Wednesday, April 06, 2011


Stew is taking my Mother to the airport at 5.30 am this morning... and I can do what I want again without her breathing down me neck! 
I liked seeing her again, and she was really nice (on the most part)... but it's going to be nice to be able to sit down and just relax again!  Oh, and blog!!!

ABOVE: the jar we had our three new fish in... two died on the first night... and the third one was doing REALLY WELL on his own... until yesterday morning when we checked on him...

 ABOVE:  would you BELIEVE he had jumped out of his new home and committed suicide?  We were not impressed.  We wonder if we should just give up on having fish... every one we have ever owned has died on us.   *sniff*

ABOVE: how cute is that?  Both dogs asleep on Steve.  Let's all say "awwwww" now!

ABOVE:  My mother and three of her sisters, the 5th sister was out of town so I couldn't get a photo of all of them.  Never mind... it was neat to even get 4 of them all together.  Left to right:  Ethel (No.5), Mum(No.1), Laura(No.3, she's the one from Canada), and Jean (No.2).  My mother also has 5 brothers!   All the girls were born first, then the 5 boys!  My grandmother was rather clever!

Right, off to Hospice today, then I have to pop over to Sylvia Park for me 'hot flush' pills, then home to bloody well BLOG to  me heart's content.


WOMBAT:  the pet shop said my bottle would be FINE as long as I had the oxygen shell in it... which I did.  I am giving up on fish.  We manage to kill them all... except the ones who kill themselves!  I have a complex now...

It was super busy at the Hospice Shop today... my feet are aching.  Add that to all the running around I've done with MOTHER ... and I'm knackered.  At least now the weather has finally turned and it's getting cool again!  THANK GOD.

End of Day:  blurgh.  feeling like crap.  Just tired.  Off to bed early tonight I hope.
DIET: so-so
nite nite.


  1. Hi! It's just as I would think... these fish do have a tendency to jump out. I don't think the fish knew he was going to die if he did. That's the sad part. :(

    Lovely pic of your Mum and her sisters! YES, your grandmother was a clever lady indeed. :)

  2. Jett chick it might be the bowl killing the fish.

    "They can deprive goldfish of oxygen. Goldfishes need oxygen from the water, just like we need oxygen from the air. Too little oxygen and they become stressed, and may even die. One of the things that affects how much oxygen is in the water is the surface area, which is where the water meets the air. You can think of oxygen crossing over into water like fans at a football game going through a turnstile. A lot of fans and only a few turnstiles is a recipe for slow turnover. Similarly, a small surface area with a bigger volume of water below (caused by the bulging of the bowl) means not enough oxygen is getting through for your pet."

  3. You must have a HUGE family! 10 kids, then you had 6, not to mention how many all the aunts and uncles had! Probably can't throw a rock without hitting a cousin ;)

    Fish are a pain in the ass. We have BTDT!

  4. Oh how sad maybe goldfish are not your thing. I am glad your mum was a little more tolerable this time, how is Emily doing and Amanda with the brace?

  5. The post title had me freaked out. I should've known better.
    Have you ever tried a Beta fish? You can only have one they will kill each other but they are quite pretty and very hardy. Sometimes fish do jump out.
    Nice to have your mum and aunties over...

  6. awwwww" now!
    AAAAAAAAWWWW! What a perfect rest! : )

    Love the picture of all four sisters together! That has to take some effort to round them all up in this Busy day and time!Good Job!

  7. Till Steve farts, then see how fast the dogs run away! Bahhaha!

    If you want to keep a fish or two, get either a small tank from Big W (or probably The Warehouse over there) and kit it out with rocks and a small filter. or go the big open bowl, and change half the water once a week.

    Give it another try!

  8. we tried keeping fish in a giant vase and they always jumped out, turns out, there wasn't enough oxygen or something (going by the advice of the pet store) got a filter/pump thingy and all was grand!

    can't believe how big your mum's family is?! not like today hey, 2.4 kids!

  9. Anonymous1:02 PM

    WTF! I am ropeable! You put goldfish in a bottle? Thats why they died, not enough surface area for oxygen! Get a proper fish tank and they will live forever! WOMBAT

  10. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Yep, just use that pretty blue bottle for fresh flowers! I have never heard of the oxygen shell. I think pet shop told you fibs just to make a sale! WOMBAT

  11. My god what a bloody useless fish shop if they told you they could live in that even with an oxygen shell..... they need moving water hence a decent filter and a decent tank, that would be hardly big enough for one fish yet alone 3. I can't beleive fish shops are telling bullshit stories just to sell you fish.... makes me so angry.

  12. My mom and I do not get along at all. Maybe sometimes. But usually I end up stressed out from all the bossing. lol. I HOPE my kids don't think the same of me when they grow up. I don't know. Yikes!

    We don't do well with fish either. My actually jumped into the garbage disposal. Man, he really didn't like us.

  13. We use to have fish in our pond, but the birds and raccoons ate them all.


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