Friday, June 24, 2011


Well.... our new garage door is arriving today... fingers crossed this one does not leak.  I will be gutted if it's not perfect.

We've had such a good week, what with the Spa arriving with no problems.... now the door too!  It's all good.

OH and another excellent thing!  Panasonic are giving us a brand new 50 inch TV to replace our buggered one!  How awesome is that???  After Harvey Norman telling us it was out of warranty and there was nothing they would do about it.. we get a totally new one by just talking to the manufacturers!  SCORE.

Now we just have to hope we get some good result with the lounge suite.

Steve has a job interview at midday today which I will be taking him to... it's on the North Shore so if he were to get it,  it could become problematic getting him there every day!  But we'll cross that bridge if we come to it.


ABOVE:  Coco living in hope that Amanda has some treat for her .. she was shit outta luck.  lol

ABOVE:  Two kids, two vacums.... yeah baby!  There is method in my madness...

EXCELLENT DAY... Steve did well in his interview and is going back on sunday 9-1pm for a trial ... if he shows he's not an idiot we think the job is his. 
On our way home we stopped in at Sylvia Park and picked up some sushi for Amanda, and Steve talked me into trying it too.. last time I tried it I hated it. This time?  LOVED IT.

Got home to find the garage men installing the door... it looks and feels much more substantial... so here's hoping it does not leak!  Somehow I don't think it will... they have gone out of their way to make sure.

Oh.... Steve and I also found a Chess Set at Sylvia Park.. I will show ya tomorrow... gotta have something to put on for tomorrow eh?  lol

Clearly blogger is playing up again! I just did a forward post for tomorrow and no matter what date I put on it.. it publishes it today?  So, if ya see a post for tomorrow or even sunday on TODAY... ignore it!  lol

Amanda and I are off to watch 'Bridesmaids' at the kids... just us.  I'm told it's really good...

End of Day:  Bridesmaids movie:  I have not laughed that hard or long in FOREVER... my stomach HURT from laughing so much!  If you have not seen it yet...  YOU. HAVE. TO. GO! 
I've had one of the best days in such a very long time... I'm just freakin happy!!!  Off to have a spa at .... 11.42 pm!
nite nite


  1. Good Morning to the "H" household. (not sure if you have publisised your surname, hense the abreviated version). that is fantastic news about the telly as I would feel completely ripped off if my expensive flatscreen only lasted two years. I even felt ripped when I had one of those old monster tv's (HUGE rear projection that cost around $5,000 when I purhcased it but it was massive in size so much bigger then my 46 inch LCD). anyway, one night during a storm the tv went green after some lightening and we were told it was most likely the lightening that caused it. the pic was still viewable but everything looked like a shrek movie and over time got worse.

    I had only had the tv for 5 years and felt it was a HUGE amount of money to spend to only get that amount of time out of it so excellent that panasonic are coming to the party on this one. (My other old fashioned 29 inch that i bought when I was 20 is still going strong, so I think things just arn't made as well as they used to be). the technology is getting more impressive, but then becomes too expensive to fix when something goes wrong.

    Ok, enough speel from me. I had better get out the door and get myself to work. Thank goodness its friday, it feels like its been a lonnnnnnngggggggg week and I am tired.

  2. What a buzzy week, with the spa, the garage door and a new TV - have an awesome weekend :-)

  3. Oh and good luck to Steve for the job interview :-)

  4. "But we'll cross that bridge if we come to it.". . . Literally hehE Good Luck Steve.

    YAY that everything is working out for ya Chris.

  5. Yay for the TV & the garage door, I have high hopes for the lounge suite (maybe bypass Harvey Normans & go to the manufacturer).

    Good luck to Steve for the job interview.

  6. Certainly looks like a lot to celebrate at your house this week! New spa, new tv,new door, new job for Steve and new occupations for the young ones in your household! Good Job , well done.

    I am so tickled That Panasonic has come through for you. We should all write in and applaud them!Certainly reaffirms my faith in a company! It was so smart of you to talk to them! I certainly would not have any faith in the guy who sold it to you-he certainly was NOT looking out for your Best Interest.

  7. Woot about the friggin door! Have a door warming party to celebrate!
    And it's awesome about the tele too!
    Why is Stu going for a job so far away? If he gets it, he may be able to car pool.
    I love the corrigated iron around your bench. That looks awesome!

  8. Good work from Panasonic! We also got great service from Panasonic in replacing a dead TV AFTER the store we got it from refused to fix it. We now will only buy Panasonic as they are a good brand and so far have shown great customer loyalty!

  9. That sushi shop in the food hall? that's the BEST! I make a special trips just for it...

    Kate (

  10. Penny, NZ7:53 PM

    Yay Chris! All coming right in your world. Good on Steve, he'll be fine on Sunday (she says not even knowing him except for your blog, but I think that's good evidence anyway).

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I am guessing at least some of it will be in the spa?

    Take care, Penny

  11. A door a TV and a spa and an interview busy in your world alright.

  12. Sounds like you are having a very good day - excellent news :)

    Glad you enjoyed the sushi - I was like you - tried it a couple of times and hated it, then went on a food nutrition course a few years back and they gave us food samples as part of the programme - the sushi was so nice - so I found out where they got it from. Unfortunately its from Eastgate Mall (Christchurch) which has been closed since February due to the quakes - can't wait for them to re-open so I can get my sushi-fix again!

  13. Next time try the little triangles of tuna and rice (on the counter near the til $2.60) yum yum yum.... Great news about Steve and the telly!!

  14. I never eat raw food, esp sushi. Once a year during Chinese New Year, we have to eat raw fish salad for good luck. Of course I couldn't eat it. Not for all the luck in the world.

  15. Good for you! We don't have that kind of luck. Our ceramic stove top cracked several years ago. Even though it was still under warranty, the manufacture said we would have to pay for labor. I told them I installed it myself the first time and can do it again. But they said it has to be replaced by a professional for $$$.

  16. I loved that movie too! Totally laughed my ass off!


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