Thursday, February 24, 2011


 ABOVE:  some clothes items I got from the Hospice Shop yesterday... for the girls and Brylee.

ABOVE:  and this nifty wee unit on wheels, perfect for beside my computer desk... $2.  Not bad at all.

Today I'm going to sew ... and try and do little else.  I don't want to be sitting by the TV all day watching events continue to unfold in Christchurch, it's too depressing.  I will do some serious sewing and keep my mind off it.

I got some really good news last night too... Griffin's Speld Teacher may not be moving afterall... and she is taking Griffin back for lessons starting next week.  I'm wrapt.  NOTHING is happening for him at school at all... so he desperately needs his Speld Lesson to keep his learning on the right track. 

ONWARD...Oh and sorry for not visiting all your blogs right now.. been a bit busy!  I'll stop by soon I promise.

 ABOVE:  what I'm working on today... I'm having a lovely time too.

In between doing the sewing I've done a good deal of housework... even managed to find a few jobs for Steve to do too.  It's nice having him around, it really is.
He made my lunch today while I sewed... salad sandwiches.  Yum.

End of Day:  another day counting the lives lost in Christchurch... at last count 98 confirmed dead and over 200 still missing.  Still dreadful... still so sad...
DIET: out the window
nite nite


  1. Anonymous6:52 AM

    That is wonderful news that Griffin will be going back to his Speld Teacher!! Know you must be elated!! What are you sewing? Are you going to Market? or making quilts? or something else?? ...debbie

  2. O My! The clothes are really Lovely! I was wondering if you made them-LOL - I wonder if it is like over here- you can buy the garment cheaper than you can purchase the fabric to make it with?

    How wonderful about Griffin's speld teacher! Looks like his guardian angels might have stepped in?

    I don't blame you for sewing to help ease what is going on at Christchurch. It is is absolutely horrible. Seems like no matter which way we look - tragic events are happening everywhere? I wonder if there are more tragedies -OR- if it is just easier for all of us to hear about it now with all of our modern techs?

    I am so glad that you all are alright! : )

  3. Great news with the SPELD teacher, that trolley looks like an old hairdresser trolley pretty nifty!

  4. I am please Griffins SPELD teacher is staying, that must be such a relief for you.

    Enjoy your sewing, it is hard to take our minds off Christchurch.

  5. come when you can...and glad his teacher is staying at least for now ... great clothing and shelves.

  6. i have been avoiding the news, yesterday i flicked it on and i saw a movie cinema we went to on our honeymoon, it was just rubble!

  7. I like the "wee unit" for beside your computer. I'd have it overflowing with junk in no time!

  8. Yeah about Griffin's teacher maybe not moving. It would be good for him to continue with her, I believe.

    Your new granddaughter is adorable! Those pictures from your last post are precious.

    Thinking of the earthquake victims. So horrible.

  9. Ooooohhhh - that fabric looks familiar!!

  10. Anonymous3:20 PM

    end of day - so so heart breaking Chris.

    Glad Griffin's teacher isn't going just yet.


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