Thursday, April 14, 2011


I am loving our weather right now... it's not too hot and not too cold!  But to be truthful I am even looking forward to winter... at least in winter if ya get cold you can put more on... where as in summer we can't strip off much eh?

I'd like to come back as a man... at least then I could walk around without a top on!

Today:  taking Griffin to his Speld lesson then once I'm home I expect Amanda and Emily to arrive.  I am soooo loving seeing so much of our newest Grandbaby... I'm hoping she will continue to see heaps of us .... I love how her eyes light up when we talk to her... melts me heart.

PURE LOVE for that wee baby.

Yep, I'm a soppy old tart I know  ... lol.

I might even spend some time later on reading a few blogs.... I've been so busy doing my sewing I have kinda forgotten everything else!


ABOVE:  Coco loves her brother Teddy so much she will perch on the edge of the sofa just to be near him... isn't that adorable?  I must 'prune' them again soon....they can hardly see for hair most days!   lol

I laid some of my blue blocks on my bed to see how the quilt might look... (ignore the red, that's from the duvet cover underneath)

ABOVE:  So... now I'm not sure if I want the very dark blue for the sashings (in between the blocks).  My Aunt up the road has made a Dresden Plate quilt, she used white for the sashings and it looks lovely... so now I'm not sure what to use... white/dark blue or something else!  (Like light blue?)  Anyone got an idea what might look best?  I had intended to use the dark blue, but I don't want the quilt to be too dark...

It's been an eventful morning.... on my way home after dropping Griffin off at his Speld Lesson I witnessed a two car accident on the motorway just 3 cars ahead of me... it was rather scary... but it looked like no one was badly injured... just shocked.  

Then when I picked Griffin up he had a surprise for me.  Every week he can earn 'points' from his Speld Teacher and once he's earned a certain amount of points he can choose a gift for himself.   Well unbeknown  to me he has been saving up his 'points' to get ME a gift!

ABOVE:  the gift was a necklace for me.  He was really proud of himself for being able to give me such a lovely gift!  That boy's heart is in the right place... he really is a lovely boy.  (well 90% of the time, he does have his 'moments' like most kids).

Amanda and Emily have arrived so I'm off to spend some time with Emily both of them...

End of Day:  we've had a lovely afternoon.. lots of kisses and cuddles with the baby... I can't think of a better way to spend my day.
Dinner is done and dusted, happily watching Coronation Street now!
DIET:  errrrrr
nite nite.


  1. And down our way it is getting COLD crisp like FROST crisp!!!! Try not too spend too much time spoiling Emily!

  2. White. That way the blue will really stand out.

  3. Light blue with a clear sharp pattern in white or dark blue, maybe tiny paisley or similar.

    That's my choice until I see yours'*smile*


  4. The dogs are sooo cute. I've been so taken by Emily I almost forgot about them! Gosh, that Griffin sure is sweet. Boys can be such a darling! My son has given me superb gifts in the past.

  5. enjoy the time with her, i mean them! x

  6. I go for White lay a white sheet underneath to see that effect and show us!! ohhhhh 2 comments in one day I am on a roll.

  7. How sweet of Griffin:-) Enjoy your time with Emily.

  8. That is SO sweet of Griffin, what an absolutely lovely thing to do for you.

  9. Wow how sweet of him to buy you that necklace!! He's a winner for sure :)

  10. That is soooo sweet of him to do that!! My son did that recently using his good behavior money and I didn't even blog about it. Sniff... I should have. :(

    Anyway, what a sweetie.

  11. What a sweet thing to do. That is a definate Proud Mummy moment.

  12. My vote goes for a light blue for contrast, but keeping it light.

  13. Congrats Grandma!
    And just love the necklace :)

  14. Penny, NZ11:15 PM

    Griffin is such a sweetie! That is so thoughtful, especially when he works so hard for the gifts. You must be very proud of him (the product of great parenting on your part).

  15. I'm the opposite, no matter how hot it gets, I can find a way to get cool, but when it gets cold, I can never get warm.
    I like the necklace!

  16. You have had quite the day today! Your quilt is looking great...I'm not sure which color you should go with for the sashing, but I agree that the dark blue would make the quilt seem "too" dark.

    That was so sweet of Griffin to save up his "points" and get you a gift. Shows how much he really loves you. And that little Emily is a peach... I can understand why you want to spend so much time with her!



  17. Anonymous2:14 AM

    I'm g oing to chime in and say light blue for inside, but the darker blue for around the outside! I loved your necklace! What a sweet, sweet boy!! Most kids would have bought for themselves. Big Hug for Him!!!!! The pups are darling, I like them fluffy best....debbie

  18. I'm feeling tears coming on! Just the sweetest, most thoughtful and kind thing for Griffin to want to get his mum that lovely necklace. Beautiful.. You should be soooo proud to have raised good kids.

    Love the quilt. I don't even know how to sew, but I'm seriously thinking about making one (or at least a block) like this.

  19. I'm hating our spring. Rain, rain, and more rain. And we've only had two days in the 60's this year so far. It's suppose be in the 70's by now.


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