Saturday, April 02, 2011


It's lovely having visitors... but they can be tiring!

Andrew came up last night to join Amanda and his baby girl...

Mum is here

And today we are expecting one of Mum's sisters to visit, if not two... My Mum is the eldest of 10 kids... 5 girls then 5 boys!  One of her sisters lives in Canada and is over here on holiday, so my Mum is seeing her today.  That will be lovely...   I havn't seen this particular Aunty of mine in about 10 years, so the visit will be neat for all of us.

Then later on today Kelly and Rena, and maybe her partner Gordon are expected too.

Boy we will have a full house!

AND at some point this weekend we must do the grocery shopping too... or we won't have food to feed them all!

I've been looking for a pattern/idea to make a quilt using my lovely blue fabrics that I bought last year, and I finally think I've found one:

ABOVE:  this is the main component, it's called a 'Dresden Plate' and I think it's what I want to do with my fabric!   Have to work on ideas for a while yet...

My MOTHER can't stand computers, but:

It sure didn't stop her reading the news on my laptop, or....

Talking to my son Mike last night over Skype!  Modern technology is dragging her along whether she likes it or not!

ABOVE:  sadly we are having a funeral today for two of our newest family members.  Griffin is quite upset about them dying.  Me...  I'm cross!  Just bought them.  Going to talk to the Pet Shop about selling me 'defective' fish!  Edit:  the fish were put in a tank that had been 'prepared' for 3 days per the Pet Shop Instructions.

ABOVE:  my MOTHER'S sister Laura, holding our wee Emily.  She loved kids...  I made a big batch of scones for lunch, they were all eaten and raved over... made me feel good.  

 ABOVE:  An hour before dinner I decided to try making a 'practise' Dresden Plate block... so there it is.  I used fabrics I had but didn't like...  And guess what?  I like it!  I'm going to put a border on it and use it (or give it to someone) as a small table cloth. 

Dinner time here and I'm NOT COOKING... I'm tired from running around after everyone... so Stew is off to buy Chinese... YUM.

End of Day:  such a busy day... really knackered now... did some more sewing after dinner...
DIET:  what diet?
nite nite.


  1. Wow that's quite the full house!

    I love the quilt square, so pretty!

    Before you know it your mom will be blogging ;)

  2. Oh god seniors on the net THEY THEN will slow the traffic up learning waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lol good on her Waves to Chris mum welcome to technology GREAT timewasters!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh no poor fish. They are such finicky creatures. I bought about 10 (years ago) and the following day I think (from memory) 3 -4 had died. Knowone had told me that the water they go into has to be room temperature so I had put them into tap water which was apprantely too cold for them.

    Then another time I cleaned out the fish bowl and grabbed most of them with a net (to put them in a safe container while I cleaned), but a few were too quick for me so I touched them with my hands which apparantely can scare them to death. (found them floating on the top the following day) once again I hadn't realised I wasn't suppose to handle them. : - (

  4. I assume it was a new tank you never put fish in a new tank, you need to let the water settle etc for a few days

  5. Your mom looks so cute with the headphone! And she looks like she can really work the mouse. Maybe the goldfish died of trauma? When my kids were younger, they had goldfish which kept dying. One actually leapt out of the fish bowl! Geez, what kind of pet keepers are we? Now, we are a completely pet-free family.

  6. Love the block. What a full house. I do not get too many of those now days, kids are all busy.

  7. I see you Mum was sitting on her derriere with you probably waiting on her hand and foot.

  8. Ohhhh I was just admiring the realistic fish on your new plates - good grief they died already!!

  9. I like a full house too.
    Sometimes fish just die. I used to be on the Virginia Marine Science Museum volunteer dive team. There were these two nurse sharks that would put their chins on your chest so you could rub them. The museum staff moved them to a different tank, and they both died. Us divers were very upset.

  10. I love Dresden Plate blocks Chris. I've got a pattern here for a quilt and from memory the blocks are all different dresden plates. I can't wait to make another one.

    If goldfish start floating near the top they're sick and you need to give them peas without the shells... cleans out their tummies... I've had heaps of fish.. love them...would have more but I'm lazy now!!

  11. All that company AND grocery shopping?!? That's a lot.

    Love the quilt pattern. It's fun when you find the pattern you like to go with fabric you love :-)

    Poor goldfish. And poor Griffin. Both at the same time is hard.

    xo jj

  12. Owwww I like your Practise Dresden! Hide it or Next thursday Im gona take it home with me!! :D

  13. Love the block how pretty!

  14. LOVE the dresden plates!!!!! they look fantastic.

    good luck with all your visitors!


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