Wednesday, February 16, 2011


We left Palmerston North 2.5 long years ago.  We also left our two youngest sons there... and oh my, we have missed them!

The two little kids have too.... especially Griffin, who is particularly close to his two uncles, Steve and Mike.

Every time I spoke or text'd them I would always end the conversation with "Move to Auckland".... and finally one of them has!

I have known since last thursday that Steve was moving up here, I organised it in fact, and picked him up last night from the bus stop... without letting anyone know.   I wanted it to be a surprise for Stew and the kids!

 ABOVE:  9 hours on a bus...

 ABOVE:   blurry... but you can see his smile....

 ABOVE:  home again... with the kids and dogs...

ABOVE:  now I can feed him up and get some weight back on him.  I do believe he's missed my home made pies!  lol

Sleeping on the couch did NOT help last night... and I forgot to take pain meds in the middle of the night, so I'm in pain this morning... not quite enough to make me throw up... but nearly!

Serve me right for not taking the pills eh?
Off to Hospice now, but I am going to take it easy and sit behind the serving counter for the most part.  If it's too much I shall just come home early.

ABOVE:  two lovely shirts I got for Brylee today... I just love the top one.. it's going to be too big right now but we can hold it until she's bigger.  For $2 it's worth it. 
I left work early today, started to feel really ill around 11.30.. so came home at 12.00.  Steve had made me a toasted sandwich for lunch.. so better go eat it.

End of Day:  I did pay for going out this morning... quite sore this afternoon... drat.  The kids got home and had a lovely afternoon/evening with Steve... it was neat cos there was no need for me to keep an eye on them at all.
DIET: not good,not bad.
nite nite.


  1. I am delighted for all of you. Especially Griffin! Look at that smile!

  2. Goodness, your family is all sooooo Good-looking!!! xx

  3. Oh, how exciting for the family! I know you all have to be thrilled to have him back home with you. He is a very nice looking young man, too, Chris! Have fun cooking up a storm! :o)



  4. Anonymous6:43 AM

    And the kids look chuffed...! Awesome.

    Have a good day - hope you slept well on the couch!

    Kate (kittie444)

  5. congrats on having another member of your family back with you again.

    you must be so happy! :)

  6. Fantastic news!!!

  7. u must have been busting with that secret i guess you had trouble getting young griffin to school today

  8. Good news. So happy for you all.

    Would have loved to see their surprised faces, Stew, Brylee and Griffin, that is.


  9. How wonderful to have your son back home where he belongs. Now just feed him like crazy, add some love and all will be well. Take care of your back.

  10. delightful.... love the look on griffins face he is soooooo happy!

  11. Awww... WELCOME HOME Steve! :)

  12. And now the house hunt begins YOUR walls will need stretching out again Now to work on the other son! I bet he will follow soon enough.

  13. Wow, what a wonderful surprise. I would hate it if my kids are too far away. You know, Griffin looks so darn well-fed next to Uncle Steve!

  14. Aww.. that is great news! Enjoy!

  15. what an amazing surprise!!!

    i have to catch up on my reading because i have no clue why you're in pain!!!

    i'm battling my own pain at the mo, have been off work all week with severe back muscle spasms and i'm on valium and life is just chaos!!!

    hope you are enjoying having your boy home!!! xxx

  16. How exciting to have Steve up here with you, Griffin must be beside himself with excitement.

    Take care of your back, get lots of rest otherwise it will not get better.

  17. That is fantastic news! I'm so happy for all of you Chris! I love the second picture with Griffin looking at Steve - it's classic!

  18. lovely secret, chris the kids and dogs look really happy. take care of your back

  19. Anonymous2:13 AM

    OH! Steve's Home!! YEAAA!! I bet Griffin is just beside himself with Glee!! What a great surprise!! The two tops are really cute and what a great price!! Hope you took some pain medication!! have a good day...debbie

  20. How wonderful to have your son back. Sorry to hear your back is acting up. Hope all is well by tomorrow.

  21. that sounds like a very hard secret to keep

  22. How nice! Hopefully you won't get tired of him too quick lol. 9 hours on a bus is a LONG ride!

  23. How lovely for you to have Steve home. I hope it works out for everyone. Good luck! xx

  24. Nice! I wouldn't mind if my kids moved back home when they get older.


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