Tuesday, April 26, 2011


COUNTDOWN to what I can hear you ask.... well to when school starts again OF COURSE!
6 sleeps to go.... though I must say it feels like these holidays have gone rather fast.   Still... it will be nice once they are all back at school and I can get me house all tidy again.  

I'm a 'tidy freak' me thinks!  (Stew reckons it will be etched on me tombstone)

Now... some photos from yesterday:

ABOVE: back row, L to R:  Rena (3) and Emily (2 months).  Front row, L to R: Brylee (10), Joel (7), Huston (9), Damien (kinda adopted Grandson 7), Joshua (almost 10) and Griffin (9).  

ABOVE:  Steve adores his wee niece Emily.... as we all do.

ABOVE:  our eldest son Russell's boy, Joshua.  Joshua lives with his Mum and 4 siblings in Whitianga.  Russell lives in Perth, Australia and his partner is about to have his next baby any time now.

 ABOVE:  everyone say 'YUM'.... ice cream with pebbles added...

ABOVE: this wee miss really loved her ice cream...

ABOVE:  Brylee and Joel.  

I took lots more photos, but as I'm still getting used to me new camera a lot were ikkkk... blurry, bad lighting etc.  It takes time to figure it all out eh?

Today?   Well I got the wadding and backing fabric from Spotlight in Hamilton yesterday so I can start quilting each Dresden Plate block before putting them all together!  Only got 30 blocks to do!


ABOVE:  the front and back of the first block quilted... just sitting thinking what to put in each corner now.... hmmmm..

ABOVE:  it has taken me hours to do two bloody blocks!  Just deciding what to put in the corners took about an hour!  Derrrr!  lol

And I'm still wondering if I should do a couple more 'designs' in the corners too?   Like some blocks with flowers, some with ??  IDEAS APPRECIATED...but nothing too difficult!

End of Day:  had a lovely evening yakking to some of me kids over the computer... saw Russell's partner's big preggy belly... looks IMPRESSIVE I must say.... lol.  Fingers crossed the baby comes soon!
DIET: not too bad
nite nite.


  1. Your son looks almost clucky - how gorgeous in a young man! Hope he finds a really nice girl someday and becomes the fantastic Dad he looks like he could be :-)

  2. What a grand bunch of kids!! No wonder you are exhausted tho and ready for the end of the hols! Must go and have some ice cream now!!

  3. My God, Chris, you're a bloody saint! All those kids!

    PS: they do look like a fun bunch. Love the photo of them all with wee Emily being held up!

  4. Holidays are just going to fast..... I want another week with my kids. Hope the weather is better up there than down here :-)

  5. What a treat. You have such lovely grandkids. Ooh, I love Emily the most! Why do I suddenly want ice-cream for breakfast?

  6. Great pic of all the grandkids together. We tried to get one of my seven yesterday but weren't too successful in getting such a good one.

  7. Wow, so you guys have an army now! We were visiting family yesterday. My husband's grandpa and grandma had 10 kids. Then they had kids, now we're having kids. So now when we get together there is just this army of people. lol

  8. It must have been so nice to have all the Grandkids together.

    My 2 are at Allstars which is a musical theatre holiday programme all this week and Saturday afternoon so with last week being a short week as well the holidays have flown by.

  9. Anonymous1:41 PM

    You and Stew are amazing Parents and Grandparents. The kids all of them are lucky to have you. You do so much for them and with them and enjoy every minute of it. They are beautiful grandchildren!

  10. O Chris- those quilt blocks are so beautiful! Can't wait to see what you do next.

    All the kids are so cute. You are definitely my goal of how I would like my house to be -but I keep chasing that dream. : ) And it keeps eluding me. :)

  11. School is almost over here. In less than two months, it will be summer break!

  12. gee doesn't look at all smitten with his beautiful niece... so cute!!!!

  13. I love all of the pictures but I think the very best are the ones of Steve and Emily - those are absolutely precious!

  14. hearts or leaves. :)

    And Brylee is gorgeous.

  15. Anonymous9:37 PM

    Hey nice photo of you in the side bar. you look very serene! WOMBAT

  16. I like looking at your pics-always!
    I can't believe school is starting there, because it's just getting out here!

  17. Such cute grandkids! You are getting quite a collection!!

  18. Looks like you had your hands full with all those grand kids. I'm sure you had a blast. Enjoy the school break.

  19. school started back up again today for my little man..

    i miss him already...

  20. the garandkids all looked engrossed int he icecream!!! Rena has twinkly eyes, she is so cute.


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