Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I am amazed at how quickly the grass is growing at the moment!  We put grass seed on the dirt patch where the kid's spash pool was and it's already all green!

ABOVE:  *sniff*, the new grass makes the old look pathetic.  Oh well.... not much we can do about it eh?  Can't see Stew re-sowing the entire lawn somehow.

ABOVE:  wooo hoooo , I can talk and see the kids through the computer!  I even had a three-way conversation with Amanda and Lacy last night... and before that I'd had a yak with Russell and his partner over in Australia.  Modern technology is wonderful!

Today:  might take all the kids to the local pool... anything to get them out of the house.... and I'm sure they would love it.  Will have to wait and see how the day goes.


WHOOPS!  I forgot... it's Wednesday eh?  I gotta go do me stint at the Hospice Shop!  Poor Steve will have to look after the kids ....  

HI!  I'm back from the shop.  Had a ball today... I love being there!
I raided the boys clothes rack and got lots of clothes for Joshua and Damien... they are seriously low on clothes.  They are all in the washing machine and will be chucked into the dryer soon... as it's pissing down with rain outside.  
Steve hung a load of towels outside... now they are hanging in the rain.  Oh well... at least they are out eh?  
I refuse to put heavy stuff (towels and the like) in the dryer. ... it's too expensive!   AND I have heaps of towels ... lol.

End of Day:  a bit early... but I'm busy cooking and then I plan on sewing.

I'll tell you about it tomorrow.

DIET:  I'm having HOME MADE CHICKEN PIE for dinner. .. how do ya think it's going?  ha ha ha
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:06 AM

    Wow...that is green grass! What ever shade, it is better than dirt! LOL I will have to learn to Skype with my son soon.

  2. Boy!That grass Sure Did grow FAST! Do you do everything that fast????? LOL

    Modern tech! You are right - it can be quiet wonderful! That was neat seeing them on the puter ! I liked that.

    I also LOVE the way you have decorated your fence! Cheers!

    I see a new picture of you in a new year- I WANT A BLUE ONE! Blue really lights up your beautiful blue "Peepers"! (eyeballs! just so you won't be confused!)

  3. Your lawn looks awesome! I'm going to have tmw off with the boys - one and only day of the holidays. Think I'll treat them to a movie... The long weekend seemed to last forever, yet here I am, sitting at work again! :-)

  4. Top dress the rest of the lawn and it will look green and lush come spring.

  5. Your yard looks great Chris! Wow, such a nice green. Our backyard could use some new sod. Eh, it will happen in time.

    Your video conversation with your kids/grand kids reminds me I need to do the same with my family. Such a great way to keep up. :)

  6. Wondering what you've done??

    The stupidest thing I have done was to put diesel in a petrol car (old habits)

    Chicken pie? Recipe would be good!

  7. ... my "dieting" is pitiful right now. I went to lunch today with a friend and did I order a nice salad??? Nah, I went for the bacon cheeseburger with wedges and sour cream... Hmmmm, I only have myself to blame!!!

  8. Yum chicken pie - we hardly ever have chicken cos le hubby doesn't eat it.

    Enjoy your evening.

  9. Ha! If you can talk about it, it's probably not the MOST stupid thing ever. Hugs to ya! :)

  10. Nice grass! I miss the vivid colors of the outdoors. Everything is still grey and dead over here. Hope the rain clears out and you can get the kids out of the house.

  11. The grass certainly did grow quickly! It looks great. Chicken pie for dinner sounds heavenly to me.

  12. The grass looks beautiful!

    I haven't done skpe yet, I need to get a microphone.

    How do you keep the towels from getting crunchy when you hang them on the line? I used to hang stuff out a long time ago.

  13. I want some home made chicken pie and fruit pie and everything else on the table. I'm getting ready to sew! seriously sew...

  14. Anonymous5:23 PM

    why can't you re-sow the lawn?

  15. Gosh Emily is already on the computer sheesh kids today ALL techno!!!

  16. We need rain soooo bad. Our weeds are brown and the yard is dry and crunchy.
    You made me laugh with the "Whooo Hooo I can see the kids on the computer!" Welcome to 1998!

  17. Nice patch of grass. I've never had good luck with seeds. I usually have to get a roll of sod to patch up the bad areas.


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