Friday, February 18, 2011


So last night I surreptitiously took some photos of my new Weight Watcher Leader.... so you could see how thin she is...

 ABOVE:  obviously it's a bit blurry, can't really 'identify' her on me blog without her permission can I?  Can you see  how skinny she is?
She knows her stuff, I'll give her that.  But... time will tell just what sort of leader she is.
I know I'm not the only sceptical person in the group.

TODAY:  making a start on Baby Bag for Jo down in Wellington.
That's about all for now..

ONWARD...  Steve and I are doing the housework!  As we have two vacum cleaners it's getting done super quick.... now off to wash the floors.

OK... I did a little vacuming, washed the floor and hung out some washing... that wasn't too much!  I've since then done NOTHING.....OK?

Now back to the WW Leader.  I don't dislike her as a person, I just don't get why WW's would employ someone as a 'Leader' who in MY HUMBLE OPINION really can't have any idea what it's like to have a big weight problem!  As I said before, she was already within the ideal weight range BEFORE she lost 10 kilos... now she is probably below the ideal... underweight in fact.

HOW can she emphasise with a 50 year old 'average' woman who has 30+ kilos to lose?  What experience does she have with a lifetime of yo-yo dieting, feelings of self hatred, ridicule from others, the misery of clothes shopping as a 20+ sized person, feeling like a sub-human???

I just can't see it.  Having her stand up there and go on about how well she's done to lose the 10 kilos and eating healthy is fine, just don't tell me you know how it feels to be in my shoes, or the other 30 people there last night with me.

To tell you the truth it felt condescending.
BUT I am still going to attend that meeting, and see how I GO.  If she drives me nuts... I shall tell her. 

OMG and PLEASE don't go thinking I'm JEALOUS of her...cos nothing could be further from the truth!  I NEVER EVER want to be that skinny and .....I don't want to be like her at all.  I am totally happy with who I am, just not how much of my GORGEOUS SELF there is!   SO THERE.

Someone mentioned she looked like Barbie... AHHH NO... Barbie had a bum.  This girl can't even fill out her size 4 pants.

End of Day:  a neat day... Steve and I got heaps done that would normally get done on the weekend, so less for Stew to do now.  Yaaa.
DIET: quiet good thanks.
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:04 AM

    Oh God.... yep having a leader like that would be an inspiration (for some).... but yeah - I hear where you're coming from!!!!

    Cow. Ha!!!

    No... seriously.... turn it around! Make her an inspiration! Lives are changing - maybe get your son to really make you get out and walk and stuff... My "new" life is starting in another week (less hours at work) and I am determined to start good habits from day 1 (.... heard that before).. If we lived closer we could go for a walk!

    Anyway - have a great day.

    Kate (kittie444)

  2. Anonymous7:27 AM said she'd lost 10kgs...even WITH 10kg on her she wouldn't be overweight!!

    Too skinny and not enough of a loss imo to be a ww leader...I mean good on her BUT not a leader. What would she know about weight loss STRUGGLE

  3. wow she is very thin hmmmm I wonder if she has ever had a weight problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous7:59 AM

    all I can say is Barbie! Especially with that hair!

  5. I dunno, I'd rather have a skinny leader than a fat one. At least I know they've done the same thing I'm trying to do.

    My leader is quite thin as well, skinny I suppose. She lost 23kgs and you wouldn't think that was much on her either, but for her it was a lot.

    10kgs on your leader may not have looked like much, but I'd bet she still had to work hard to take it off. She may very well have never know.

  6. never been to WW and know little about it other than the general concept of a support group. Unless she was really overweight at one time how could she relate to the group and be a good leader. Some people are naturally thin and never understand the struggle others face. Reminds me of a fresh young minister trying to guide middle aged couples in marital problems.

  7. Siiigh. I guess it's good for her, but I would be discouraged hearing pep talks from her each week...

  8. For the love of cake. She needs to eat some.

  9. Crikey - she is thin! I can only but dream.... *sigh*
    But Seriously, When I had 80kg to lose, I would have been gutted to have her as a leader, but going through the process and seeing others struggle with just a few kgs to lose, I can imagine that she may well have struggled as well.
    Not sure if that makes any sense???
    Anywway...... I thought you were supposed to be taking it easy!?!? Vacuuming is NOT taking it easy in my humble opinion *wink*

  10. She is VERY Barbie like, hopefully she is a wonderful leader. I love my WW leader, though I'm fairly new to WW, I really do like her and she is quite an inspiration to me given the amount of weight she has lost and kept of.

  11. omg ...she looks like a stick with boobs and hair!

  12. Uh... I think if she turned completely sideways, all we'd be able to see was boobs and hair! She really does look like Barbie...and I think I would be intimidated by her just by the way she was dressed. That would make me feel like a dowdy, frumpy, fat old woman! :o(

    I hope that she really will be a good leader and be an inspiration for you!



  13. Pfffttt - 10kg loss isn't a goal. Its a good month for me! Our WW leader is probably bigger than me and not very attractive :-)

  14. I would be more comfortable with a WW leader who seemed (or at least looked) more like a real person. I think I would also feel a little condescended to by this one.

  15. lol i know where your comming from chris ....hmmmmm very thin

  16. I know exactly how you feel about the WW leader.

    She may very well be a lovely person but I do not see how she can empathise with her group when she has never really been very over weight.

    The feelings you have when you are a few kilos over what you want are completely different than if you have 20 or 30 or more kilos to lose.

    Having said that, she may turn out to be a really good leader and motivator so I guess it remains to be seen.

  17. You pegged it. Unless she is a very inspirational speaker, she is going to have a problem connecting with your group. You lead it, your a leader and if you had the job you'd get crackin with the weight loss big time. Not that your not trying, that isn't what I'm saying. It's just your style to go "whole hog."
    You'd have the group laughing and telling their true confessions of hiding candy to eat later. Ya know?
    She is very thin. Ya'll can cook for her.
    I like your attitude***too much of your gorgeous self*** I may have to borrow that.

  18. Well.... she sure is thin and I wouldn't want to look like that... but really, what she looks like and what she has/hasn't done doesn't affect you. You must do whatever YOU need to do to be happy in YOURself... and I know you can... If she's happy, just be happy for her! xxx

  19. Does she have any counceling type background? Maybe if she did she might be of more help than just going by her "experience".

  20. Yep, that would be a tough leader to find inspiration from. Ugh.

  21. I completely agree with you concerning the leader. But I just thought.. there's a tiny-tiny possibility that may be she has a sister who has been very over overweight and struggled all her life and the leader has seen all this closely. It may be gives her a little qualification.

  22. You know, as a fat person, I have zero tolerance of skinny people telling me how to lose weight. They cannot possibly comprehend what it is like, and I have to say, were it me, I would not even go near that chick. She has no idea. Sorry.

  23. The problem I would have is her MINDSET "I mean people how hard can it be I've LOST 10kg, THATS like what a fat persons ARM!!!! lol" seriously she may say all the right things BUT has she the life experience the hard yards no, has she ever had heat rash ANYWHERE due to over hang has she has wipe ya bum issues (or lack there of), has she had WHY do I keep eating and falling off the wagon HOURLY! daily weekly I doubt it, has she SUFFERED rejection, or the stares and "Oh but you have such a pretty face what a shame comments!",Has she suffered the lack of clothes options, the mental application of WILL I fit through there, on that, in that, will it hold my weight thoughts !!! I DOUBT IT....... JMTCW (just my two cents worth)

  24. You got her down pat...She would annoying for sure. Well, give it a chance. You never might land up liking her...Yeah right!

  25. Hmm. Maybe she's a fabulous leader? A motivational gal who can really rally people?

    I don't know. I'm trying to be optimistic.

    Now if she had pictures of her 80, 100 pounds over that weight and told you all about how WW helped her lose it? Now THAT would be something. But she looks like an aerobic instructor...


  26. I totally get it! A life long struggle with weight is in not the same experience. You have to walk in those shoes to know the struggle and frustration. Good luck keep strong and never give up.

  27. Wow. I can certainly see how having a WW leader like that might be a bit . . . discouraging. As a "big" person myself, I would look at her and thing. "Why bother? I will never look anything even close to that!"

    Stay strong, Chris!


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