Monday, April 18, 2011


I've had a headache for over two days... so been taking nurophen but it ain't helping much.

I'm sure it's from the heat and humidity getting to me too much... so hopefully as you read this I will still be in bed.

Steve is going to take care of B and G for me until I get up.

Sadly I do not have a photo for you  this morning... yet... gimme time!
There is only so much one can do while still in bed!

I do plan on grooming Teddy today... shush don't tell him!  He might go hide on me.

AND I must stop feeding the masses... they been farting something rotten around here... I swear to god this house is full of gas!   Last night was diabolical!    And it ain't no 'green house gases' either!

*Yawn*... I'm up!   I've groomed Teddy and done some more on Coco too... they are really good with the shaver!  Thank Goodness.
Made a hooah of a mess with dog hair everywhere, so done some vacuming too.

Headach is still there, but only mild.  It's lovely and cool today, lots of wind and rain... dare I say BLISS!

Amanda, Emily, Kelly and Rena are still here... so still got a full house.   Tonight the girls are cooking dinner... I told them they had to!    So I wonder what we will have?

ABOVE:  being a Grandma is so neat... you get special moments like this.  Doesn't it make ya heart just MELT?  (don't even look at me, no makeup even!) IKKKK.  But Emily.... So, so adorable.

I took pity on the girls and told them they would be making meatloaf... with me standing over them telling them how to do it!  LOL

ABOVE:  Making the meatloaf became a full family affair!  lol.... I even chucked stuff in the bowl. 

ABOVE: YES it's a big bowl!  I like to make several at the same time, saves time later if you can just get one out of the freezer eh?  So, this afternoon we made 4 meatloaves.  YUM.

End of Day:  the meatloaf came out super yummy.  Got three more to put in the freezer.  Emily has been very fractious today... she's quite a 'windy' baby... so hard to settle quite often.  Today she's been a pain in the butt!  But still gorgeous.... lol.
DIET: not bad...
nite nite.


  1. Doesn't methane gas cause headaches???

    Hope you feel better soon hon. Nothing worse! xxx

  2. Anonymous9:31 AM

    LOL, Chris you are halarious!!...debbie

  3. hope the headache goes!!!

  4. Too funny! Scott was like the the other day. I had to ask him to go sit down wind haha.

  5. Did you take that picture in your yard?
    Hope your headache goes away!

  6. Hope the headache goes soon, nothing worse than one that lingers!!

  7. My stars, you call that a bowl. It looks like its about the size of the troughs I have out in the paddocks. lol

  8. Hope you get rid of the headache. Nice to have all those helpful hands in the kitchen. Enjoy all the fun.

  9. That is some serious meatloaf making! It is a good idea to make them and freeze them though - too bad my husband won't eat them!

  10. That's a great picture. I love it when the little one sleeps on my chest.

  11. Good gracious thats ONE BIG bowl of meatloaf!!! Family cooking time can be fun.

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