Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Our visiting family go home today... probably after lunch.
Then we won't see wee Emily for about 2 and a half weeks... booo hooo.

Her other Grandmother is visiting from Nelson soon so Amanda is staying home so Emily can see her other Grandma... which is nice for them.

ABOVE:  it's amazing what you can buy at the Supermarket nowdays... yesterday I bought Brylee some slippers... she loves them.. they are PINK.  Her fav colour.

ABOVE:  Emily snug as a bug in a rug....

ABOVE:  Stew and the dogs last night... both dogs are a bit wary of me at the moment!  lol... I don't blame them either... I took ages grooming them and they didn't think much of it.

I think we will stay home today and just get the house all ship shape again before our next lot of visitors arrive!  Joshua and his brother Damien will be here come the weekend...
No rest for the wicked... shit I must be very wicked!


Can someone tell me how to NOT throttle grizzly, whining kids???  Venting..... fuck I am over grizzly kids.   

OK...over me hissy fit now.... caught up with all the washing, tidied up the house, had a relaxing afternoon.  Wondering what I will do for dinner now...

End of Day:  dinner was easy... meatloaf sandwiches!  No cooking tonight... yaaaa.
DIET: so-so
nite nite


  1. You went to the supermarket yesterday? Now after the $1200 shop I hope you only spend a tiny amount :)

    I've actually been tracking my grocery shops lately since reading about your big shops. I had absolutely no idea how much I as spending for two adults, visitors and kids nearly every day. Turns out I average $150 a week. I have no idea at all how you guys afford what you do!!

  2. If you did my hair and nails so I could lay around and look gorgeous I wouldn't complain - just sayin'

  3. What a cute picture of wee Emily. What a sweetie. I hope those 2 1/2 weeks go fast.
    Brylee does look very happy with her slippers....amazing that they are from the supermarket.

  4. Get the kids to do the housework - offer to pay them and get them to do stuff in different rooms and deduct money each time they complain, whine or fight with each other.

  5. the dogs look so cute! i send Grommy to the groomers, i hate plucking his ears!!! poor baby :-)

  6. O yes, the slippers are so cute and they make her smile-even more important.

    I had to laugh at your furbabies being mad at you. Mine always give me a fit too - I tell them that is just one of the penalties of being a house - puppy! LOL

    But they are easier to make up with than family. LOL

  7. love the slippers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I hear ya with the grizzly kids.. finally some peace for me - managed to get her to have a nap! Although she caught up with some school kids this morning which has tired her out - bonus!!! The hard part is finding things for them to do!!

    It's the whiney voice that just kills it for me! grrrrrr.....

    Kate (kittie444@hotmail.com)

  9. Those 'Slippers' look like fur boots!

    Of course! I will be happy to advise you on the rearing of whiny snotnose kids. I never had kids, so I know all about them. I used to know all about women too, until I got married!

  10. Our grocery stores now have many other retail products available in them as well. One stop shopping. Looks like you've got a regular hotel going on there. Enjoy the break before the next set of visitors.

  11. I still remember my girl loving the colour pink like it was yesterday. Then she turned 12. Pink is now yukky. She's into no specific colours now but LOVES polo shirts.

  12. Yummy! Meatloaf sandwiches! Sounds like the perfect ending to the day to me!

  13. so, when the heck are you inviting ME to stay over?

  14. Hey, I kind of blogged about this today since my kids had been fighting a lot lately.

    Love the slippers!!

  15. Now meatloaf sandwiches OH HOW I am envious much!!! they are delicious, love the slippers reminds me I need some new slippers.


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