Sunday, June 26, 2011


We have some to the conclusion that we might just need a nice towel rail 'thingee' to put our towels on while we are in the spa... it would need to be in the lounge though, so it needs to be something nice.'s an opportunity to go SHOPPING again!  lol

Stew got away scotch free yesterday... maybe he won't be quite so lucky today?

Below are a few photos I took with my phone yesterday at the shop in Pukekohe... I took my good camera... but left the freakin' data card at home like a twit!

ABOVE:  I fell in love with this mirror ...

ABOVE:  that cream/white pergola was gorgeous too...

ABOVE:  pretty blingy stuff.... *drool*...

ABOVE: it's a bit hard to tell in this photo but there is a really big metal pergola in the background and Stew and I love it too... trouble is it's RATHER expensive....  suppose it will stay in the shop.  lol

So, there ya go.  They had a really nice towel rail there too.... dumm dee dooooooo..

Sewing? Taken a bit of a back seat of late... it's really COLD in the garage!
Card Making?  Same problem!  Plus I have plenty of stock.
Blog Reading?  Will do some of that later on today! 


Steve's job trial went well... he should hear towards the end of next week if he got the job or not.  He has another job interview tomorrow in the city too.... fingers crossed he gets one of them.

We went 'looking' for a towel rack to no avail... maybe I just have to keep looking until the perfect one turns up. 
We did find a nice light blue and white bath mat ... so I didn't come home totally empty handed!

Kelly and Rena are here for the day, going home after dinner and a  spa.  We loves our spa... *smiles*

 ABOVE: first spa for the night... Stew and I will have our's later with no kids.  I love this light the best... there's 12 different colours !

ABOVE:  this face says it all eh?

ABOVE:  Rena loved it obviously ... Brylee has come down with a cold so could not have a spa tonight.  It's really cold outside and I don't want her getting any worse.

End of Day: another lovely day in our household.  nite nite.


  1. I wonder ,could it be dream on about the pergola

  2. Love the bling thing and that shop looks divine a stand up heated towel rail would be nicer so everyone has warm snuggly towels OHHHHHHH you couldwear your red shower cap in the spa so your hair doesn't get wet!!!!!!!!!! lol

  3. O , I LOVE the mirror also! Everything looks so interesting . That looks like a place to go to IF you have a pocket-full of money! :)

    I like Blondie's idea about a heated towel rack!

  4. Anonymous12:25 PM

    There was a Complete Garden shop near where I live and they closed down after a 50% off sale. So you could only hope that they might close down soon! (are they having a mid-year sale? WOMBAT

  5. Buy yourself a pretty towel rack, then show it to us.

  6. Have fun shopping.
    Hope Steve's trial went well.

  7. Ohh yeah, heated towels would be amazing!


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