Wednesday, February 09, 2011


FINALLY, after 7 weeks off I get to go back to the hospice shop.
I have missed it a lot.
Maybe I've kinda missed the shopping too.... lol.

Knowing my luck Elite Fitness will try to drop off the Transformer for our treadmill while I'm out this morning.  Or not at all today.

Man are they gunna get an earful if it's not delivered by 5pm.

Well seriously, that's about it from me until I get back from the Hospice Shop...
Do ya reckon I'll buy anything???

I have about $20 till next week!!!  Think I can hold on to it?


ABOVE:   $11.50.
Three books, two jars of plum jan, a top for Brylee and a top for me.  NOT BAD.
AND I have change.

My feet hurt.  I'm certainly not used to being on them for 4 hours straight.  We were busy, which was neat.  I loved being back.  I had missed the ladies down there. Can't wait until next week.

NOW... lunch!

Well, our treadmill's transformer was delivered mid afternoon, so all's good with that.  Had a 'nana nap' this afternoon... just could not keep awake!  When you toss and turn all night thanks to hot flushes and the heat and humidity it takes it outta ya I can tell you.  *sigh*
Now I have to think about making dinner for us.... soooo don't feel like cooking.  *hint* *hint* to Stewy!

End of day:  well his nibs brought home dinner, what a honey.
DIET: ooops,fail.
nite nite.


  1. Haha good luck keeping that $20 I am totally useless cause I love shopping...............or is it because shopping makes me happy :)

  2. Nah ah $20 bux says you don't, as people will have de cluttered over holidays etc and the TREASURES oh the treasures (did your sister in law like the necklace and watch?) CAUSE I KNOW I loved it!!!

  3. I bet you will spend it :-)

  4. Hey Chris! Sorry I haven't commented in a while....just haven't been reading many blogs lately due to my knee problem!'s always nice to get back to "work" after a break. And I know that I wouldn't be able to hold on to that $20, especially with the great bargains you get at the shop. Looks like you scored once again!

    Have a great day and put those feet up when you can! :o)



  5. cute tops! change, you have to be impressed with change!!! :-)

  6. I loved your treasures ! I am not for sure if it is the treasures that are so great - OR - the being a huntress and the actual "hunt' that is so much fun????

    Glad you got your transformer back ! Yea- that takes a load off.

    O, you were right -thank Goodness it is not the embroidery machine broke this time! I am so thrilled to have it working - every since my oldest son fixed it! Everytime I use it I think about writing those two dealers and telling them that they should not be so fast to brag they fixed something and delegate responsibility to the owner who " needs a learning curve". Still makes me think they were just saying I was too dumb to do it right-WHEN - all along it was that thread that was PaCKED inside the take up bar! I don't like telling people the way I see things-but it is not fair for them to just blame the owner and not listen to what she says?????

    Opps - thanks for letting me vent! Didn't mean to run off at the mouth. : )

  7. Good job shopping! You going to read those books?

  8. Cute jacket! Guess what? I passed my speech and got my credits today - yay! I leave next friday night x

  9. I'm curious.... what did Stew bring you home for dinner? And did it contribute to your diet "fail" ???

  10. I am glad for that transformer delivery person that they delivered it in a timely manner!

  11. Yay! You're living the life. AND a nap? Jealous here. :)

  12. Glad you got back to the Hospice shop. It sounds like a wonderful place to work for a few hours - and a great place to shop!


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