Wednesday, June 22, 2011


ABOVE: fingers crossed this has worked.  It's a short video of our darling wee Granddaughter Sienna.  The more I see of her the more I feel I must get over there soon to just hold her and smother her with Grandma kisses and cuddles.
Fingers crossed it won't be too long.

Off to Hospice Shop today... I hope me 'boss' is all better and out of hospital now.  I shall find out later on I suppose.

ABOVE:  I opened a new savings account yesterday... it's my 'Laa Laa' Account. Every time I lose 100 grams I put $1 into it.  If I gain 100 grams I have to put $2 into it!  So clearly I am aiming to lose lots and NOT gain.  This account is going to pay for my 'Telly Tubby's Girls Weekend' away next June!  My fellow Telly Tubby's are doing the same thing I think.... so we can really have a good time and celebrate the weight we will have lost over the year.  edit:  YEAH it doesn't make sense to put MORE in if I gain... so I shall take OUT $2.00 per 100 grams if I gain.  Derrrr.

As a special 'one off treat' for the kids I woke them up half an hour early today and we had a spa before school.   The water temperature was at 35.5 which we felt was nice, but it could have been a bit warmer so I've turned it up to 38.  Will have another Spa this evening and check the temp then.


It was another slow day at the shop, which left me plenty of time to find treasure!  :

ABOVE: two sets of all weather placemats and coasters and two cute coffee mugs... all brand new!

ABOVE:  8 'in perfect condition' sports shirts for Stew... all Nike/Adidas/Line7 brands... so really good quality ... they are in the washing machine as I type... should be dry so Stew can try them on when he gets home.  The lot for $30!

ABOVE: six 'I just had to have them' crystal tipple glasses!  *smiles*

Harvey Norman sent out their Serviceman 'Fred'... nice bloke.. and he took photos of our lounge suite, had a yak then left.  He will get back to us asap with ???

Off to Botany now to talk turkey with Iain again... he loves me...  (I'm sure!) lol

MARY H:  piggy was bought at Mainly Chairs in Hamilton a good 12-14 years ago!  I love him.

AMANDA:  ahhhh... NO.  Hiding them as soon as I'm off the computer!

End of Day:  in all a very good day!   Progress on the Lounge suite, pool all sorted, garage door due in two days, just waiting to hear from Panasonic now.  Furniture from Whitianga?  Not sure what to do about that one. The people who have it are afterall kinda 'extended family'... so don't want to spit the dummy at them as they could have an influence on how often we get to see our Grandson.  Its complicated.
nite nite.


  1. Aw, Chris (er, or should I call you Laa Laa!) Sienna is just a doll baby. I don't blame you for wanting to get over there to see her in person. Hope it happens soon!

    What a great idea to open a savings account to save for your "Telly Tubby's" weekend. And it's a great idea to help you monitor your weight loss, too. I think I should do something like that! Thanks for the inspiration.



  2. Excellant idea about the savings account. Money is a good motivator!!!!

  3. Anonymous10:27 AM

    is it meant to be if you GAIN then you take $2 OUT, not put it in as you wrote? otherwise, lose = $1 in and gain = $2 makes more sense to gain! good luck with the weight loss

  4. ..hang on... isn't this an incentative to gain???? as you end up with more in the account?

    .. (lose 100 grams put $1 in, gain 100 grams put $2 in)

    lol :) just saying hehehehe


  5. I love those coaters there funky, and for that amount of shirts that is too cheap thats for sure. I hope the pool is warmer tonite and everyone enjoys the pool.

  6. I love that account idea! I think i'm going to steal it >:o)

    Those watermelon placemats are cute.

  7. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Makes sense you get penalised an xtra $1.00 for a gain
    This will start a whole lot of comments
    BTW the pig weather vane what a classic Where did you get that treasure?
    Mary H

  8. LaaLaa you have no room in your house for those glasses which I have just dubbed MINE!
    Ill have them wrapted in paper for when Im ready to go home on Saturday.... and Im the clear glass collector, your the BLUE glass collector!
    Wont be able to go for a spa :( :( so guttered.

  9. I just had to have a good ole belly laugh at Amanda and your glasses! She does have a good point! LOL

    I certainly thought of you today because I was outdoors sweating away more than I have ever sweated in my life! As I drug myself into the house to a shower I stepped on the scales and I had dropped 7 pounds in the past month.(You should have seen my moth fly open! ) Now of course it Has to be because I have spent an average of 3 hours a day working out doors -plus having some fresh salads from the garden and even some veggie juice throwed in! Plus I have been taking that walk up a hill at our house either once of twice a day.

    ALL of this has been accomplished BECAUSE it is Summer time and I can get OUTDOORS!

    But you do not have this advantage because of the season. Thanks to the Winter I had packed on 20 pounds. I just could not accomplish anything in the Winter because I could not get out as much and had to be careful not to fall and get hurt -plus staying in the house .

    I guess all this boils down to the fact that I do not want you to get discouraged during the hardest time of year to actually lose any weight.; )

  10. Offer to pick up that furniture. I still think they've sold it. So tell them you'll be up that way on the weekend, and you'd like to meet them at the storage shed to collect it. Even if it means hiring a small van to do it. At least then you'll get it back. I can't think they would have any reason to refuse that. Save them the trouble, see...

  11. I'm surprised we're hearing from you at all! I figured you'd drop off the face for a few days after you got that spa up and running!

  12. Glad to hear the installation of the spa went well and you're already out there enjoying it. Hope the rest of the household problems get themselves sorted out ASAP. Good luck.


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