Sunday, April 10, 2011


Well, after hours of work... the 'tablecloth' is done... and I can show you before it goes to it's new owner:

ABOVE:  I must confess I hated the fabrics, they were just not ME... but now that it's done I think it's stunning!  I almost wish I was keeping it... but I have promised it to Lesley... so I hope she loves it too.  (I got the fabrics really cheap at Spotlight last year, thought they would be good for practising blocks with).

I say 'tablecloth' but really...  it's like a small quilt... there was a shit-load of stitching involved I tell ya!  HOURS and HOURS!

So, we will go over to Brown's Bay on the North Shore if she's home and give it to her today. 
Then when we get home I am going to start MY BLUE QUILT, oh yes I am!


Well we ended up meeting up with my friend at Sylvia Park... and she LOVED the 'tablecloth'.... I got a lovely big hug!  lol... and then we sat and shared a drink and a chin wag... it was nice.

Back home now and I am finally cutting into the blue fabrics!  I will show all of you the first block once it's done.

Also this afternoon we are going to look at another house in the next suburb over...  as we are still seriously considering moving.

I asked Stew to work out how many 'plate' pieces I would need to cut out to make 30 blocks... and the total was 480!  Holy hell!  Better get started then!

LEIGH:  well done on the arithmetic... but what you don't know is that block is NOT the same size as the one I am making NOW.  But thanks for the input.... !

NOW...where was I?  Oh yes.... I've made the first block... and after thinking it would only need 16 blades per block it turns out it needs 18, so in all I have to make 540 blades.  LEIGH would you like to double check that???  But then again, I'm sure Stew can add up just fine thanks.

End of Day: and I'm off to make seafood fritters for dinner... super YUM!  Stew is gunna buy some chips to go with them, so it's an easy dinner tonight.  Yaaaa.
DIET: chips, did anyone say chips?
P.S.:  I will show you the first block tomorrow, plus the BIG STUFF UP I did too.  *sigh*
nite nite.


  1. Now see I like the pinks AND I bet I will love the blues more!!!!! Not so cold this morning misty though.

  2. Oh my goodness, that is absolutely beautiful!! What a lucky person who is getting that!! Great talent you have!!! Thanks for sharing the pic with us!!

    God Bless~
    Debbie Jean

  3. Fantastic!!! Done a fabulous job:)


  4. It is very nice.
    We used to have this carpet in a house we moved into when I was a kid. It is the kind of carpet nobody would ever pick, but on the floor, it looked great! Everybody said the same thing. It's kind of like your quilt, you didn't like the raw materials, but like the finished product!

  5. Leigh5:24 PM

    that pink and green plate has 17 blades, that times 30 is 510 blades!

  6. The table 'cloth' is usually called a table 'topper' in quilting circles

  7. It's gorgeous Chris. And haha I'm sure Stew knows how to add that up.. just a whiz with numbers haha. Can I come for tea??? Yummmy

  8. Sue from Cyprus5:46 AM

    Hi Chris

    The table topper is lovely. Well done.

    Sue from Cyprus x xx

  9. Hey Chris! Great job on the little mini's absolutely fabulous and your friend would have been crazy not to love it! :o) And...I can't wait to see your blue matter how many blades it takes! LOL!



  10. The "tablecloth" is absolutely gorgeous - you are so talented Chris.....

  11. Wow it's BIG. I was thinking it was much smaller. It's so pretty! Lucky gal that got it :)

  12. Sorry I missed this post due to the dumb tornado - SO I had to tell you that it is perfectly beautiful!

    I bet your friend has to be too in order to put all that work into it. ! :)
    Now, for the blues???Welllllllll it might be "Blues" by the time you finish it? Hum? Should have conned your friend into help Cutting all those pieces. lOL


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