Monday, April 04, 2011


Today I have invited 3 of my Mum's sisters and their husbands for lunch, I am making scones and club sandwiches....
ABOVE: have you seen club sandwiches made in the Tupperware Jelly Mould Ring?  Well if ya haven't... I will show you later on how they come out!

So... apart from entertaining my mother and her family... I'm keeping busy doing housework, kids, sewing... all the usual stuff... EXCEPT blogging!  I miss reading what's going on with my fellow bloggers!  But, until my Mother leaves on Wednesday I'm forced to blog on the 'sly'....So hang in there cos I will be back soon to normal transmissions!  lol


Steve just weighed himself... in the 6 weeks he's been living back home he's put ON 8 kilos!  And sadly he didn't get them from me...

Had a really busy morning making club sandwiches, getting the house all nice and tidy... just relaxing for an hour now until our visitors arrive for lunch.

Shissssh...don't tell anyone... but I'm sitting in me bathroom blogging, reading emails, etc.... so me Mum can't see me!  She's gas-bagging with her 3 sisters in the family room while the three husbands (my Uncles) yak in the lounge!

Lunch was a great sucess, everyone loved the club sandwiches and hot scones, jam and cream. 

ONWARD..... must go again or they will wonder what the hell is 'wrong' with me... needing to stay in the bathroom so long!  hee hee

TRACY:  lol, you would be RIGHT!  At least no one is rude enough to actually come into my bathroom!

Club Sandwich instructions tomorrow.

End of Day:  YES, I know it's early but I'm hot, cross and feeling really tired.  I've been cooking, feeding and entertaining all day and I've had enough.  Getting dinner for the family nearly made me scream... I'm that hot and crabby.
DIET:  can't eat much when you are the bloody cook for everyone eh?
nite nite.


  1. Chris are you gold plating those club sandwiches? That was one heck of a grocery bill. So glad it was yours and not ine. I'd have had a heart attack on the spot. *haha*

    You are a wonderfully generous hostess. Your family and friends must love coming to your house to meet up. Hope your visitors continue to enjoy and things stay sweet with your Mother.


  2. I remember those Tupperware moulds, Mum had one. She used to make "broken Glass" jelly in it for special occassions.

    Impressive grocery bill!!

  3. Hope you have a nice lunch with family but I'm very interested in seeing how the sandwiches turn out :o)

  4. I would love to taste what came out of that tupperware mold????? : )

    Hope you and your family had so much fun. I always say that I wished people could find a way to get together instead of at a funeral. So, you all are a Smart group.:)

  5. Ashlee2:35 PM

    OMG! I remeber when my Mummy used to make Club Sammies in that Mould! So Yummy..... As for Steve putting on 8 Kilos! Must be your Amazing Cooking!

  6. I have a mental picture of you perched on the edge of the loo furtively typing and jumping every time you hear a noise in case you are busted.

  7. LOL.....I had a real chuckle at the thought of you hiding in the bathroom blogging!!! :)
    Don't forget to post those scone recipes :) xoxoxo

  8. Thanks for the heads up on Scones :) Now I just need the Bacon & Egg Pie recipe. Thought I had it saved but ...nope!!

  9. I am waiting for my instructions on how to make those sangas in a jelly mold!!! It sounds very interesting:) I love that you are blogging in your bathroom!!!! lol lol

  10. oooh i want to see what they look like! the s/w's i mean!!!

  11. Cooking and entertaining is tiring and having house guests is equally tiring.

  12. A Closet Bathroom Blogger .. I love it.. Mothers huh.. they've got no idea of the real world.. and if you didn't blog what would I do. I love your daily blog... x

  13. Oh I love using my Jel-ring for club sandwiches - especially when I layer sandwiches using slivered almonds, smoked chicken, apricot and cream cheese - yummo!!

    I hope tomorrow is a lot more relaxing for you.

  14. I never cook for people who visit me. I usually order pizza or kfc. For the fussy ones, (MIL & me mom), they usually bring their own food.

  15. Nothing like mom's cooking to fill the boy up lol! I'm sure Steve wasn't cooking like that when he was living away. How's the job hunt going for him? Is it about impossible to get a job over there like it is over here now?

    LOL on blogging in the bathroom!

  16. So funny .........blogging in the bathroom. Sounds like something I would do!


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