Saturday, April 09, 2011


I plan on finishing the 2nd Dresden Plate project today....

ABOVE: Amanda wanted to put her name on it... but she was too slow!  It's going to a friend on the North Shore (Auckland) who saw it in it's unfinished state and loved it.  So, hopefully I will get it made into a quilted tablecloth for her today.

Then I plan on starting my own DRESDEN PLATE Quilt.... in my beautiful blue fabrics!  I can hardly wait.

ABOVE: in case you haven't seen me blue fabrics... there they are.  They make me drool.... lol!

Apart from doing some sewing, I expect it to be a boring day... just around home... housework, yard work.... bla bla bla.
I hope you out 'there' have a fun day...


OK... am I the ONLY one blogging today??? 

It's almost 3pm and I still have not started any sewing! Been doing housework, went out to look for a table thingee to use in the lounge to put my laptop luck there.

Home now and it's stinking hot again today, which is making me shitty as hell.  I am so over being hot all the time.  It's doing my head in and I'm starting to get crabby at Stew and the kids.... I just want this heat to STOP.

ABOVE:  Steve sent me these photos of Emily... awwwwww.

Yes, Emily does have dimples!  She also still has blue eyes...hopefully she will keep them. Amanda has hazel eyes and Andrew's?  I'm not sure  but they ain't blue.
We think she's very advanced for her age, smiling and coo'ing like she does!  lol, but we are kinda biased eh?

End of Day:  and I finally got sewing after dinner... and now it's 11pm and I just finished the 'tablecloth' for my friend ... maybe we will pop over and give it to her tomorrow.
DIET: so-so
nite nite.


  1. Nice blues! No, you're not the only one blogging today!

  2. Freezing here WE HAVE SNOW on mountains lots!!!! BUT the pay off today CLEAR blue skies not a cloud no WIND the NEGATIVE it is going to be a HUGE FROST tonight!!!!! can feel it creeping in 3 frosts this week alone! ANd I am sunbathing well lying in sun reading that's my small me time

  3. nahhh not the only one I said in my post the other day "is anyone here", blogger world (well mine anyways) is so quiet!

  4. Just woke up and saw those adorable pics of Emily. I feel so happy just looking at her smiley face!

  5. Awwww is right! That baby is darling! Now stop blogging and start was that? Did I motivate all?

  6. Oh my goodness Chris, what a little cutie she is :) I'm so glad you have lots of cuddle time with her too.

  7. What a happy little baby, looks like she is going to have dimples.

  8. I'm here. Not often, but I'm here today!! Is it me, or does Emily have the most incredible ability to show expression on her face for such a young one?

    BTW - both of my sons were going to be Emily. They just had the bad grace to be born the wrong sex!!

    Hope you had a nice day. I hear you about the heat, I want the 8degree nights back :-(

  9. Anonymous10:12 PM

    She looks absolutely adorable.

  10. That baby is unbelievably cute!!

  11. Oh she is so CUUUTE!!! What a happy bubba. So gorgeous.

    Kate (

  12. Those new projects are lovely. Can't wait to see one in your blue fabrics. It will be fabulous!

    Emily is certainly looking bigger in each picture. What a blessing!

  13. She is just ADORABLE!! I love the blue fabrics can't wait to see them in the block.

  14. O Chris,
    I think that color combination is just perfect. I can't wait to see how you do your "Blue" quilt! I am excited for you -good thing I am not there I would be "bugging "you to death,like a kid!Our kids used to ask "how much longer" a hundred times on a trip and I would be asking you the same thing???????????????? lol

    I bet that little "blue"Emily sure takes the "crabby " right out of you when she breaks out a smile on you! She is the cutest little angel.They are just Tooo much WORK-now I know what God gives them to young people! LOL


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