Tuesday, April 05, 2011


ABOVE: you need a jelly mold that has three components... mine is a Tupperware one and it's just fabulous for this.

 ABOVE: put the bottom piece on to the mold bit....

ABOVE:  cut the crusts off about two loaves of bread, butter them and (with the buttered side facing upwards) line the bottom of the jelly mould, overlapping the bread.

ABOVE:  put the first layer of filling in, in this case it was egg/cheese mixed together...

ABOVE: then put the second layer of bread on, again with the buttered sides upwards.

ABOVE: then put the second layer of filling in (ham here, but you can use any meat or fish)...
and then another layer of buttered bread...

ABOVE: then put a third layer of filling in... (mine was lettuce, cheese and some mayonnaise...

 ABOVE: it is going to get a bit full, but don't worry ... you can just squish it all down as you go....

  ABOVE:  finally put the last layer of bread on, this time with the buttered side FACING DOWN.
Trim any excess bread from around the edges with a knife... put the seal on while pressing down firmly.  Place in the fridge for at least 2 hours to allow it to 'set' a bit.

 ABOVE:  take the seal off and turn it upside down on a plate.... then pull the 'bottom bit' off too...

ABOVE: cut into nice segments, using the mold lines as a guide....

ABOVE: and there you have them, perfect little club sandwiches! 
You can jazz these up by placing bits of parsley or chives on the outside of the bread as you build up the layers....or use white bread and wholemeal bread....

I love using this method of making club sandwiches.  You can prepare it and then if you are taking it on a picnic or whatever you can just chuck the whole thing in the car without worrying about the sandwiches falling apart.... you just need a knife and plate when you want to cut them up and eat them! 

You can also use the jelly mold to make amazing desserts using sponge/cake and fruit layered ... devine!  You are only limited by your imagination.

TODAY:  Steve, Mum and I are all going up to the school at 11am for an IEP for Griffin.  THAT should be interesting.  They have lost the funding (I think?) to offer Griffin any 'extra' help within the school this year.  So I am keen to see what help they can offer him now.

Apart from that we don't have any firm plans... which is good cos I want to make a start on my blue quilt soon!   I can hardly wait to see how it's going to look!


SADLY we lost our third goldfish overnight... BUT NOT HOW YOU WOULD THINK!  I will tell you all about it tomorrow!!!

HI!  back home after a long day out with Mum... the IEP went so well I was gobsmacked!  Griffin has a Teacher Aide in his classroom 3 days a week to help him with his writing/spelling... not all day of course, but still anything is better than nothing!

After attending the meeting, Mum and I had lunch then went to Spotlight and bought some fabric for my Blue Quilt (Yet to be started)... and then came home.  

The weather has finally taken a turn towards winter... it's raining with a very cool wind.  Mum is FREEZING!  She is going home to Australia tomorrow, she can't wait.  She hates being cold.

End of Day: and it's been another long busy day here.  I made an amazingly yummy beef/mushroom/tomatoe stew in the slow cooker for dinner... OMG it was nice!
DIET: all good there today
nite nite.


  1. ... now I want one of those jelly things LOL :) those look great and so compact and easy....

    have a great day Chris and family :)


  2. Wow, that is SO cool!!! I have to figure out where to get one. :D

  3. I have been reading daily, but haven't had the time to comment on anything. I finally do now.

    I LOVE your club sandwich idea! You are such a clever Tart! I wish I had half of your brilliant ideas! You ALWAYS come up with the coolest things!

    Your sewing continues to inspire me. I don't know where you find the time. Your house is cleaner than mine, your blog is always up to date and full of fun things to read, and I am always in awe of you.

    If you were here, I'd bow and your feet.

    I hope you have a great week Chris!


  4. Those sandwiches are a really great and unique idea....I can't wait to try them, and I hardly ever cook anything :)

  5. I was wondering how your beading and jewellery making is going? Did you buy yourself some pretty beads recently???

  6. Love those sandwiches. Did the other fish jump out of the bowl?

  7. That is such a clever idea how'd have thought !!!!!

  8. Well, I'll be Chris-I have never seen this before! What an original way to make good use of your mold!

    Hummmmm? Did I hear you say something you were going to work on that is BLUE???????????????? : ) I'm all ears! lol

  9. If you think its freezing, come down and visit me :P

  10. Anonymous8:31 PM

    yummmm and considering i haven't had lunch today, my mouth is watering!!! need a jelly mould now!

    did your fish commit suicide???

  11. yuuuu uuuummmmmm gonna try those out for shiz!

    did it jump out of the bowl??

  12. that should have read who'd!! its freezing here and snowing !!!!!

  13. Anonymous9:43 PM

    Looks like Tupperware is going to get a big jelly mould order! I'd like to line the mould with sliced jam or cream rollettes and fill with chocolate mousse or ice cream. Have tried that before with a heart shaped cake tin for valentines day. Did the poor fish commit suicide? Mine has jumped out twice now and laid on the floor for a while before we found him. He is still alive and well! WOMBAT

  14. Recipe (rough guide) for your stew please... ideas for flavours you used etc.

  15. Amazing! I didn't think it would come out looking like it did!

  16. I used to have one of those molds and I gave it away! Who would have thought to make sandwiches out of it!!

    That's great for Griffin! Trevor's not doing too hot in the spelling/reading department but I think he's just lazy. If I make him study he does pretty good on the tests.

    Did the dog drink the fish out of the water?

  17. that looks scrumptious! If you send it to me, do you think it will go bad before i receive it?

  18. Wow, that's a cool shape for a sandwich. Now I know how to do it.

  19. Wicked way to make club sandwiches Chris, now to get me a jelly mould.

  20. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Saw these moulded club sandwiches at a farewell function. Bought my mould at the local Op Shop for $3.00 they had five and another shop had two so there are plenty around. Also saw one at the flea market but they wanted $8.00 for it and it was far from new and dirty. Told the lady she was dreaming. Made the sandwiches today, egg, lettuce and mayo for first layer, shaved chicken, carrot, cheese and onion for the second. Decided only to do two layers - worked well. Think next time will go over the bread lightly with a rolling pin, or buy thinner bread. Lol.


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