Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Yesterday Brylee had a new friend home for a play date.... and it went so very well... I'm thrilled to bits.
I made sure I had the time organised into activities that would be conducive of both the girls having fun together... and it worked.

They swam, had afternoon tea then sewed a little heart cushion each:

 ABOVE:  Brylee watching 'C' sewing her heart....

 ABOVE:  Brylee sewing her's...

 ABOVE:  'C' showing her wee heart cushion (sorry for the blanked out face, but I forgot to ask her Mum for permission to publish her face... let me assure you 'C' is just beautiful) and a darling wee girl who was delightful to have here.

 ABOVE:  Brylee sewing her heart... this was the first time she had ever used my machine, or at doing applique... and she did an amazing job!  Look at how precise she is at keeping on the edge!  Way to go Brylee!

ABOVE:  Brylee's heart cushion... she is so very proud of it... she's taking it to school today to show her class.  I'm so glad I thought of it... what a fun activity for the girls.

Now Griffin wants to make one for his Teacher!  Awwww what a sweetheart.

TODAY:  well I have a few jobs to do ... but will be taking it VERY CAREFULLY.. no housework.  Just need to do a couple of things in the mall.... so I'll go down and get them done then come home and read a few blogs I think.


SO I went out and paid a bill... looked around the mall slowly for about half an hour then came home.   I am doing just what the doctor said... taking it easy!
It's rather hard to do though!    I keep seeing stuff I should be doing, like the housework... but I want my back to get better asap! 

I had lunch, then intended to read blogs...but ummmm.... I fell asleep!  What a nana I am!

lol...WELL.. I am!  Any day now Amanda is going to make me a Grandma for the 7th time!   She is due in a few days.... every time my phone rings or I get a text I jump thinking it will be her telling me to get in the car and come be with them for baby's birth!  I can't wait... and of course I want Amanda to get the birth over with cos she must be so hot and uncomfortable in this heat.

I know... I had a baby in January, in February, in March AND in April...all summer babies!  It's not fun.   I enjoyed the June and November babies much more cos it wasn't so hot.  I haven't forgotten any now have I?   ha ha ha.

Now:   for everyone out there who didn't like what I'd hung on the end of my new necklace... I decided to look around for something else,  cos I have to kinda agree that it wasn't in 'keeping' with the other materials.  This morning I found something else. 

ABOVE:  the final edition.  It's a bone and wood fishing hook, styled on a Maori design and I really, really love it!  It's still got a nautical theme...  do we all agree it's perfect now???

Obviously not everyone will like my necklace the way it is now... but I do and that's what matters.

End of Day:  I've been sitting on a secret for almost a week.   I can tell you about it tomorrow.
DIET: not bad.
nite nite.


  1. precious all of them :)

  2. good time management chris love the cute cushions....yeah on brylee and C's efforts
    hope the back isnt too sore

  3. She looks so proud - awesome :-)

  4. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Such a good organizer for a play date!! wow! C will want to come over every day!!! Way to go Mom!...debbie, and Happy Valentines Day a day late!

  5. Gosh Chris, how nice of you to teach the girls to sew. Brylee looks happy. I think it did her good. I'm rather amused by Griffin tho'. The trick is - HE has to want to learn it himself. If I ever suggest sewing to my son, he'll scream.

  6. Those cushions are so cute, good thinking perhaps craft and cards next time (do you have any spare card making gear lol!)

  7. The girls looked like they were having a wonderful time. Great idea to have them each sew a heart...perhaps you'll be inspiring new little sewists! And it sounds like Griffin has a sweet little crush on his teacher....how cute!

    Hope you're having a great day, Chris!



  8. Oh wow, those hearts are so pretty!!! Well done you! Keeping them occupied is half the battle I sometimes think and will stop the bickering and nagging etc if they have something to concentrate on... A win!!! xxx

  9. Yip much better the necklace that is :-)

  10. Looks like the girls had fun!

  11. The girls are very devoted! Great work! And so ambitious...

  12. I love that you involved Brylee with the sewing :) Oh and the fish hook belongs on something very plain, not that necklace... keep looking, I'm sure you will find the perfect thing to hang on that necklace.

  13. Now that hook is perfect. Well done.

    And how good was Brylee yesterday? See? She is a gem.


  14. Love the hook. Very 'you'!!

  15. O Chris-I am so sorry about your back! Do take care of it -so as not to hurt it more!When your back hurts you hurt all over!

    Love the necklace!

    That was really neat the way you figured out how to keep two young ladies occupied! They were both so lovely!I hope you realize you are going to have to "beat the boys off with a broom , pretty soon!" : )

  16. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Necklace looks much better. Very "kiwi"! Maybe you could get some blue and silver bling beads and make another necklace with that cute anchor on it. Brylee's a clever girl! I can't sew that accurately! WOMBAT

  17. Anonymous10:19 PM

    oooh will have to check in tomorrow and find out the goss...

    Kate (kittie444)

  18. I like the necklace! and the girls look like they're having fun!

  19. The two girls look like they had a wonderful time! Those cushions are adorable.

    Glad to hear that you are taking it easy and not overdoing things. No doubt you will be back to "normal" soon!

  20. A secret! I can hardly wait to hear all about it. Hope the back is doing better.


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