Saturday, February 26, 2011


I'm pretty sure I've shown this before, but wanted to again to show Mark in the Cayman Islands....

 ABOVE: this used to be the top of a coffee table that I bought about 29 years ago... it is the ONLY thing left in my house that I had when I was in my first marriage... well.... as long as ya don't count my kids that is!  lol

Anyway, I digress.... I took the legs off and hung it on the wall as I just love it.  It's an old world map...

ABOVE:   some of the detail... it is stunning, naked nymphs and all.  It is HUGE... weighs a ton... and I hope it never falls off the wall cos it would do a lot of damage!

TODAY:  first thing... I'm going to Weight Watchers over in Botany Downs.... then probably home to do some housework.  Yaaaa.
Keep your fingers crossed I get a small loss... I don't think I could cope with another gain!


The Botany Downs meeting had moved to another location... which I found out when I got there... Grrrrr..... so I spent about 20 minutes trying to find the new location to no avail... so I hot footed it over to the Sylvia Park meeting... made it in time and weighed in.

ABOVE:   I LOST 1.7 kg this week!!!!!!!   Super happy about that.

The weather this afternoon was so lovely that we packed up our togs and towels and went out to Orewa Beach for a swim:

 ABOVE:   The water was glorious... I had a swim too....

 ABOVE:  GRIFFIN trying to ride a wave... all arms and legs! 

ABOVE: they were only itty bitty waves today, but still fun as you can see.

 ABOVE:  He goes on about being 'FAT'.... But to me he's perfect just the way he is.

 ABOVE:   got it!

 ABOVE:  Orewa Beach today... just gorgeous.

ABOVE:  these three planes were practising sychronised flying.. it was quite nice as a distraction.

Home now... everyone is having showers and I'm about to make dinner... Bacon Cabonara.  Nice.

End of Day:  in all an EXCELLENT day, thank. you. very. much!
DIET: great!
nite nite.


  1. That wall hanging is awsome. I can see why you did not want to part with it. It is beautiful.

  2. Your coffee table turned wall hanging is beautiful Chris. Wow!

    Hey, I wanted to check in with you and make sure you, your family and friends are all okay. The recent earthquake had me concerned.

    - Holly

  3. Anonymous7:41 AM

    Hope you lost your pound!! or Steve will hound you into exercising harder!! I love the old world map/table/art work on the wall. It's beautiful!!...debbie

  4. I do love that map, hope the scales are kind today.

  5. That wall hanging is out of this world. You are so creative to hang it up like that.
    Good luck with the weigh in!

  6. I've seen the wall hanging but I don't guess I knew that it had a former life as a tabletop. It is very nice.

    Finger crossed for your weight loss. I'm so glad for you that Steve is motivating you. Is he giving you footrubs after the exercising? LOL. And he's the son that can fix your computer and has a sense of humor. What more could one ask for?

  7. Congrats. Chris!!!!!!!!!! I hope you treated yourself !

    LOVE , love, love your coffee table/wall hanging. I agree with you , it is so lovely and if you ever get lost you can look right straight at your "map"!

    I am So sorry to hear that the death toll is still rising.Does the area you live in ever have earthquakes?

    Thanks for dropping in for a visit today-DH and I are both feeling quiet a bit better today. It was hard for me to believe that what-ever it was had come back to visit once again!

    I got to show off my beautiful blue bag and cards on Monday. My #1 daughter-in-law spotted them and I could not let her out of my sight! LOL

  8. Did you know that last time I was at the hospital I asked the nurses to tell me how to convert pounds to Kg so I could figure out how much weight you are losing? Heh heh. Well, I figured out that I weigh 64 Kg. It sounds better than my weight in lbs! I'm gonna start telling people my weight in Kg instead. It just sounds less. :D

  9. Congrats on the loss :-)

  10. love the coffee table wall hanging... and way to go onthe weight loss...

  11. Great loss Chris - well deserved.

  12. WOW what a great post! Love the table and I do hope you hung it into some studs in several places. It is amazing! Clapping hands on the weight loss!!! and the beach pics were a sight for sore eyes--just lovely and the water is the prettiest color. Isn't it great to love your man?

  13. You did good on your weight loss Chris. Keep it up. I really like your table top. The details are really intricate and not something you find easily nowadays.

  14. Now that is an awesome coffee table!! Great news on the weight loss too, always exciting news isn't it :D :D

  15. Sounds like a perfect day - a loss at WW and a day at the beach. Beautiful!

  16. Fantastic map! The map dealer who is here is from Australia!

    Steve Irwin had his stingray trapped and it was a defensive move by the stingray. Also was a different, larger breed. Over a million people go to stingray city in the Cayman Islands each year.

    The creature on Earth that kills more humans than any other.......

    The Mosquito.

  17. Anonymous3:18 AM

    Chris, If you would like a little tiny eggs pan, I'll be glad to send you one. Send your address to

    Loved the Beach photos! Your new camera takes really nice photos!! The planes were fun! congrats on losing 1.7 pounds!! That is GREAT! ...debbie

  18. What fun - the beach! Especially with the entertainment of the three planes doing their "thing." It looks like a wonderful family day!

  19. What an awesome "map". I hope you have some big anchors holding it in the wall lol.

    I love that first swimming picture, everyone looks so happy! It looks so beautiful there :)

    And congrats on your weight loss! All that working out Steve is making you do must be working :)

  20. Beautiful beach pictures!
    Congrats on the weight loss!

  21. Lucky you. We thought spring was coming early this year, then it dropped below 20 degrees two days in row. Brrrrrr. It's still cold around here.


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