Saturday, February 12, 2011


ABOVE:   about 18 months ago we planted two magnolia trees along this fence line for privacy... but then I realised that one had to go as it was blocking access through the side gate.   So, I chopped it down to the ground. 

ABOVE:  guess what?  The bloody thing has up and grown again.  Pfffffft... talk about TENACITY.  I wonder if FAT CELLS are like that?

Somehow I think they are...

TODAY:  well whether he likes it or not we are going over to Ponsonby so I can look in that shop 'SHELL SHOCK'... even if I only look, I'm going!

What a day!  My feet are killing me... but it's been neat.  We went to 'Shell Shock'...

 ABOVE:  found it no problems...

 ABOVE X 3:   what an awesome shop!  It had lots of interesting chicky type things.... and I found a necklace SIMILAR to what my friend had... not as long as I wanted, but I still got it...

ABOVE: a couple of doors down there were some open stalls selling hand made clothes ... some really funky stuff which I loved.   But I am NOT buying any more clothes until I have lost 30 kilos!

 ABOVE:  a few more doors down we passed a shop called 'The Fairy Shop', which sold girls fairy outfits.  Griffin said "If we have to go in there I'm going to vomit in me mouth!".   Such a nice boy.
We didn't go in.

 ABOVE: across the street the MINI dealership, with a cafe above.  The upside down Mini caught our attention! 

 ABOVE:  the necklace I bought.   It is gorgeous, except I will have to take the cross off and find something else to add on the botton.  I won't wear a cross.  It would be hypocritical of me.... as I am not a religious person at all.

ABOVE:  also got these cute earrings, they were only $5 on SALE.  Score....

After that we went into the city proper and found some new business shirts and ties for Stew... have to pick them up next weekend.  Then went to Stew's work so he could attend to some business thafinat came up ... and   *sigh*, finally got home about 5 hours after we left.

Kids are now in their splash pool... and I'm going to sit down, put me feet up and relax for a while.  It's friggin spitting hot outside right now.

End of Day:  it's finally getting cool I can't wait until winter.   I found something to put on the end of that necklace... will show you tomorrow.
DIET: not bad.
nite nite.


  1. I love magnolia trees and it looks like you have some hardy ones. Can you dig the little one up and plant it's hardy little self someplace else? It seems to have a will to live :)

  2. That might be what fat cells are like.....
    but it's also what determination is like!
    Yours and Mine! and Ours!

  3. Haha thats funny when you really want something to grow it won't when you want to eradicate it grows more! I actually got a lay in this morning and I needed it!

  4. I cut down a little oak tree in our yard and it did the same thing. It's probably 30 ft tall now.
    The only way to really get rid of fat cells is to get them sucked out. They empty their "contents" but remain in your body. That is why it is so easy to "gain it back."

  5. The new sign off tag is funny too BTW.

  6. Mine are not as hardy as yours!

  7. We have a big bush out the front of our house that is immortal. John chopped it back, poisoned and even set it on fire, but each time, it grew back thicker and stronger than before! So we gave up and are content with out defeat.

    I admire you for not wearing a cross seen as you are religious. It does seem a bit silly, but lots of people wear one when it means nothing to them. So cudos to you :o)

  8. That necklace is *so* pretty. I would have snapped it up in a heart-beat! xxxx

  9. Trees have a tendency to do that. LOL I would have loved going on that shopping day with you. Those stores looked like so much fun.

  10. Yes, the way I understand it, you don't lose fat cells, they just kind of deflate, unless you burn them...

    I can't keep a plant in the yard alive, you can't kill them! I'd trade you, half for half!

    Lovely pictures, people must think you're a tourist taking pictures all the time!

  11. I like what you did with the cross! LOL at the boy and the shop, looks like a picture that could be taken here with the graffiti on the side of the building.


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