's.

I will yak more about last night once I get home, and hopefully post a photo or two as well.. until then...

ONWARD!  ...

LAST NIGHT:  was awesome!   We had a blast... I has seriously thought of finding an excuse at the last minute so I didn't  have to go but in the end I went reluctantly and I had a fabulous time!
It was so very neat catching up with all the Hamilton crowd... all Stew's mates and wives from when he lived and went to school there.  I decided to just try hard to have a good time and it just happened! 
I didn't stop yakking to friends for hours on end! AND I only had about two drinks and a tiny savoury snack... so didn't go overboard with food either.
I finally dragged myself off to bed at about 1.30am.. but didn't get to sleep cos the 'hostess' decided to join me (with all her clothes and boots on) at 2am! She shoved me over onto the cold side of the bed and yakked... or should I say slurred... for  a while until Stew and her husband came in ... it was a scream!  She was drunk as a skunk and trying to find a quiet place cos her head was splitting!  She knew I'd gone to bed so decided to join me!  What a hard case.
I can't say enough how much of a good time I had!  *smiles*

OH we had a nice visit with Amanda, Andrew, Emily, Kelly and Rena today too... had lunch with them at Chartwell Square.

ABOVE: some photos of Emily and me today.  She's such a happy baby, a real joy to have in the family.  I can't imagine life before she came into our lives now.

End of day: we had a lovely rich beef and bacon stew for dinner... watching some mindless TV now.  So tired!  Have a bit of a headache too... just overtired I think.  Off to bed early tonight.
nite nite.


  1. Hi Chris - don't publish this comment but going back to your text yesterday - go and read my blog today! Please make sure you do. I hope it helps! While you are on a downer at the mo - you are also a beautiful woman - remember that!

  2. Penny, NZ11:41 AM

    It's a tough life when your husband is too hot to cuddle Chris! Nice of him to find you a substitute! Hope you had fun last night.

  3. O I love your new cuddle buddy! "maybe it will keep you off of Stew's back"! LOL Maybe he can cool down now too? : )

  4. I don't know how other folks sleep without a bolster. In my family, each of us has our own bolster. We hug it to sleep. Mine has down feathers!!!

  5. Emily is such a sweetie she is soooooo beautiful and such a lovely smile....

  6. Sue from Cyprus6:17 PM

    Emily is just the cutest doll ever!! I love them when they are at that gorgeous age! Chris you look old enough to be her mum not grandma! Your so lovely!!

    Hugs, Sue from sunny Cyprus x x x

  7. I am glad you had a great time. I love those nights that turn out heaps better than you were expecting. People were drawn to you for your personality and you were fun to be around, no one cares if you are a couple of kilos bigger than last time they saw you.

  8. Little Emily is such a beautiful cutie..

  9. YOU are a lovely grandmum! AND Emily is cute, too. :)

  10. Emily is one happy baby. So cute!


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