Friday, April 08, 2011


For the first time in about 6 weeks I'm home alone all day... well until the kids get home from school anyway!

I like that idea.
I can relax and just blob out if I want!
But I really want to catch up on some blog reading.... there's about 500+ updates that I have missed !!!

So that it top of my 'to do' list.  I will read and comment on blogs from 9 till 11... and any after that will be 'marked as read'! 
I hope I get to at least one of YOUR'S today!

After that I will do some sewing.

Until then... here's a few photos of Emily I took yesterday:

ABOVE:  she tries to talk to us now... and she coo's... and smiles so much!  So ADVANCED for 6 weeks old!!!  I thinks she's brilliant!  Such a wee honey...

At 8.30 the kids left for school... and I went down to my room to make the bed and have a shower.....

 ABOVE:  Once I got to my bedroom I decided my warddrobe needed a tidy up before I had my shower... so I kinda got stuck into that ....

ABOVE: now I have a tidy wardrobe!  And I stripped all the linens off my bed and they are waiting to go into the washing machine...

I also hung out the first load of washing, put another on... tidied the linen cupboard as I passed it... got two big bags of clothes in my car ready to deliver to the Hospice Shop...and NOW... after over two hours of doing THAT... I'm ready for my shower!  *sigh*

AND after that I'm going to SIT DOWN AND BLOG.  Finally.

Well I did finally sit down and read a 'few' blogs... like for 4 hours!  I'm knackered now... sitting can be tiring too.... no wonder my MOTHER was so tired when she left.  She did NOTHING while she was at my house except sit and yak.
Meanwhile I was left to cater to all her visitors.  Kinda rankles.

I'm chuffed with my wardrobe!  It was a mammoth task decluttering it!  But it's done now and I'm really happy with it.

In between reading, I've been hanging out washing, getting it in again, throwing it all through the dryer to air and put away.  I've done heaps today!  I'm feeling all virtuous!  Does anyone else get a really satisfied feeling doing housework or am I just nuts on me own?

I just asked Griffin to bring me the phone... 5 feet from me he tossed it at me... and it landed on me bust.... I looked up at him and frowned and HE said "Well, at least it had a soft landing!"  BOYS.

End of Day: made a lovely dinner tonight, lamb steaks and veges.  Got all  hot and bothered though... set off several hot flushes... grrrr.
DIET: not too bad.
nite nite.


  1. she is beautiful - and such an adorable smile!

  2. Enjoy your day! We all need time to ourselves now and again. And Emily is adorable. I can see why you're smitten!

  3. Does she have dimples? She is soooo cute. Babies are wonderful. They don't talk back. They just eat, poop, and sleep. :D

  4. You are so right. She is gorgeous. Smiles in spite of legs in prison. Strong girl.

  5. Aren't you glad that you got your New camera just in time for your New Grandbaby???? :)

    She is drop dead perfect and yes , I love it when they start to coo and tell you they love you. :) No higher compliment!

    I hope your day turned out Perfect!

  6. she is definetly a real little cutie :-)

  7. Emily is so, so cute! And yes, very advanced for her age!

  8. Damn it woman sit down & relax, you have been flat out mad this week, you deserve some time just to do nothing.

  9. Don't ya just love babies :)

    Wanna come clean my wardrobe out too!!!! I keep looking at it and then close the door lol

    Have a great day and an even better weekend :)

  10. Emily is just a wee bit too gorgeous! What a living doll!

    So proud of you for everything you were able to accomplish! Kudos to you!

  11. Sure is cute and very happy. Our youngest child wasn't that happy when he was a baby. Probably because my wife kept breatfeeding him stuff he was allergic too. If only we knew about his food allergies back then.

  12. Emily is soooo cute. I love them at this stage. All cooing and no talking back.

  13. Cool to hear your connection to Arapuni - I love the way our lives all intertwine. My Dad lived in Putaruru and used to ride past Arapuni to go visit his grandparents.

  14. Babies are the cutest things when they realise that their cooing and aaahhhhhing gets a reaction and coos and ahhhhhhs back from the people looking!!!

  15. Awww she's just adorable!

    Had to laugh at the "soft landing"!

    From yesterday, that's so sad that Griffin gets so upset when Steve leaves. Does he play with him a lot?


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