Sunday, February 06, 2011


The other day I was hunting in my 'stash' of fabrics for a small piece of green fabric for a bag... and I did not have any!   I was perplexed, as I was SURE I had some.   I hunted high and low through my open shelf 'cupboard' where I keep all my fabrics.  No luck.

So I went to Spotlight and bought some.

Then last night as I was sewing the Baby Bag for Emily.... I glanced to my right and was looking at the cabinet with the TV on it.... and at the drawers... and then I remembered....

ABOVE:   ooops!  I do have a bit more fabric than I remembered!  IMAGINE forgetting all this !!  I feel like a kid in the lolly shop.  Quite gleeful.    ha ha

TODAY:  friggin grocery shopping.  Can't live on cheese alone.  NEED more real food.  And loo paper.

So, apart from that... I will go to David's Emporium for the bits I need to finish Emily's Baby Bag...


Oh and it's 'Waitangi Day'... when we are supposed to celebrate the signing of the Treaty between the Europeans and the Maoris.  WHOOP.  The true meaning of the day has been long lost ... now it's just a non event to the vast majority, and a chance for a few to grandstand.
only my humble opinion of course.

The dreaded grocery shopping is done.  Nearly died from the heat and humidity lugging it all inside.  But it's done now...THANK GOD.  
Now cooking pizza's in the oven for lunch...


ABOVE:  Emily's Baby Bag is done.   I am going to lend my baby shawl to Amanda ... I hope she uses it to bring Emily home in.   My maternal Grandmother made if for me (it was the first round one she ever made)... and I used that shawl to bring home Amanda, Lacy, Kelly, Russell, Steve and Mike... AND Griffin.    I think I loaned it to Lacy when she brought Brylee home from the hospital too!

End of Day:  another stinking hot, humid day.  I can't believe I could say such a thing, but I'm looking forward to winter!
Shock horror I know.
DIET:  so-so.
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Oooh you said the magic words... "David's Emporium"....


  2. Haha! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has the occasional forgetful moment. And no, you're not alone in being disillusioned with Waitangi Day. I don't like what it has become and I wish we had something more like Australia Day where we could all celebrate being New Zealanders.

  3. I have trouble finding things all the time too, but it's my wife's fault. If I leave my tools out for a day, she'll put them away in a different place each time and forgets where she put them. Once I found my hammer under the sink.

  4. Ya noodle look at all that fabric, I feel some more projects coming out of that lot for sure!

  5. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Look at all that Beautiufl fabric!!
    You do have an eye for nice bright colorful fabrics with Whimsicle prints. Am anxious to see your baby project finished! ...debbie

  6. Ha ha ... Chris I've done stuff like that, don't feel bad lol.
    By the way, love those little boxes you have your fabrics in ... I must hunt for some of those here, very nifty idea :o).
    Joy :o)

  7. OMG! That is like a quilter's dream!!! I did that when i went to visit Dad and he said, "you left a pile of fabrics here" - Woohoo!

  8. Anonymous3:10 PM

    You're probably only going to get hotter because Sydney's heatwave might move across the ditch and you'll be stuck with 45 degree heat! I have a different stash (scattered all over the house) namely glass pebbles and tiles. I will take up mosaicing one day... WOMBAT

  9. OHhh, you are so organized. Sniff.... I loved your drawer of fabrics.

    I sometimes wish I could get hit over the head and all of a sudden be organized. I just drive myself nuts sometimes. :(

  10. HI Chris!
    I am so grateful that my computer has finally allowed me to visits with my friends! Computer woes are a big fat pain!

    O man - that beautiful stash of fabrics ! I truely adore fabrics-and your stash is gorgeous!I don't get to "play" with cottons very much so it is an honor to sneak a peek at yours!O-the beautiful projects in your future! It would be nice IF you would make yourself something! :)

  11. Hi 'such a twit.'

    Ok couldn't resist. I bought a stack of fabric at the Onehunga shop ages ago. You know it's still in the bag I bought it in.

    Thank goodness today is pleasanter than yesterday. I think we have a sea breeze. I felt really off colour and didn't sleep either. Bugs everywhere. Keep brushing them out of my eyes and nose. Yuck. Hope I don't swallow one.

    Enjoy your shopping for ESSENTIALS and getting that baby gift finished.

  12. Geez, but that baby bag is so, so lovely... AND personalised too. It's just stunning Chris. Amanda is so lucky... I wish my parents were alive to see my two little boys. Sad.

  13. It is like we live in different cities... I have not noticed the heat one bit! I have been out and about too but to me it is just a lovely day! Obviously we just all feel the heat differently.

  14. I love Emily's bag it is gorgeous :O)
    Love the colors.

    Michelle x

  15. Oh I am SO over this heat!!

    I love Nosh too, there is also Farros in Ellerslie & on Constellation Drive, similar & lots of yummy yummy foods.

    I hope Amanda does use the shawl, it is such a lovely tradition.

  16. That photo of the fabric is in your house? I thought it was a fabric store!

  17. Emily's bag is FANTASTIC!


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