Sunday, April 03, 2011


Today we are taking MOTHER over to visit her partner's daughter on the North Shore.... then doing a big grocery shop... been feeding the masses lately and need more food!

I went through 5 kilos of flour in the last two weeks!  And 3 kilos of cheese, 2 pounds of butter, two jars of jam and 3 litres of cream... and that was only on scones!!!  lol... everyone seems to like my scones.

ABOVE:  I made another 'practise' Dresden Plate Block late last night, only half the size of the first one... it's really pretty.  Not sure what I'll do with it yet... maybe a cushion for Brylee's bed?  HEY, does anyone else think it needs 'something' in the middle of that 'flower'?  I'm thinking it looks kinda nakid... ideas please!

The block I made before dinner last night was double the size of this one... Stew suggested I do a big one surrounded by smaller ones for our BLUE QUILT.... not a bad idea Mr H!

So... better get ready to hit the tarseal.... another day awaits.

Well I've found a home for the Dresden block I made yesterday afternoon already!  Mum's partners daugter fell in love with the photo of it so I'm going to make it into a table runner/cloth for her.  Yaaa... it won't go in the 'for someone' box, and Amanda can't nick it either.  lol

Lunchtime here, then we are off to look at another house... then grocery shopping. 

End of Day:  very busy day!  The house we looked at was a 'do up' in our suburb... fairly cheap, but lots to do to tidy it up.  Might be interesting....
Went shopping, Mum and I between us managed to spend ....... $1,213.00 on groceries!!!  I have NEVER ever spent that much at the supermarket.  I nearly died of fright!  Luckily we shared the cost.
nite nite.


  1. My mum made me a Dresden Plate quilt when I was a little girl. Mine has a green background and in the center of the pattern is yellow fabric so they look like flowers. Quilted all over and in the center are butterfly's and ladybugs. It is a much loved quilt.

  2. How about one of your raised up flower thingies? Like a puffy center? Anyway your practicing is beeyouteeful!
    yawl have a vera large family and I think if I could visit your scones supply would need reinforcement quite quickly!

  3. I like the idea of horizontal and vertical lines in the middle of the flower. Like a netting?

  4. You have been a busy girl. Those Dresdens are gorgeous.
    Scone recipes please........always on the lookout for a tried and true recipe :)
    Hope the day has gone well. I have just got back from Wgtn having cuddles with our newest arrival, Jaynie :)

  5. Bling some up with applique and buttons and sparkles int he middle? A NAME? a phrase "peace" "love" etc

  6. Sweet Jesus girl. You need some budgeting advice!!!!!!!

  7. OH, you said your mum and you... were half the groceries for her?? If so then not quite so bad.

  8. Oh wow that is bloody expensive - what the heck did you buy Chris, or should I say didn't! ;) Good effort, your house is no longer full of hungry mouths - bet the kids are happy :)

  9. How about a yo-yo in the middle?

    That's A LOT of groceries lol.

  10. Sheesh.....I hope there was some booze in that lot....if not, then meat!!! lol :)

  11. Came by to say HI!!! xoxox

  12. HOLY SHIT!! $1200 on groceries?? I nearly have a heart attack when I get to $200!!!!
    How long will that last for?

  13. What a lovely start on your quilt! I like the suggestion of adding a yo yo to the center. Is there a way to do a ruffled spiral? That might look nice too - if it's possible.

    Your scones sound delicious! I'd have a heart attack too if my grocery bill was that high. Good thing it was split between you and your mother. Whew!

  14. That must not be US dollars because that's more than we spend on groceries in a month!

  15. Holy crap Batman...that was a hell of alot of groceries.....did you take pics of it all? I reckon it would've been funny to Hugs Naomi


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