Monday, February 28, 2011


First up today... Steve  has to get a haircut!

 ABOVE:  See what I mean?   All my kids have hair like bloody sheep!  This was taken last night hence the 'dopey' look!  lol

He needs to get tidied up as this afternoon he has a job interview in the city.  It may not be 'the job'... but if he gets it.. it will be something to tide him over until he knows what he is going to do long term.

So, fingers crossed for him later on eh?

 ABOVE:  I was playing around with the new camera and tried Black & White for the first time... interesting!

ABOVE: there is something funny about watching a big bloke change a teeny, tiny baby's bum!  He's going to get a really bad backache if he keeps doing it on the floor like that ... for sure.  Ahhhh, he will learn.

ABOVE:  PRECIOUS.  See the dogs?  Locked out so they couldn't lick Emily.  They did not understand at all!  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SANDRA C..... have a wonderful day down there in Palmy, much loves.

Ok, time to get moving, make kids lunches, bla bla bla.

Oh and did I mention... I'm feeling damn fantastic about that good weigh in on saturday... totally MOTIVATED to do well again this week too! 


ABOVE: All cleaned up ready for his interview. 

Me:  watching the Academy Awards on the telly... should be vacuming and dusting... can't be arsed!

NOw:  Off to the train station, dropping Steve off so he can get to his interview.
Have you seen the Academy Awards Red Carpet yet?  I love seeing all the gorgeous dresses.... Nicole Kidman's this year is .... weird.

Steve is now at his interview... wonder how it's going?  He has ANOTHER one on Wednesday morning too. 

CHRISTY:  thanks chick, will check it out soon.

Brylee has her friend Claire here again after school... we have been making pikelets for afternoon tea.  YUM with jam.  NO CREAM... this is good yes?   lol

End of Day:  Steve could have taken the job... but it was a really shit job.... walking the streets trying to sell magazine subscriptions.  Commission only... nope, not for him.  Better luck next time.  Dinner was roast pork... so so tasty!
Steve thinks he's dragging me out walking again tonight, we will see!  Right now it couldn't be further from my mind. 
DIET: not bad!
nite nite


  1. Good for you Chris. Its nice when the ducks line up in a row occasionally! Your family look beautiful :-)

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhh the black and white photo is gorgeous and Griffin and Emily adorable, the puppy licking not so adorable!! lol

  3. Bah Bah I need a set of shears on me head too. Your hilarious. The baby is so darling and just a NEWBORN! I love their little scrawny legs when they first come out. she is so sweet. I'd snuggle and sniff and kiss and smooch the whole time.
    your right about daddy and his back.
    Congrats on the weight loss keep up the good work woman!!!!! you rock

  4. I love the picture of Griffin and Emily.
    Congrats on the good weigh in.

  5. Hi Chris,

    A HUGE well done on this weeks weigh in. I'm back to join ww (again) today also. I am dreading what the number will be on the scale but just before Christmas it had gone from 94kg to 97kg and I know I've definately put on weight since then and just know its going to have gone over 100 (which I vowed and decleared it would never be again). Makes me so annoyed (with myself) that its back up there so I HAVE to stop it in its tracks or I will have gained the full 35kg that I lost again and be up in the high 120's again.

  6. Emily is adorable and I loved the black and white photo.

    Congrats on a SUPER weigh in, I can understand why your still buzzing.

  7. Love the photos, and good luck for the job interview :-)

  8. Congrats on the loss. (high five!) I know how hard it is! A loss is the best motivation for more loss!

  9. Love the picture of Griffin and Emily :)

  10. Anonymous10:53 AM

    He's got a head of hair allright!! Nice and thick! Hope he lands a job soon. I know it's frustrating trying to find one. Hard times. I like the black and white mode! I'm sure the fuzzy kids are not happy being the gate, but, stuff happens!! ...debbie

  11. wow the difference a haircut can make hey!! my oldest son is the same, he has thick hair that gets unruly - the youngest can get away with a bit more length but i have their hair cut short, all the time. no long hair for boys in my house lol

    love the black and white!!!

    gotta read your sat weigh in post! well done x

  12. May be a long time but it will be here before we know it, and besides I am going to need all that time to lose this weight and get fit lol....

  13. oh my goodness, I can tell what Stew must have looked like when you two got together. Steve has a strong resemblance. I know how proud you are of him. I have my three young men that makes mama's heart swell.

  14. Emily is so cute!!

    Steve now looks very employable. Best of luck to him :-)

  15. Wow! With all that red hair, he looks like a grown-up version of my Tim, doesn't he? lol Congrats on the great weigh-in and keep up the great work!

  16. For your shopping pleasure! Smashbox store locations in New Zealand... yay!

  17. Mmmmmm.... Pikelets!! I haven't made (or eaten) them for years!
    Wonder if I could get away with making them for dinner! WITH cream and jam of course! hehehe... YUMMM!

  18. Wow Steve! What a transformation. Very handsome.

    And I'm loving your grand baby-- Too cute!

    I'm watching the Oscars too. so far, kinda boring :-(
    Hope it gets better, jj

  19. adorable!! She is so tiny!

    How is everthing with Rena and her mum? You need to update your profile now the Ems is here

  20. Good luck to Steve for the interview.

    It sounds like the girls are having a ball, they can bribe Griffin with pancakes to leave them alone :-)

  21. O Chris,
    ALL of your babies are beautiful! Are you sure that is the same young man ?????? Totally amazing!Maybe he would make a good spy ! LOL

    One of my friends over here is a photographer and one only pictures she takes is with the black and white. She says it tells the truth more. I always laugh at her and have so much fun with our differences! Isn't life grand?

  22. I love all your photos Chris, all the time. Baby is gorgeous and Steve, the transition is amazing but smile. You look like your mum.. she never smiles and you'd both look so wow if you did hehe.

    And goodluck Steve. I'm glad you're up there with Mum and Dad and can get Mum going... she really enjoys it I know. So don't listen if she protests.. it's just an act!! Luv ya Chris hehe

  23. thanks Chris for the birthday wishes you gonna have to come next year for me big 12th birthday lol can get that old without ya, much love.
    Good luck Steve with the job hunting you scrub up real good.

  24. Penny, NZ1:12 AM

    I agree with everyone Chris, Steve looks fabulous all ready for his interview (and before he looked full of character as we can all tell he is). Good luck to him and Emily is gorgeous.

    Jo, don't know about dinner but I have got away with pikelets for breakfast when I have run out of bread. Good luck on the dinner end!

  25. Tell him I said good luck at the interview!

  26. awesomeness all around and the right job will come!

  27. Looks like you had yourself a very busy and lovely weekend. Hope your son finds something worthwhile soon. Congrats on the weigh in. Keep up the good work.

  28. I loved that pic of him changing a tiny baby diaper. Soooo cute.

  29. He cleans up very good! GL on the next interview! Selling magazines doesn't sound like much fun or stable money.


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