Friday, February 04, 2011



I am going to pack an overnight bag for myself, and a bag for Brylee and Griffin, which will contain food, drink and games.


Because I could get a phone call at any time, day or night,  from Amanda and Andrew to tell me their baby is on the way....  and I want to be ready to jump in the car and go!  
I'm hoping it's at a time that means I can leave the kids with Stew, but if not... they will just have to come and sit outside the hospital room!

Now for something so cute:

ABOVE:  Griffin asleep on the floor of his room.  He has two perfectly nice comfy beds to choose from... and he chooses the floor!  I put the fluffy wool rug in his room as I had nowhere else to put it... and he loves it.... obviously.  lol

Today:  well after packing those bags I'm going out to look at fabric.  I need a fabric 'fix'.... I haven't bought any in a while....even if I only get a fat quarter it will stop the craving.... ha ha ha!


*sigh* no fabric bought... instead I got two new bra's... Double D's !   OMG.  I am no longer in denial...or half kidding myself.  I MUST LOSE WEIGHT.  Me boobs are friggin enormous. I AM SO  OVER BIG TITS.

*slinking off now to lick me wounded ego*

Yet again I got behind on my blog reading... so I just spent 3 hours reading and commenting.  I feel awful when I get so behind.  But life just takes over eh?
At least I still manage to blog myself every day.  I wouldn't know what to do if I didn't have my blog.  Probably keep a diary.... I used  to keep a diary years ago... until I had about 10 years worth cluttering up my closet!
So anyway, if I didn't get around to visiting you... SORRY.

End of Day:  I just did one of my most hated 'jobs'... trying to de-knot the dogs.   They are a bloody mess... knots everywhere...sore spots with scabs all tangled up with knots... god what a nightmare.  I managed to do a reasonable job of Teddy, but Coco is impossible!  I will have to get her groomed professionally next week.
DIET:  so-so.
nite nite


  1. How exciting, new grandbaby so close.

    I love the photo of Griffin. Siobhan sleeps on her floor too - weird kids eh.

  2. so excited for you!!!!!! hope ou found some great fabrics.

  3. Oh God I wish I was still only double DD. I am E-F & it pisses me off, need to lose weight too, hopefully that will bring them down to something that does not require industrial scaffolding.

    I still reckon they just make bras smaller these days :-)

  4. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Double D's are all the rage... and remember, it's just a number!

    Have a good day - I know what you mean about a fabric fix - it has been SOOO long since I have visited Spotlight... getting withdrawals!!

    Kate (kittie444)

  5. Anonymous1:09 PM

    A new baby in the family is such a joyous occassion!! I bet you can hardly wait!! Griffon is down for the count!! Cute photo! It is hard to lose weight. I am with you there. I need to lose about 30 more pounds and can't seem to lose one. I need a mind set, but lack motivation for some reason. Lord, help us!! I always love your fabrics!! so bright and cheerful!! ...debbie

  6. Guy does that too! He sleeps on a beanbag we have next to his bed!

  7. LOL it what when I had to get a new E!!!! cup bra that I finally decided enough was enough. :o)

  8. Hey! I went up to a DD when I was pregnant with Dobby - and through two large weight losses, and gains again, I am STILL a DD. They just grew longer! Hahahahah!

    Don't stress it, chicken. You're just a whole lotta woman! xx

  9. Did you go to the Bendon nothing over $20 sale?? It goes until Sunday, I bought three bras yesterday.

  10. Oh and I've had a breast reduction and am still an E cup!!

  11. an exciting littles always choose the floor too....

  12. You're going to get a lot of hits off this post haha. My mom has DD and growing up I always thought she has the BIGGEST BOOBS haha. I didn't get that gene but my daughter did. She'd gladly give some up lol

  13. Double D is something I can't imagine. I "suffer" too whenever I go bra shopping. I have to shop in the teens section.

  14. i'm waiting on news about my niece who is about to have her first baby, at 20!!! i won't get to see her for a while as they are over East but i'm still excited!!!

    as for the dust free floorboards, you're being a bit generous, no way will it be clean for a week! the dog, two boys and the fact that floorboards are dust magnates make certain work of that!!!

  15. From memory I've never been anything but a double D!

  16. I wouldn't be without my DD I mean to say I would look RIDICULOUS a size 10 and HUGE DD/E boobies I would have a skinned nose from falling forward all the time AT least all OFF ME is in proportion!!! at the moment.

  17. Well, I thin this is a WONDERFUL post! I love big boobs, and I think you should shave the dogs!

  18. Oooo, can't wait for baby bloggy update!! :)

  19. Congrats on the grand baby. How come it always goes to our hips and boobs? I wouldn't fret..You will lose it. I went down to 9 stone, but I went vegetarian...probably a bit drastic for you. LOL
    Love the pic of your son. Actually, the rug looks very comfy.

  20. At least you manage to find the time to keep up with some blogs! I've been terrible, and only keep up with 3 or 4 anymore. Yours is probably the only one I check everyday as I know you update everyday. The comments on my blog have gone down to nothing as a rarely have time to leave comments on other people's blogs....oh is what it is...I see that people read my blog, but rarely comment. Maybe I'm just boring!


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