Saturday, April 16, 2011


LAST NIGHT.  Feet from hell.  HOT.  ITCHY.  SWOLLEN.

My bad.  I forgot to take me piddle pills for three days.

AND I ain't shaved me legs in a while either... ikkkkk.

TODAY:  well we hope to do SOMETHING today... even if it's just visiting the Ice Cream shop at Mission Bay!

Suppose I will take me piddle pills today and spend the morning sittin' on the loo piddling... oh yaaaaa.....

It's pissing down with rain today...

ABOVE:  and my friggin garage door is STILL leaking, even though they came a 'fixed' it a few weeks ago... after me waiting over 3 months for them to do it.  Not happy Jan.... just sent them another email... so we wait again.

ABOVE:  Rena in a pretty wee dress and her Grandma's bling...

ABOVE:  yesterday I watered the dirt patch where the kid's splash pool was... Stew put grass seed on last sunday.  Overnight....we have grass! Very happy about that.

We all piled into cars and had lunch at Sylvia Park today.. it was a mad house there, so many people all with the same idea.

Home now and just thinking about either having a nana nap or sewing some more.... hmmmm.... decisions, decisions...

End of Day:  well Rena and I had a nap!  For about 2 hours!  We have spent the evening playing cards... lots of fun.
DIET:  ooo very bad today.
nite nite.


  1. Oohhh my feet used to look like that on a regular basis. Thankfully, since I lost a bunch of wait, it hasn't been an issue...even in summer! Hope you're feeling ok now!

  2. Well, I suppose you could multi-task and shave your legs while your are sittin' there :)

  3. You better take your pills and then treat yourself to a pedicure. You deserve it!!

  4. My feet are sore by the end of a week I would hate hot and itchy too boot as well....

  5. Your granddaughters are so super-cute!

  6. I went to the Australian Quilt Show today and took YOUR bag. The number of comments I received was amazing ... and I saw NONE like it there.

    The friend I went with had one of the cat bags you made and she told me she was at Spotlight with it recently and someone tried to nick it from her trolley!!! Thought it was for sale.

    You are such a clever, talented tart!

  7. Rena is very cute.

  8. Anonymous2:29 AM

    Shame on you! You better start taking your pills before you get Congestive Heart Failure!! Mine were a lot fatter than yours before I started on my medicine.

  9. Poor poor feet! Hope they feel better!
    Good good grass! If I put down grass seed, chickens eat it!
    Nice dress and bling bling!

  10. Ouch- your poor feet! I hate taking pills sometimes though, it seems that all I ever do is run around from one place to the next looking for a loo!

    Rena looks adorable - that's a great color on her. She is a pretty little girl!

  11. Rena is so big now!

    My hands are all swollen, must have been all the crap I ate yesterday haha.

  12. O MY ! Your poor feet! Wonder what they are trying to tell you!

    Sounds like you did manage to have some fun with your family. And those babies are to die for , they are so cute -and sweet. At that age they are just pure love. Wish life did not have to change that.


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