Monday, June 13, 2011


AMANDA hates my new shoes!  And tells me I should be shot... so she's 'saving a bullet' for me!

*sniff*.... she has no 'funk' in her that girl!

You have to be yourself... and if that means buying outrageous shoes and boots... I say "GO FOR IT"...  Ya only live once.

ABOVE:  this is the Village Shoe Shop in Devonport.. if ya live in Auckland I highly recommend it!

Today I would NORMALLY be doing the housework... washing floors and the like... but Steve and the kids did it for me while I was shoe shopping yesterday!  How awesome is that?  I'm a spoilt tart, I really am!

So, I'm going out to find me a purple necklace instead!  I can't think of a better way to spend the morning, can you?  *smiles*  AND if I'm spending me money on 'stuff' it ain't being spent on naughty food for me gob eh!  *sigh* I have to do the grocery shopping too... that took a bit of the fun outta today...


Had an great morning... bought a necklance to match me boots/shoes, and a cardi from City Chic for $30!  It was on sale... SCORE.
Also did the grocery shopping... it was almost OK as there were bugger all people in the supermarket.

ANONYMOUS:  Jealousy will get ya nowhere. 
As long as I am happy with them that's all that matters.  I don't give a rat's arse what you think.

LYNDA:  too funny!  Thanks for the laugh.

MISS GETTING COMMENTS FROM ME LATELY?  Could be due to a glitch with Blogger/Google... the only way to get my comment :  Natalie, Cottonreel, Tania and many more is to go to your Settings - Comments and allow 'Name/URL' as an option OR set your comment box as a SEPERATE box... that will then mean I am not redirected over and over again to Google sign in... which is darn annoying!

End of Day: see why I don't normally publish nasty Anon comments?  They are not nice. 
On a whole, a good day, food on track too!
nite nite.


  1. But your shoes are so unique and KEWL! What is up with that?? Meh, no taste.

  2. Dum da dum-dum dummmmm :D its the Funkless Girl!

  3. Oops - I wasn't ignoring your text message yesterday, my phone was at the bottom of my bag and I've only just checked it now! Love both the boots and shoes, especially the shoes - they look so comfy and funky!

  4. I love your purple boots and they are so YOU Chris.

  5. Anonymous12:17 PM

    the first time i agree with your daughter! all your new shoes are ugly - the brown/black ones look like they have been run over and vomited on, the purple ones end at an unflattering part of your leg and look like they are too small around your calf, and the other new shoes - look like little bulldozers.

  6. Yunno, I love purple *almost* as much as I love pink!! Thinking, you could always get some purple beads and make a purple necklace for yourself... or a bracelet? xx

  7. SharinganClifford12:56 PM

    (")_(")<---Its a Bunny!!
    oh and to anonymous above----jump in a fire. I also find the boots "different", but each to their own. You could have simply said they were not to your taste, "ugly" and the rest of your drivle is simply an attempt to boost your own ego by degrading others-good for you 0.0

  8. Anonymous: your comment should simple read "the first time I agree with your daughter, glad your happy with your purchases, not my taste tho!"
    Your "descriptions" are not kind, and are very much not nessecary on my mums blog, as im "family" i get to say what I like as my mum knows its all in good humour. Please be more considerate before you attempt to post comments. Apart from that, have a lovely day :-)
    PS the purple ones look good on you Laa Laa xx

  9. I love the boots and the shoes I would want them in a different colour though purple does not look that good on me :)

  10. but Steve and the kids did it for me
    Now that sounds like a family that appreciates you!How neat is that! : )
    OK, where is the picture of that "purple necklace"??????

  11. LOL... glad to see someone else is getting some flack for a change :)

    I will make no comment except to say that I am not "anonymous".

  12. Steve3:18 PM

    Haha love the comment Lynda. We aren't biased round here, we love to share flack with everyone :D

    I must say im not the biggest fan of the colour, but mum says they are comfy, and she likes the look of them (I also thinks it's coz she will have to buy some purple accessories to go along with the new boots haha).


  13. Anonymous3:49 PM

    OMG how rude anon they are just shoes. Will just read the comments from now on (here we go again)so funny. Can you go a buy a new bra & some undies so we can all comment!!!!!!!!!!
    Mary H

  14. Purple is my favourite colour so I love them. Why is it Anonymous posters never have the balls to put a name to their comment. I agree with Amanda, there is a way to say you don't like them without being a bitch about it.

    I am going to be visiting that shop myself :-)

  15. Love both the boots and the shoes Chris.Enjoy wearing them.

  16. Dear Anon

    Your are a horrible person! Why on earth do you even visit Chris's blog? Just leave her alone.

    Chris I love your boots and shoes, go girl go!!!

    Hugs, Sue x x x

  17. The Husband-Stew6:41 PM

    I normally only read my wifes blog and don't get involved in the comments etc. However today for some reason the anonymous comment juts got up my nose more than usual. It would be a waste of time for anonymous to tattoo L for loser on there forehead as I know that seeing that person would confirm to all that they are one of lifes biggest losers without the need for the L. And to make it worse for anonymous, it doesn't even have enough sack to use it's own name, so a sackless loser!! How sad for it.

  18. Far out - just read that comment from anonymous, the one who did not sign their name.

    Whoever "anonymous" is, you are such a nasty person! Did your mum not teach you any manners? If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.

    You are welcome to have your own opinions but seriously what do you want to achieve by making such a rude comments public on someone elses blog?

  19. At least you have very supportive family, friends and bloggers around you. Some people are just nasty and have obviously nothing better to do with their time. Keep smiling:-)

  20. I have been shopping like mad cos it's the great s'pore sale. I love to buy footwear but mostly sandals. Me hubs loves boots but he only gets them in black and brown. I've come to realise that the more pointy shoes look "better" but they're so not comfy. I like your brown boots. They're so cool. The purple ones are out of this world! And comfy too. I imagine you get whistled at when you wear them. When I was working, I was often criticized for my choice of footwear. I wore slingbacks instead of recommended court shoes. But I say comfort is more important.

  21. Wow! the colour of the boxing boots is stunning - Are they made by Minx?

    If so, they are brillant and wear well. I have a couple of pairs from 2 seasons ago still in great nick.

    have you seen this link > (lots of great colour for you!!)

    Ment to say the other day how grown up Griffin looks in his new coat.

  22. *drool*... I love the purple boots Chris! I'm a boot whore, and they would make a lovely addition to my collection - I don't have a purple pair! Pity my huge feet (size 11) makes it so damn hard to find any decent shoes!

  23. Blimey, now I'm confused. I've been to my settings then comments and can't find at all what you are talking about? Mine does not have options for that... is it for people who have a private blog? Probably didn't mean me but I like to try to figure stuff out and I'm stumped.

  24. Yep, comment was posted no problem - not sure why you are having problems. I hate it when that happens though.

  25. Dear Anon,
    You bitch how dare you talk like that about Laa Laa, PO is very annoyed.

  26. I love the new boots both pairs BUT I LOVE the shoes more!! If you are going to be trapezing around thne one needs comfy footwear.

  27. All that matters is that YOU like them and the are comfy! Enjoy!

  28. You should take her shopping with you and buy the shoes she hates the most. They will be the coolest shoes!

    For a while, I would go to the el cheapo bargain stores, and buy the ugliest pants they had. I came to like a lot of pairs of those pants pretty well!

  29. I love the boots and I'm going to see if they have them here in the States!

  30. Honey, if you love your shoes, then the world is a good place. Who needs nay-sayers! And if the kids don't like them, as you said, they won't steal them :-)

    Wear then to your little hearts content and f**k the downers! :-)xxxx

  31. Anonymous12:11 AM

    Aaawh, boo to you Anonymous!
    A little harsh I'd say.
    Somewhere in settings, you can delete the Anonymous choice Chris, you might think about doing that...debbie

  32. Anonymous12:45 AM

    sandra c - whatever.


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