Monday, April 25, 2011


Last night...

ABOVE:  Coco adores Stew...

ABOVE:  Teddy is being a snob.  He does that sometimes.

TODAY:  we are off to Hamilton at midday to have a catch up with Amanda and Kelly.  This will be the first chance to get a recent photo of all our Grandkids together! All 7 of them right now.
Our next Grandbaby is due in about 12 days!!!  Only it's being born in Perth, Australia.  So it's unlikely we will get to see him/her for ages.
Travelling to Aussy is just NOT in the budget for a long time sadly.

Hopefully we will be sent MASSES of photos though.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my niece in Melbourne, Australia.  I can never forget her birthday, it's always on ANZAC Day!  lol

Right, off to make a start on the day...

Well we got to Hamilton... picked up Rena and met up with Amanda, Andrew and kids at the mall... got a few photos of all 7 grandkids (plus Damien who's our bonus grandkid) ... gave the kids an ice cream and headed home.
The drive home was SLOW and TEDIOUS... we got caught in holiday traffic.  The trip usually takes about an hour and 10 minutes.  Today:  2 and a half hours!  At least 3/4ers of the trip was stop/start/crawl along the road.

AND it rained non-stop.  So we played 'I SPY'...

It is very interesting playing it with little kids.
Damien:  "I spy with my little eye something beginning with 'R'..."
We all guessed lot of things until we gave up.
The answer?  GRASS!

So... finally home... feeding the kids chocolate easter eggs for dinner (and a sausage thrown in)... lol.

I'll post more photos tomorrow of the kids ....and of course some of wee Emily.... I am sure she has grown even more adorable in a week!

ABOVE:  I couldn't resist posting a photo of these two cute girls!   Rena is loving her ice cream... And Emily?  I'm sure she would love some.. one day.

End of Day:  well we had a lovely day ... ended with easter eggs! What more could ya ask for?
DIET: me lips are sealed.
nite nite.


  1. A road trip how nice BUT in this weather do take it easy, hope you all have a lovely day with grandkids.

  2. wow another baby? that is wonderful! I know how you feel a lot of ours are 3000 miles away. Too bad Teddy is feeling grumpy.

  3. O! I LOVE the furbabies - they are so beautiful after their day at "Chris's Spa".

    Hope you had good lucky with your pictures. Some times it just seems like it is impossible to get your family gathered together for important things like that.

  4. Hi Chris , lovely pics of the children .. Do you remember me saying I have 2 great grandchildren Ellie Mae and River .also another one coming later in the year , mmmm,mmmm .only thing is mine also live miles away so I only see them high days and holidays
    You say you don,t know of the tree Lilac . It is a real English favourite and the smell is divine .--cottonreel

  5. Gorgeous little girls. Belated happy Easter to you all - and loving this quilt you're building. Zxx

  6. Who would have guessed that grass starts with an r? I guess you learn something new everyday!!

  7. Yay, Steve and the little ones are so precious! They are so lucky to have their uncle/older brother about. :)

  8. Cute kids. I can't help posting photos of my two youngest kids too.


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