Sunday, February 13, 2011


ABOVE:  the necklace I got yesterday before I doctored it.

ABOVE:   and after.   I took off the cross and added a jewelled anchor, my sapphire and diamond pendant AND some paua shell dics.   Stew isn't sure the additions are in 'keeping' with the material of the necklace.... what do you think?
PERSONALLY I like it cos the additions are really pertinent to me.  Sea shell, nautical AND sapphires and diamonds... I mean... COME ON!

Today:  don't know yet.   We might go out and check out the new Chinese Market  (China Town) in Te Rakau Drive, Botany.   Who knows what we might find....


Well we did indeed go out... and are going out again in just a minute to look at another house.
I took some photos at China Town, will upload them when we get back....

ABOVE:  some of the neat stuff at China Town... Sandra C I thought of you!  lol... for anyone who doesn't know, Sandra C (My former WW Leader and rather good friend from Palmerston North) collects bears.... she has well over a thousand!
It's so hot today ... that I jumped in the kid's splash pool.. ooo it was so nice.

End of Day:  apart from everything, a nice day was had.  Did I mention I have probably pulled a muscle in me lower back and can hardly move?  Well... I have.  Ain't nice.  Bloody hurts.
DIET: on track.
nite nite.


  1. Man your $20 goes a long way lol.... and sorry but I don't like it, to me it just not look right, needs something different on it :-)

  2. I think it turned out just right. I do like it much better without the cross on it.

  3. I am of the same opinion I dont like the combination BUT you as the wearer have to like it. I don't know that I liked the cross either.

  4. I love it! It goes with your cleavage! The saphire is beautiful!

  5. I like it, but I'd be frightened that the sapphire would come off and get lost...

  6. I do prefer what you did with the necklace. Very nice.

    It has been awhile, been up to my butt-ons in snow.

    Was out snowshoeing today had a blast.

  7. I'm with the first few commentors, prefer the cross and don't think the silver goes with the material of the necklace. (looks a tad odd with the additions in my opinion) but as someone else has said, your the one that has to wear it and if your happy then just do it.

  8. It is perfect . As long as it makes you feel good when ever you wear it - that makes it perfect.

    I HAD to laugh because one time I had made a beautiful pale blue silky poncho shirt to wear to a sewing meeting. It turned out perfect and as you know , we both love blues.

    Then later that night when I went to the bathroom I studied my reflection in the mirror. I decided that the shirt Should have been for someone younger- To me - it just had a YOUNG look .For a long time I would not wear it and then one day I decided that it was clean and pretty and pooh! I was just going to wear it . !!!! We human beings are such funny creatures sometimes! LOL So, If YOU are happy with the necklace, then set yourself free to enjoy it! : )

  9. The necklace is gorgeous Chris. Much better with your bits on it. And wow, that teddy bear.... does it cook!

  10. Well im pleased you thougt of me today but did ya love me enough to buy it for me LOL just kidding Stu.
    but you have to agree it would look rather nice in me room :-).
    Love the necklace not sure bout the sapphire i would be scared it would fall off the anchor totally you :-)

  11. Necklace: Vast improvement
    Teddy bear: Huge!!
    China Town: cool
    Hurt back: Probably from "Jumping" in the kids splash pool
    Hope your back feels better soon

  12. I do like the necklace better with what you've added. I've never worn a cross before but I do like celtic crosses and have appliqued some before.

  13. Anonymous5:54 AM

    I like it without the cross for sure. The bling is a little out of character, but if YOU like it, who cares Right?! It's like fashion to me...ANYTHING GOES!! ...debbie


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